War PIG Netanyahu BLASTS US Newspapers for opposing WAR!

by Tarheel on September 18th, 2012

This assclown Netanyahu must be stopped. Netanyahu is WAY outta control and OUR MESSAGE IS CLEAR...NO MORE WAR !

The American people want NO PART whatsoever in this altercation. Handle it YOURSELF Netanyahu. American people will NOT support ANY CANDIDATE that engages in the Israeli conflict with Iran. Netanyahu-you are ON YOUR OWN.

Do NOT underestimate the resolve of We,The People to avoid this confrontation.

This guy needs to be stamoped out once and for all. Netanyahu is THE problem. Conduct your war economy with someone else.

Title "Netanyahu Lashes ‘Stupid’ US Newspapers for Articles Opposing War
Claims Iran 'Six Months' From Nuclear Capability"

Excerpt Making the rounds on the US television media today (appearing on both Meet the Press and State of the Nation), Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu furiously attacked American newspapers for publishing columns critical of his plans for a war with Iran.

Link http://news.antiwar.com/2012/09/16/netanyahu-lashes-stupid-us-newspapers...

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