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by ionic on March 6th, 2014

The Voynich manuscript was carbon dated to the early 15th century, and is considered the most enigmatic collection of encrypted(supposedly) information in the history of mankind.

It contains detailed illustrations of biology, plant life, pharmaceuticals, astrology, and some recipes.

My quarrel with this, is that many people are trying to decode this text assuming it is a human based language. I believe it is perhaps time to consider this book is not of human origin? Perhaps the plant life is unrecognizable as it's not from earth?

One of the most interesting features to me is detailed astronomical illustrations. They seem to not make sense at first but they could be star systems, or rather, star guides for interstellar travel?
These illustrations are all in perfect circles, and they all have a dot precisely in the middle of these circles. I'm entertaining a theory I read recently that compares these illustrations to a sundial. A cylindrical object would be placed in the middle of these starmaps, and it's shadow would indicate direct lines of travel to the marked stars/planets. Much in the way I believe stonehenge was engineered to operate.

In summation, I believe this is an alien handbook.

I cannot confirm this, as I am not able to interpret the text, as would be expected. However, some of you awakened individuals may have some success with reading/recognizing the language. I would love to know if this were the case.

the complete manuscript is here: http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/ciencia/esp_ciencia_manuscrito07a.htm

Thanks guys!

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UN.i1-PHI: very interesting thanks for sharing

these sure were some awesome plants and info about them and even stars, but i doubt how much this would be an 'alien handbook' because perhaps the information just was taught(by et or not) and written down by a student of regular humans in its time
you see depictions of humans writing in that language and all the drawings are very interesting and pretty confusing but they arent drawn that neat to say it was drawn by some extraterrestrial or really advanced civilization,
i saw some of the circles you might be referring to but these could be simply drawn by a compass hence the dot in the middle is precizely in the middle of the surrounding circles
i think there is sure some intruiging and vital information written down there and its pitty it can't be decoded, the language and the writings, could very well be 'alien' as most languages are anyway, but that doesn't necessairly mean that the documents are from extraterrestrial origin as mostly its the et's who intervened with humans here on earth, hence we got all these facilities and concpets of things in/of society wich were implanted long ago from civilizations who already developed them long ago, yet many of them are used against humanity to keep them stuck and living by ways of other civilizations...
i dont see how this so called star maps would be able to be used to navigate in space and if it would, the whole book would look and have to be much more advanced,
if it was for any means of navigation i would say its for those on the surface of earth with the skies above,
carbon dating is always a doubt and the date results can oftenly have extreme differences and then they pick out dates wich would be suiting to their so called reasonable thinking/ideology, and they deduced the age from the illustrations (as they probably would think some things wouln't have existed or be developed long ago... there are also binominal mathematics involved i read)
so its really an mystery even if it isnt that old at all, the language seems pretty awesome i wonder if there are any other fidings with the same type writing/language...

ionic: carbon dating

yeah carbon dating is not entirely reliable, I was just quoting the generally excepted timeframe. it could be much older. I also had not given much consideration to it being written by humans, the thought of humans learning directly from et in great amounts is still a rather new concept to me. This is entirely possible if not probable. I really am interested to know what language it is/ derived from, whether entirely et in conception or if it is an unknown adaptation.

The one thing I must disagree with is the compass argument. The entire book seems to be written with no corrections, written entirely in fluent script, and by multiple hands. This tells me that if the point was used for the drawing of the circle, couldn't they just erase it? Or use a method as to not leave a blemish on an otherwise fluid text? That is my main reason for deducing that it could be a map of some sort used in similar way to a sundial. Your point about the stars strikes me as going either way. It seems as though it would be too simplistic to be practical for star travel but maybe it is just a reference for the routes and when they are available?

great ideas!

UN.i1-PHI: lol

it looks like some kind of interconnected 'baths'/pools (for healing or whatever...)

but even this is pretty confusing and weird...

ionic: the first link

I have watched and it is what gave me the idea of a starmap. He isn't very good at presenting the ideas but gets an A for thinking outside the box.

obsrvantlouie: Someone allegedly

Just decoded some of the manuscript...I will find link, it's like a sentence or two but even still. I have the manuscript on cd rom....it's a puzzle and project that I have spent little time on but the mystery is intriguing. It could be a farce itself or truly a unique manuscript with esoteric information.

All speculation until a breakthrough is made in its deciphering.

Quaesitor: Great post!

Ionic I loved this! I had never heard of this before and as a lay-botanist/gardener I found it fascinating!

I am sure that at some point some smarty pants will come along and decipher the language. I will bet dollars to donuts that some of it will be when to harvest/dates/times/moon phases for planting/directional planting/complementary planting and the like. I think that in some of the paintings the taxonomy was exaggerated to show which parts were more desirable.

I would imaging that anyone having this kind of esoteric knowledge would have to hide it in some kind of code. Being caught with this would probably get you an invite to the town bonfire, you as the centerpiece!

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