Vladimir Putin Traitor to the New World Order/ Part 1 Pt. 2 Videos

Vladimir Putin Traitor to the New World Order. Videos Part 1 Pt. 2. [click on to image to enlarge]

Pictured is a young Vladimir Putin, who was part of the KGB security team.
We see him introducing his son to the U.S President Ronald Reagan.
Also pictured is Michael Gorbachev.
Vladimir Putin came to power with the sponsorship of Boris Yeltsin: Yelstsin came to power with the sponsorship of the Russian Oligarchs.
For Millennium, the Cabal has been using the Heligian Dialectic.
The Hegelian Dialectic was the policies of George Hagel a German Philosopher.
All historical events emerge from a conflict between opposing forces.
The whole purpose of the dialectic is to control the masses like herding sheep.
Whenever people see a group or belief system as "evil" they instinctively move to the political opposite of what they identified as threatening.
Putin's role was to follow Yeltzins footsteps as the Heligian Dialect was already played out in bringing the two nations, the U.S and Russia together.
But something terrible has gone wrong for the Cabal and their world take over. PART 1 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4W85OnL4xtY PART 2-
The illuminated Cabal are desperate to start a world war, not only to white wash their scams worldwide so that Wall Street can keep the $40 trillion they stole from us and steal another $20 trillion or more on the Day the Dollar Dies but it’s also to try and stop the public from ever finding out about our true history that has suffered 2,000 years of corruption.
Putin's opposition to the Cabal’s “unipolar world" Code name for NWO is now not only obvious: but more than likely credible.
Russia is under constant attack by the globalists who wish to exploit internal divisions to destabilize Russia and install a Zionist lap dog leader like they have in so many places as was the case with Ukraine.
On the 17 of July 2014 Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 was either shot down or blown up
Close to the border of Ukraine and Russia.
There are now strong speculations that an assassination attempt on Putin’s life was connected to the bringing down of flight 17:
Vladimir Putin was going to travel to South America for the last game of the World Cup and for the Bric’s Conference in Brazil which is a direct attack on the Rothschild-headed Global Banking Cartel's power over the global economy and financial system.
According to Russia's Interfax News Agency, the Presidential State Aircraft IL-96 and a similar sized Boeing 777 (Flight MH17) were traveling along the same route over Poland on the way back from South America.
Putin’s plane and the Malaysian Boeing intersected at the same point and the same echelon. That was close to Warsaw on 330-m echelon at the height of 10,100 meters. “The contours of the aircrafts are similar, linear dimensions are also very similar, as for the coloring, at a quite remote distance they are almost identical”,
But taking the Russian State Aircraft down presented a number of problems. If it were downed over the open ocean, fingers would point at America as the superpower capable of global military action. Host nations did provide considerable security to Putin and his aircraft while he was in their nations and airspace. What better place to attack the IL-96 than over Russian airspace near the Ukraine, shortly after it had left Polish airspace.
As I have mentioned earlier in part one, The Russians have recently developed a new stealth technology or should I say re- development of stealth technology thousands of years old.
Yes you heard correctly thousands of years old.
Russian engineers devised a way to 'stealth' existing non-stealthy aircraft using a plasma system. This system has no doubt been copied by various western powers.
However, no such system is perfect and highly advanced electronic systems can usually detect a stealth aircraft.
They are now working on the black hole project in which the aircraft will disappear completely.
ECM stands for “electronic counter measures”.
The Presidential Russian ECM aircraft can spoof things by turning off or changing its ID squawking and a nearby large aircraft, the Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 Flight MH17 was spoofed to cover its normal ID code and replace it with the IL-96 code, that probably led to the deaths of 295 people on Malaysian Airlines Flight.
The Russians at this stage have no advantage to 'outing' the true story.
Another conspiracy going around is that the plane was filled up with dead bodies due to the composing of body parts.
Let me tell you if a plane explodes at 33,000 feet and people are plunging down at that altitude they would turn blue and look bloated from the freezing temperatures and the impact.
Interesting to note Malaysian high court finds Israel guilty of war crimes against humanity.
The US/Zionist/Globalist supported and funded coup against the elected Ukraine government and the resulting conflict was a calculated effort to draw Russia into a war over the Ukraine and thereby tie it down in order to allow Netanyahu a free hand to create his long-sought General Middle East War. Putin has proven to be a brilliant strategist and not easy to trap.
Now once again the world wide Cabal owned media has put the blame on Putin as the bogey man. - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3boC2D-iviI
MORE Here - PUTIN TELLS THE NEW WORLD ORDER FU%$ OFF! - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=US20HV0maKI Putins-message-to-the-Western-elites MORE Here- Putin Lays It On The Line For The New World Order, Play Time Is Over http://www.sott.net/article/288204 - Published on Oct 30, 2014.
Russia does not intend to take an active role in thwarting those who are still attempting to construct their New World Order - until their efforts start to impinge on Russia's key interests. Russia would prefer to stand by and watch them give themselves as many lumps as their poor heads can take. But those who manage to drag Russia into this process, through disregard for her interests, will be taught the true meaning of pain. - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nI1kgHssDOo http://www.sott.net/article/288204-Play-time-is-over-Putins-message-to-t... More Here - Russia Issues International ARREST WARRANT For ROTHSCHILD & SOROS! - It's Simple, Kill the Rothschild Family! - http://www.secretsofthefed.com/russia-issues-international-arrest-warran...

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pasqualie: Its better not to pick sides

the reality of it is, if you read new age, russia and usa had joint space programs during the cold war, which they likely do now also. richard alan miller says this so he said cold war was all bullshit lol. so he says the same thing likely happening now to put new agers and the general population into focusing on the external to slow down raising their consciousness.

so its just likely distraction to keep people polarized into picking sides when both sides are working on the same team pulling the wool over everyones eyes thinking they are against each other.

if anything it keeps you in fear and separation and judgement which keeps you in polarity and trapped in the game or matrix.

bluesbaby5050: No one was/is picking any side.....

It all was said in the videos already. Your not saying anything new here. It's about education, and to see all sides, and not just from one side only. Not promoting fear by showing examples.

Tarheel: My kinda person

IF Putin is a New World Odor traitor then he just got another "atta-boy" from me.
Let 'em have it Vlad !

pasqualie: They got the Romanoff ruling families in Russia

So its not like they dont have any links to the windsors in england, the rothschilds and other royalty. When the romanoffs got kicked out of russia when the communists took over, they went and lived with the windsors in england, before they returned back to russia when things settle down.

also its not the public faces that control anything. putin, obama, cameron, they just the public faces. the ones in power pulling the strings you never hear about them or see them.

so in my opinion like in american politics democrat republican good cop bad cop playing on the same team to distract the masses. same thing on a global scale obama and europe and putin, just good cop bad cop playing in the same team to distract, polarize and spread fear into the masses.

it just ties into the storyline of the gold traders and new age they gonna bring down the economies and put in a new world reserve currency backed by gold. they said it was gonna happen in last december, didnt happen, so they said this summer, didnt happen yet. so some saying september, and if it doesnt happen i am sure that date keep being pushed up till people stop following these guys and paying for their services.

also like i said the documentation and policies have already been put in place by the international monetary fund to put in a world currency, so if the current system callapses then its gonna be one world currency and one world order by the international monetary fund.

most of it is money oriented what you seeing now. people using fear to sell or buy commodities to make profits by manipulating the psychology of the public. so they push these scenarios to stir fear and buying or selling. not much different than a pump and dump they do in stocks when they call to people to buy stocks to drive it up, except its in gold and silver, and then they sell and stop calling. leaving the ones they called holding the falling stocks they bought when they were impulsed.

put it this way a good deal sells itself. a stock broker or gold or silver trader is gonna call their A list clients first. they not gonna go to someone they dont know to sell a deal that is a gimmie. They already got people with deep pockets lined up for that.

that goes in any field, even real estate. if an agent fines a cheap property that can be flipped for a huge profit, they gonna call their existing client first who had done business with them and has the money, if they dont buy it themselves.. they not gonna cold call for prospects to go in a cheap property that comes around once every 6-12 months.

so when they going to the public, its to pump it up so they can sell usually, as the public is buying and late to the game.

every time they pass sanctions or there is a skirmish, people in charge making money off of oil and currencies, gold and silver and the markets that are affected by it. thats all it is and distraction for the masses.

both sides making money thats all.

pasqualie: Its just a way for both sides to sell more weapons and arms

The american defence industry gonna make alot of money from this. europe and ukraine gonna be buying more tanks airplanes, guns and bullets and missiles and defence systems.

same thing for russia, they using this as it was shown that they just sold alot of their weapons and defence systems to iran and china. putin even went and sold military equipment and modern air planes and missiles to argentina, so they can reach the falkland islands, and take it if they want, which is currently governed by the british. They also sold weapons and military hardware to chile.

so if anything it boosts arms sales for both defence and weapons industries, and its propagating more war, and raises the stock prices for the arms and defence industry stocks on the markets

pasqualie: @tarheel

Tarheel, putin is a KGB killer, he's got alot of blood on his hands, including blackmailing his opponents after sending hookers to hotel rooms and video taping them. He also encourages through is opinions and laws he passes of descriminating against minorities. He is also a thief and a despot.


If he is your kinda person, well then you gotta evaluate who you admire.

Tarheel: You missed the "IF" in my post

But, of course, I would expect you to fall for the "let's make Russia an enemy again" campaign being conducted by the military industrial complex. At any rate, I don't need you advising me on how I evaluate anything. The person who needs the most help resides in your bathroom, just above the basin in that glass on your wall.
Feel free to exercise your free will to avoid my threads. Translation:Go amaze someone else. You dwell among the people who love to hear themselves talk, and you take the cake.

bluesbaby5050: Most if not all the World Leaders....

Have some blood on their hands. And some a lot more then others. Brutal Tyrants rule over this planet, and this whole solar system. They have many names. Many speakers of the truth have been murdered for their efforts already. Many more changes to come.

pasqualie: The issue

really is about why admire or want to be like vladimir putin or any of the other leaders. they all got blood on their hands so why admire any of them. they all the same, playing different roles at times, good cop bad cop playing on the same team.

what tarheel suggests is you pick sides cuz its what the internet, mass media and new age want you to do.

its like you see a mass murderer, and then you see a pedophile do a good deed. and a serial rapist walk a granny across the street and help her carry her groceries to her car.

just because media or new ages says admire one and strive to be like them, you actually gonna do it. thats what tarheels implying. he happens to like the flavour of the month, the pedophile getting alot of attention in new age lately for good deeds, so he listening to em by saying the pedophile is my kind of guy.

put it this way even before putin became leader of russia, he wasnt a choir boy to get to the top of the KGB.

if anyone or new age or mass media is telling you to admire and emulate any of these psychopaths, i would use discernment in what their motivations are.

bluesbaby5050: No one knows who your talking to, In Who's Direction ?

You seem to think people admire Putin [maybe his OWN people do], your wrong again. Maybe YOU really do. Making comparisons is NOT admiration of any of the world leaders, and your way off on this. Again this is about showing how Putin, and Obama operate with other criminals named in my other postings. If you took the time to read any of my other postings, you like others would get this. I am well aware of the long Russian history, and who did what to who, along with the U.S and great Britain and with Germany, and Japan, and China they all have played their parts in the world history in many countries, while at the same time behind the scenes, acting like buddies if there is money/profits to be made. It still goes on in Africa, and the Middle Eastern countries, and they all have done a good job at dividing, and murdering the people living in those countries. These postings are of historical value. World history is for ALL people that come to Truth Control to learn about. That is to learn the Truth. The history books with the real truths in the schools in many countries have been hidden away in deep vaults, and they have been replaced with what TPTB want the younger generations to learn about, they all have been rewritten. And that is NEVER THE REAL TRUTH AT ALL. TPTB go to great lengths to cover up the the crimes that are committed against humanity in each country. You read into the posts what you THINK people are thinking, and your wrong again. You can not speak for the unspoken people in this forum. When the truth is set before the people, then they have the abilities to use their gut instincts-their intuition for themselves.

pasqualie: It was pretty obvious if in part putin is my kind of guy

just putting it out there because regardless of what he does in his part in the family squabbles of the elite, putin is no saint, probably on the worse end having gone up the military and political system in russia. just look at the human right abuses he endorses in russia alone.

my statement was they all psychopaths, so why admire a murderer, a rapist, a pedophile, a thief, just because certain people in new age are endorsing certain leaders. the russian people themselves are oppressed. they are divided and polarized on blaming everything on the west. and they blame all the local crime from pedophilia to murders on gays and lesbians, and encourage lynching em with no repercussions from the law.

bluesbaby5050: I believe Tarheel made that statment......

It was NOT me. So please address the person your talking too/about, so we all will know, and that will also help the people in this forum.

pasqualie: Either way more power to ya

You want to endorse and admire murderers, psychopaths, pedophiles, and rapists just because certain people in new age telling people these guys are now good guys. and the good aliens working for them, so dont look at what they do in their personal lives or to oppress his own people. just look at the part where he is having a family squabble with the elite families which he belongs to and admire him and try to be like him.

like i said my stance is they all psychopaths so why admire em just because new age painting some picture which is not true of certain ones they endorse like flavours of the month.

dont admire psychopaths, they are not worthy of emulation.

use discretion if someone tells you to. and question their motives

when someone uses generalizations by saying its ok because they all are like that and none of them is clean. use discretion.

its just subtle way to get you to pick sides and get distracted in polarization.

end of the day you only save yourself, and focusing on distraction or propaganda by light and dark side working on the same side is not gonna do you any good

bluesbaby5050: When teaching the truth.....

One can not help the polarity at play with in the History itself. This planet is polarized as if we didn't get this already. You have to learn to live in this world at the same time, but not be of it. One must be aware of what is happening around them, while not taking any parts in it. Stand aside and watch it play out, but, don't help it along, because if you do, then you will be pulled right into the mire of it all. That is also a hard lessen to learn, but, it must be done.

Carl-V: Russia

Bluesbaby said: " One must be aware of what is happening around them, while not taking any parts in it. Stand aside and watch it play out, but, don't help it along, because if you do, then you will be pulled right into the mire of it all".

Wise words that work for most situations. I was in UFA, Russia in '07 for 12 days, the same place that Russia and China met for economic talks a few days ago. I was there in June as I recall, the same period for the 'white nights'. I was told that in St. Petersburg they last all night long. In Ufa they lasted until about mid-night, quite trippy. It's an industrial city of more than a million ppl. Most live in 'condos' inside of large buildings that all look the same. It's just west of the Urals which puts it in Europe. I went many places and was taken once to a theater performance. There were 5 or 6 acts one of which was an American act that had the actors dressed as as cowboys and cowgirls. The audience applauded politely. I highly doubt that they would applaud today. They wouldn't have the act today. After 50 years of cold war the wall came down and what did the US do? The neo-con's went in and carpet bagged the place. We had the chance to have a great ally and great peace.

bluesbaby5050: Further more.....

I have grown up during LIVE NEWS BROAD CASTINGS while it played LIVE before the public. I have witnessed many Historical events in my life. I am 63 years old, and World History was my major in school. The books I learned from had the truth inside them back then, and the teachers were NOT afraid to tell the students the truth. Those teachers were also older, and well passed middle aged, and they too had witnessed many historical events. The history books were rewritten well after that for the younger generations. I have looked well into many of those history books, because all 5 of my children brought them home, and I had corrected many of the lies, and given the true dates of real events in their homework well into high school, and beyond. I even brought my children to the public libraries to show them the wealth of information they could find there on a wide range of subjects, and I showed them the older well worn books that still have the truth in them, if one knows what to look for. My children learned the truth early on, and they know better as grown adults. My oldest is 43 years old, and my youngest is now 30 years old. We are not into the New Age MIS-INFORMATION used to confuse the the younger people around this planet. That is put on the internet for a reason. Your a fool if you think otherwise.

Carl-V: Education

Sounds like you went above and beyond what most parents have done. We're about the same age and share similar thoughts about the lies being taught to today's kids. Although better educated than today's kids, we have also been lied to all of our lives. Our parents were lied to greatly as well. I've known of Eisenhower's death camps for some years, but had no idea of the misery the 'allies' caused Germany at the end and after the war. I am of Germanic decent along with 50 million other American's. Here's a link to a well made documentary that gives truths about the war that were until recently well hidden. It had around 800 views when I first watched it, it has over 290,000 views now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GMCOKNCwHmQ

pasqualie: You do not control any of that

or what is going on, so its a distraction.

focusing your attention or promoting fear and separation and polarity. doesnt help anyone.

keeps you trapped. and i repeat you do not have any control over what is going on and have no affect on what the outcome is. so my thoughts is just work on yourself.

alot of the new age is propaganda and fear porn , and alot of is horse shit to keep people reading garbage, to promote polarity and distraction.

you know the saying you are what you eat. you are also what you read and put into your mind.

you wanna plug into the mass consciousness of fear and victimization blue, more power to you.

bluesbaby5050: When teaching the truth.....

When teaching the truth.....1 min 51 sec ago
@pasqualie (view comment)
One can not help the polarity at play with in the History itself, because it IS HISTORY MADE BY OTHERS. This planet is polarized as if we didn't get this already. You have to learn to live in this world at the same time, but not be of it. One must be aware of what is happening around them, while not taking any parts in it. Stand aside and watch it play out. Because if you do partake in wars, and criminal actives, then your a part of it too, and then you will be pulled right into the mire of it all. That is also a hard lesson to learn, but it must be done. I am not plugged in as you like to accuse me of. You can accuse me as usual because that's all your able to do as with any subject matter presented to this forum to learn from. They have a right to learn about the truth, and you can twist it around again the way that you always do, and this is just the habit that you have. Your the one that is plugged in, because you want to argue while others just want to teach, and there's a big difference between the two.

pasqualie: so what you saying is

read it, put it into your mind, and imagine you not thinking about it or that its in your subconscious lol.

simpler solution, dont read the garbage in the first place. cuz it doesnt serve you.

bluesbaby5050: The what your REALLY SAYING IS.....


pasqualie: The masses will wake up if they are meant to

your job is to save yourself by getting yourself out of polarity. by reading that stuff and obsessing on it you trap yourself

reading negative stuff cuz you like it or because you wanna stay informed the result is the same, it has a negative effect on you.

you wanna help people, show them how to release and go inwards and get out of polarity.

that does more good than the fear porn in new age

pasqualie: Also

Reading that fear porn in media or new age doesnt make you more spiritual or even raise your consciousness level. If anything it lowers it because it makes one more negative or fearful and into polarity. If anything it puts you more into victimization, judgement, unworthiness, fear, and separation.

bluesbaby5050: The PURPOSE of Quinton's web site ......

Quinton's' TRUTH CONTROL' web site has listed 33 categories to choose from. The Purpose of them being there is so people can contribute their input on certain subjects according to the list of individual categories he provided for their use. Quinton's site is to discuss, and to learn from EACH of those categories. The Spiritual category is ONLY ONE on that list. And many people myself included, has done a fair job of using them since Quinton put his site up on the internet. If the topic of Spiritual advancement is the only point' NOW' then Quinton's site would not have so many categories in which to choose from. This site is not just all about spiritual advancement. Many people do want to learn from ALL the categories on this web site, and if you PasqauLIE don't like it then go amuse yourself some place else as others on this forum have already told you to do. And if your 'SO ADVANCED IN THE SPIRITUAL DEPARTMENT', THEN YOU DO NOT HAVE ANY NEED TO BE HERE. You just keep REPEATING yourself anyways, and that's boring.

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