The Vision of Amram: selection from the dead sea scrolls

by contactorion on January 13th, 2015

I Copy of the book of the words of the vision of Amram, son of Kehat, son of Levi, al[ l that] he explained to his sons and enjoined on them on the day of [his] death, in his one-hundred-and-thirty-seventh year, which was the year of his death, [in] the one-hundred-and-fifty-second year of Israel’s exile in Egypt … to call Uzziel, his youngest brother, and he ma[ rried] to him Miriam, [his] daughter, and said (to her), ‘You are thirty years old.’ And he gave a banquet lasting seven days. And he ate and drank and made merry during the banquet. Then, when the days of the banquet were completed, he sent to call Aaron, his son, and he was about twenty years old and said to him, ‘Call, my son, the messengers, your brothers from the house of … ’ 4Q544, FR. 1 (4Q543, 545– 7) Qahat (went) there to stay and dwell and build … many of the sons of my uncle together … a man as our work was very great until the dead would be buried. vacat In the year of my beginning, when the news of a war became worrying, with my consent our company returned to the land of Egypt and I went to bury them and they did not build the tombs of our fathers. And my father Qahat and my wife Jochebed left me to stand and build and provide them with all their needs from the land of Canaan. And we stayed in Hebron while we were building. vacat A war broke out between the Philistines and the Egyptians and the Philistines and Canaanites defeated the Egyptians and they closed the fr[ ontiers] of Egypt. And it was impossible [for Jochebed, my wife, to go from Egypt to Canaan] for forty-one years. And we could not return to Egypt. Therefore [we could] not … [the war] between Egypt and Canaan and the Philistines. And during all this, [Jochebed] my wi[ fe, was away from me in the land of Egypt … my post … for] she was [not] with me. And I did [not] take ano[ ther] wife. vacat Women … all, that I would return to Egypt in peace and would see the face of my wife. [I saw Watchers] in my vision, a dream vision vacat And behold two (of them) argued about me and said … and they were engaged in a great quarrel concerning me. I asked them: ‘You, what are you … thus … [about me?’] They answered and [said to me: ‘We have been made m] asters and rule over all the sons of men.’ And they said to me: ‘Which of us do you [choose …’] I raised my eyes and saw one of them. His looks were frightening [like those of a vi] per, and his [ga] rm[ en] ts were multi-coloured and he was extremely dark … And afterwards I looked and behold … by his appearance and his face was like that of an adder, and he was covered with … together, and over his eyes … FR. 2 … this [Watcher]: ‘Who is he?’ He said to me: ‘This Wa[ tcher] … [and his three names are Belial, Prince of Darkness] and Melkiresha‘.’ vacat And I said: ‘My Lord, what ru[ le] …’ [And he said to me] … [and all his paths are dark] ness, and all his work is darkness, and he is … in darkness … you see. And he rules over all darkness … and I rule over all light

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HebrianDaniel: 1 fix to say to you its not

1 fix to say to you its not belial
its Bliaal(בליעל)
the 1 who the essenes most hate and bealive he is the leader of son of the darkness
they said 1 day archangel Michael (המלאך מיכאל) will come face him and defeat him and their son of darkness

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