Is the Virgin Mary really Isis? NO!

>Is the Virgin Mary really Isis??
>Even though freemasons commonly display the Virgin Mary to be Isis
>BUT was the Virgin Mary ever intended to be Isis in the bible?
>The answer is simply NO!

>Not many people know this but there was in fact three different marys mentioned in the bible
A frequent interpretation applies this name to a group of three women who came to the tomb of Jesus.
>In Eastern Orthodoxy they are called the Myrrhbearers. All four gospels mention the women going to the tomb of Jesus, but only Mark identifies all three.
>In the verse, the three are:

>Mary, the wife of Cleopas.
>Mary Magdalene.
>Mary Salome, identified in this tradition with Mary, mother of James.

>Isis is associated with Sirius the brightest star in the night sky, however the three Marys seem to suggest that they are associated with the three star in the Orions' belt, Alnitak, Alnilam and Mintaka. Not Sirius:

>Also the three marys has lots of parallels with other deities in other faiths old and new.
For example the three Marys parallels the triad in old pagan beliefs. Symbol for the pagan triad:

>Deities composed of three women. Also it is very similar to the new age belief of the Triple Moon Goddess, the Maiden, the Mother, and the Crone in Wicca. Symbol for the Triple Moon Goddess is:

>The Three Wise Men are also another representation of Orion's belt in the bible:

>There is also a reoccuring theme in the bible of three around one, such as The Three Wise Men and Jesus, They follow the star of bethlehem (Sirius) to find Jesus at the stable.
>Jesus was dead for three days.
>In the New Testament record Jesus’ mother Mary visited Elizabeth, Zechariah’s wife, and stayed for three months.
>Some re-occuring themes of the number three I believe have to do with the trinity not the three Marys in the bible, such as praying three times a day.



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