Vibrational Frequency as it pertains to DNA

by Tarheel on January 7th, 2014

Everyone here knows about my quest for an electricity invention. I happened upon this info while doing a google search. Don't be turned off because it only sounds technical (at first). It gave me one of those "OOOOOOHHHHHH !" moments. I think you will like where this ends.

a) I was Googling for material, and I was fwd a link that took me to a site that was talking about this professor named Schumann from Univ. of Munich. He told his class that "a sphere within a sphere always causes electrical tension(and subsequently a frequency)". He challenged his class to calculate the tension created between the Earth (a sphere in & of itself) and Earth's ionosphere. Not knowing the answer himself, he went to work and calculated it to be a little less than 10Hz.

b) 30 yrs earlier, this cat Hans Berger from Germany had calculated and measured (with an EEG) that the human brain operates on a frequency of 7.83 Hz.

c) A totally different professor read about Schumann's finding and started wondering if maybe the 2 were related, so he contacted Schumann and they worked jointly to discover that the Earth's frequency was ...drum roll....exactly the same a Human's-7.83 Hz !

NOW, check this out...I read further and found out that Water retains a memory of any substance previously DISSOLVED in it (found by Luc Montaigner). He found that DNA communicated with like DNA in water, even when separated into separate test tubes! He went further and determined that AFTER the DNA had been COMPLETELY filtered from the water, NEW DNA formed from what had been removed, but ONLY WHEN there was a frequency present of ...drum roll.... 7.83 Hz !

-So, why would I bore ya'll with all this? My deduction is this, maybe EnKi/Poseidon is called "God of The Seas/Water" for a totally different reason that any affiliation with The 7 Seas or oceans. I think it may be due to his genetic work with DNA in WATER. Thoughts, anyone? I ponder this daily since learning.

-Also, remember that all frequencies are endless, SO maybe our “friends” from other star systems are communicating on our 7.83Hz and we all need to learn how to broadcast & receive so we can “channel” like certain others already claim they do.

Feedback please if you are so inclined.


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