very short pale aliens?

by FireStarterAZ on February 20th, 2015

In 1996 I was at Deep Creek Hot Springs in Lucern Valley, California hiking with 3 friends. We were on our way up the steepest part of the hike. Comming down were 2 very small beings, 3 to 4 feet tall. They were nude, very white, blond almost white hair. They were on some type of skiis, skiing down a steep hill will rocks and sand. It was summer, at least 100°. They said "hello" and sounded a a bit like an Australian accent. We were sober and not dehydrated. We all felt fine. No missing time. Dozens of other hikers saw them too. No other interaction other than the greeting. Few weeks earlier 2 of the same friends saw a very long huge, flat ship flying over the same area. So big it covered the sun for a long time. I have been googling "aliens on skiis" for years without any hits. Anyone know what we saw?

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Quinton: I've heard of lots of

I've heard of lots of different ET stories but I have never heard of something along these lines. From what you're saying they were small humans?

FireStarterAZ: They were not human. Maybe we

They were not human. Maybe we somehow merged with something from another dimension? It's hard to hike that area without falling but the skies made it possible for them to slide down and glide along. They were seen the entire day. Their genitals looked tiny and childlike. The female's breasts looked like a 13 year old, yet their faces looked mature.

FireStarterAZ: I was in shock. I had to look

I was in shock. I had to look. I hadn't talked to or seen the friends for many years. Yesterday I located one of the friends on Facebook and called her. As much as I wanted to talk about the incident instead we talked about everything else. Her son was 12 at the time, he is 29 now. I made him promise to never forget the details. They live a few states away from me now, and we are planning a visit. Her ex boyfriend who was with us was hit by a car and disabled so I don't know if I will be able to find him. I want to talk to the kid but at the same time I am afraid to.

Tarheel: Great story.....

Where was your cell phone (for pics) ?

FireStarterAZ: This was 1996. Deep Creek Hot

This was 1996. Deep Creek Hot Springs is a very well known place and most people go nude. No one brought cameras.

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