Vaccines for children without thimerosal?

by Sky on April 8th, 2014

Would anyone knowledgeable about vacines for children offer 1) credible suggestions of alternatives and 2) credible source information within reason.

There is a woman I know of indirectly on facebook who is so upset people do not vaccine. Apparently, her position remains despite the thimersal rubber stamp from the Centers For Disease Controle CDC! I thought some may have some alernatives for her.

She talkes about a child coming down with Wooping Caugh that dreadfully causes the child to become so congested that the child stoped breathing. Would you give your imput?

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Sky: thank you big time!

INi-phi thank you so much for the great source of information. The link you provided I feel confident in providing to this women, Sara, I know who is a menber of my autisic support group for those with asbergers disorder (aka a form of autism removed as formal diagnosis in circa 2013 from new edition of the Diagnostic Manual of Mental Disorders DSMV). Anyway this women Sara maintains that parents must vacinate their children and NOT go along with the so called hype that mercury (aka really the thymerisol) in vacines causes varying degrees of autism on the spectrum. I strongly feel she is wrong!! I obtained my MSW (master degree in social work in 1994 from Univeristy of Cincinati-- what follows matters NOT so much the post-bachulariate degree). I have extreme difficulty dealing with large groups of people and noise. For twenty years delt with a comical existence in people complaining I do NOT GET IT. I for years just thought I was goofy being is kinda okay in that my lifestyle was not antisocial from a pop culture assesment. I know that when I was three years old my parents took me to be vacinated in preparation to travel with them AROUND THE ENTIRE WORLD for a huge one year trip around many many counties like fifty or more. I feel this created a exaggerated form of ADHD in my deeply held feeling. My child years sorta sustained by reading books around no brothers and sisters and very old adopted parents that argued nearly nonstop up until 19 years old.. So warp drive to my current age 50--I had saved several thousand dollars to get formally diagnosed since my security guard job insurance did not cover autism but did when I worked there when I went to college for seven nonstop years for BSW and MSW in social work. Anyhow getting to year 2011. Well I knew being a member of back in 2011 that asbegers would potentially be removed from the DSMV to be released in 2013. Our GRASP leader, John, interacted with power broker statist from California assuring us thymerisal used in vacines had no, shall the expert legalise say, difinative or causal relationship to the peservative thymerisal, in vacines, bringing about autism, above so called thresholds of statisical risk, to newborns and children. And the legalise spokes persons (aka a person is a corpse hehehe--movie THEY LIVE) always add if their is any risk, the risk level of concern would be antidotal if at best due to the margins of reasonable safety having been met. Anyway, in terms of the here-and-now, what is nice about working 2nd shift as a securty guard is that it is quit and I can crank audio ebooks I like to read. So as figure of speech, all is well in Demark-- not really.

Well yes, I could have looked up a sorce myself, but I feel incrediblly biased as to what I would have provide based on my convictions in interpreting my life experiences with most likely autism due to vacines and floride certainly not helping autism. And more recently, since 1997, the kids now are breathing alluminum and borion from the chemtrails putting all at risk for morgellians disease and other nero-logical disorders.

UN.i1-PHI: Have you checked

Have you checked Vaccinations harm psychic abilities and health Already yet?

I cannot give any alternative vaccination cause it is (not only) my observation that they're all designed/founded on deadly/poisonous/parasitical genetic manipulation and intoxication with an conspiratorial transhumanist and depopulative agenda involved against all mankind and afflicting both their spirtual and physical/genetic divine natural potential.

This is an inhumane program and ideology wich i do not support at all and the vaccination for immunization theory is wrong/false and deceptive and used as an excuse/reason/motive for spreading propaganda and executing this global 'vaccination' operation trying to induce people accept taking these bioweapons called vaccines etc and have them participating in this (bio-terroristic) abomination by taking them and telling/urging others to do so too, giving them to their other people including their own family and children, while this activity is all part of a huge sneaky poisonous massacre (de)forming and enslaving humanity.

However i can say to be healthy is to think&eat healthy, from the plants, from nature, and avoid animal and other harmful chemical substances/foods wich supress your body & its natural functions, so ofc its best to avoid any vaccine or other pharmaceutical 'traps'

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