Vaccination for immunization-it's Big Pharma's LIE.

by Tarheel on April 2nd, 2013

The People are getting hip to them and their agenda.

Title- Vaccines Don’t Protect: Exposing the Vaccination for Immunity Fraud

Excerpt- There are two primary guilt trips used on parents who refuse vaccinations for their children. The first is absurd enough to be laughable – the peer pressure tactic of not letting children who weren’t vaccinated around parents’ vaccinated children. But if your kids were vaccinated, they’re supposed to be protected. right?

Actually, many children contract the disease vaccinated against. After looking at some hard facts, maybe they just aren’t protected.

The vaccine industry insists that it’s goal is to create herd immunity by vaccinating at least 90% of a given population. Seeing as vaccines are also a business, that’s a money maker for sure. Also referred to as herd immunity, this 90% vaccination rate depicts a scenario where nobody gets the disease that was vaccinated against, even the ten percent who weren’t vaccinated.


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