by Tarheel on September 11th, 2012

Let's try it out on THE CHILDREN??? This will make you sick. USA and Chine tested GM rice on children between the ages of 6yrs and 8yrs . They used the "in the interest of providing beta-carotene infused rice" to pvercome a Vitamin A deficiency that is common to the area. What a LIE !

Tarheel says "I thought China might know better than to trust this."

Title China-US project allegedly tested genetically modified 'golden rice' on kids

Excerpt BEIJING -- China's health authorities will investigate allegations that genetically modified rice was tested on Chinese children as part of a Sino-U.S. research project, state media said Tuesday.

Golden rice, a new type of rice that contains beta carotene, is INTENDED to alleviate vitamin A deficiency.

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bluesbaby5050: Vitamin A.........

THAN GROW CARROTS, THE FOOLS!! They have More Then Enough land mass to grow what ever is needed for that country!! This is all B/S! AND THEY KNOW IT TOO! They were NOT TRICKED into doing this, as China Says it is Over populated! They Claim! THIS IS DEPOPULATION IN THE WORKS!! SEE THOUGH THEIR LIES!

Tarheel: Exactly ! China is THE most populated country.

What better way to ease their food and over-population problems than poisoning their people. Now, if they can only spark a war with Japan, certainly they will "kill off" some of their own.

The Chinese people will see thru this.
Hopefully Japanese will too.

Enki would NOT be happy to hear about this attack on Humanity.

bluesbaby5050: China's Land Mass.......

For heavens sake!! China streches all the way to Russia,and Mongolia is in the middle of this land mass!! There is SO MUCH UN-POPLUTATED LAND THERE ,,IT IS A DAM JOKE!! China is like a King Size Bed in Asia!! China is NOT OVER Poplutated at all!! Look at China on your pc's!! See for yourself!! Look at all that land mass for growing CARROTS!! HAHAHAHAHA! WHAT A JOKE-WOW!! MORE LIES!

bluesbaby5050: China,and Japan....

These countries here,and the USA,and the rests,MUST THINK WE ARE ALL RE=TARDED PEOPLE!! NOTTT! They are THE RE=TARDS HERE,NOT US! They think we can not figure these lies out,and who,and why they are telling the people these lies! Think Again!!

Tarheel: My opinion was from China's inability to handle...

...their populace, NOT from a "too crowded and no place to live" standpoint. I didnt mean to infer there isnt enough land. I did see an article on 60 Minutes that said a lot of China's land is INFERTILE and barren. Certainly I have no firsthand knowledge of their population issues, only what I read. Im not the first or last to say that.

There is plenty of land there, but WHAT I MEAN is China is unable to properly tend to their people, and/or provide the basics they need. Maslow's, etc.

Bruce Buena de Mesquite says "China will implode under the weight of their own people due to the Chinese govts inability to handle their peoples needs". That reeks of over-population.

Dont shoot the messenger.

bluesbaby5050: China's Army..........

The food is going to China's Huge Army!! They say they join, because they need food to eat,and will be taken care of if they Join the Chinese Army! This is straight from the people own mouth's that have joined the Chinese Army! They have been interviewed,and it was on the news a few years ago! 60 Minutes aired this interview. I watched this myself on a cable network at that time. Male,and female have said this in their army.This is just like in Africa,and some other countries.The Army gets the surplus of foods,while the general populace goes hungry,and some strave to death because of this greed BY THE GOVERMENTS! They have to keep up the strenght of the army so they can keep on killing other people!!! There Really is plenty to feed their people,and this is what they CHOOSE TO DO INSTEAD! This is all Sick Thinking! This is MY OPINION HERE!

Tarheel: I understand u and Im cool with it. India does this too!

We dont disagree, BB !

The USA sent India food for their people. It is being kept in a building 5 football fields long. Their people are starving and their govt officials are hoarding the food, questionably for sale ???

Yet another example of corruption. Bullshit.

bluesbaby5050: What Goverment Bullshit............!

Ya-I knew this too! This building is Heavily guarded! At Gun-point too! Shoot to Kill even!! That building has been stormed by the people,and there was very heavey fighting on both sides,and many deaths from this too! The people have been buying some of this on the Black Market in these countries,and by their OWN GUARDS TOO!! THEY ARE MAKING MONEY HAND OVER FISTS! Much Profits! This Really DISCUSSES ME TO NO POINT OF ENDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! }:>((((

Ecbra de Oaoj: China, USA, Israel, Iran, Siria...


flags; but people AREN'T a flag... they just born in somewhere ...

governments has been that chess mundi the lady at the service of the king: corporations are transnationals and what only mind to them are wrath; power. and money.
they dont mind with people; they see people like theyr pawns.

bishops. and midias; serving fear; can you imagine it in teocracy or or a system where the state controls all information and economy? places where no exist free speech...
people arent flags; in these place their are more victims.

of Horses; the army and police theses orders and flags. of tower, the judiciary power that can arrest you and push on a jail or death anyone that express contrary at this rule.

people arent flags from some place or naction; people are a nation it-self. but the kings of these chess take people like theyr paws, dont minding where are they.

are you a pawn? I think not; that not want it...
the people need to understand it; for their selves...

we arent a flag; we are the nactions its-self
when it happen; game-over to this poisons and jokes above world.



Strenght and Love; always

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