USA is in the War business.

by Tarheel on October 23rd, 2013

This makes me sick to my stomach...literally. I almost didn't post it but let's call it an AWARENESS post, as if nobody knew this (please).

Title- The Business of America Is War
Disaster Capitalism on the Battlefield and in the Boardroom
By William J. Astore

Excerpt- There is a new normal in America: our government may shut down, but our wars continue. Congress may not be able to pass a budget, but the U.S. military can still launch commando raids in Libya and Somalia, the Afghan War can still be prosecuted, Italy can be garrisoned by American troops (putting the “empire” back in Rome), Africa can be used as an imperial playground (as in the late nineteenth century “scramble for Africa,” but with the U.S. and China doing the scrambling this time around), and the military-industrial complex can still dominate the world’s arms trade.


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Sky: Well put Tarheal Alpha Male

So true. Fema camps come later AUGHT their neo con artist tricks not be out coned. FEAR MONGERING of neo con [so called]conservative (not real Ann Ranyn like Republicans) continue to get their way coming from the GOD FATHER as it were of Leo Strauss who literally schooled illuminate types such as former International Monetary Fund (IMF) leader Paul Wolfowitz and his fellow bullies like Carl Rove (brain child of neo cons too). I read most of this in formation from the book 911 Synthetic Terror Made in the USA by Webster Tarpely Griffen along with the book the Committee of 300 by Dr. John Coleman. The first book was directly recommended by Michael TASARION, correct me if wrong, only in that I viewed his recommendation directly of this book by Tsarion on one of his utube shows open to view. I cannot recall which Michael Tsarion show. Also Tsarion may have changed his view of TARPELY. However, I doubt it. Dr. Coleman though holding views upyholding what I call Aton -Christain-egyptian-spiritual (do NOT agree with ) is sincere and very informative about people like LEO STRAUS as a dangerious implant in the science fiction spirit of Philip P Duck for people like Wolfowitz, Nitinyahoo (President of modern day Israel).

Sky: Philip K Dick not my previos misspelling at near end my post

I made an metaphorical comparison in near end to Philip K Dick science fiction writer who is AWSOME. He was the inspiration to so of the movies worth what whatching as follows in my view . That these movies give keen insight into what is really going on in this ORDER OUT OF CAIOUS (aka Freemason motto as it were). Philip K Dick was the basis for the themes and inspiration of the famous blockbuster hits being those listed below.


Eyes Wide Open

Blade Runner.

All these movies are TRUE IN PECULAR WAYS AND SAY SO MUCH. I highly recommend the reader here view this again with a new perspective.

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