U.S. Supreme Court OK's Synthetic DNA

So this company called Myriad Genetics was apparently trying to patent human DNA, although just a small segment which Identifies breast cancer in the genetic makeup. The Supreme Court, however, denied this saying "human genes are not 'created' by companies and therefore cannot be patented." By denying the patent, they did leave an important loophole stating that synthetic DNA IS AN ACCEPTABLE invention to patent because the company created it.. Does this not raise a couple red flags? Ok so they cant patent YOUR DNA, but they CAN create a synthetic version of your DNA with say... one or two minor changes in the sequencing. SO, this means (hypothetically of course) all the DNA that has ever been recorded could be synthetically copied, and enhanced to create a plethora of nastiness...


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bluesbaby5050: Ya- That sure is EVIL!

This is called CLONING ! They already did this with the sheep. REMEMBER DOLLY back in the 80's??! Most of our government are said to be Clones too! It's said they have been clones since the early 70's!! President Jimmy Carter had 17 clones done of him it was reported! It is also said that the entire families of some government leaders are cloned as well. One clone will last 10 years on the average, and then it starts to break down before this. It will act quirky, and have speech problems, and behavior problems, and many other neurological problems. And this is why the leaders are always leaving to spend time at Camp David it stated! They call it "The Men's Club." LOL! This report was leaked out by an insider a while back. The New world-Dis-order is very EVIL, along with it's agenda for humanity! It's just like a SYFY Movie Portraying REAL LIFE!

ShockRah Zulu: Thats exactly what I was

Thats exactly what I was thinking.. Do these clones contain a soul? probably not.. but would it be possible to maybe fragment the original soul and split it between bodies?

bluesbaby5050: No this is not possible.............

No, it is said that the greys have been trying to do this for many years and they have failed at it. They implant the clones with plenty of programming. They give it a life history of the original human, and many different types of programs that go along with it. The worlds Shadow Goverments learned about cloning from the greys. This is where they got all their technologies from back in the last century.

ShockRah Zulu: So these clones are

So these clones are Artificial Intelligence? Like all the pre-programmed information is stored in the clones DNA (memories, knowledge, etc)? Makes alot of sense when applied to the big picture. A country run by soul less clones...

bluesbaby5050: Yes, you got it!

This is exactly how they did it/do it. They have this perfected, because they had to do this for their own survival of their kind.

bluesbaby5050: Try whole a planet!

Try a whole planet run, and controlled this way! Pure Evil. The HIVE MIND!

Who.Is_John.Galt: Scary

Just like the case with traffic, it only takes one to ruin it for everyone else.

Think of all of the illnesses that result from just one wrong amino acid in a sequence, such as sickle cell anemia, which has an amino acid called valine (which is hydrophobic, does not like polar bonds and is not water soluble) in the 6th position of chromosome 11 where there should be an amino acid called glutamic acid (which is hydrophilic - meaning it likes polar bonds and is water soluble). This one tiny substitution, barely worth mentioning, makes the red blood cell collapse upon itself and fold in half, giving it the classic crescent moon shape.

These folded red blood cells aren't as elastic as healthy red blood cells, so they don't change shape the way normal red blood cells do as they pass through the tiniest channels of the body, which causes the folded blood cells to get jammed in tiny capillaries and blood vessels. This internal traffic jam causes inflammation and intense pain.

What's worse is that the sickle-shaped cells don't live nearly as long as their healthy counterparts, and end up getting destroyed in 10 to 20 days versus the 90 to 120 days of a healthy red blood cell. Despite the bone marrow's best attempts at replacing the faulty red blood cells with healthy new ones, the rate of cell death exceeds the rate of cell formation, and anemia results. Hence, sickle cell anemia.

That is just one example out of thousands. Another example of how one tiny change can have a huge effect can be seen in the Trojan Horse cycle of Krebs, where fluorocitrate (derived from fluoroacetate - which is found in rat poison) inhibits aconitase, thereby blocking Krebs at the very last step and shutting that entire metabolic pathway down. That is what kills the rats when they eat rat poison. Scary stuff!!

Just think of all of the amino acid substitutions they could use along each point of a gene, and all of the unknown consequences of doing so. The potentially devastating effects and uses of synthetic DNA are terrifying when you think of the people that currently hold power in the world today that can afford to turn this science experiment into a living nightmare..

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