The US Census and fraudulent elections

by Zurke on January 17th, 2017

Once I understood the census I could see the impact of the head count. The more people a state has the more federal money, elected reps, electoral votes for president they get. The census doesn't ask if you are a legal resident or a US citizen. It doesn't ask if you are residing here illegally. It just counts heads. For me it places a new understanding on Sanctuary Cities. Census rules should be changed to not include illegal immigrants. I think it would have a major impact on our elections for the good.

While it wouldn't change a popular vote because we all know illegal immigrants can't and would not vote for President of the US(citizens only here, move along). But it would change the number of electoral votes a state has and since that is how our US President is elected it would have a massive impact. Sort of level the playing field.

Maybe I don't see the good in taking an unbiased census. But it is tough to not "believe my lying eyes".

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