Updated Proof that Mars Has Plant Life, and Animal Life?

Here is some Updated Pictures of many areas with Living Trees, and living bushes, and other living plant life on Mars. Many Lakes containing water is shown clearly, along with other amazing objects on Mars. Here is the Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aROqWGZ3gDg

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Tim Lovell: hmm bb I don't mean to cast

hmm bb I don't mean to cast doubt but mars dose not have living trees and lakes of water on it lol it is a barren wasteland with little atmosphere...in the past it did have liquid water yes

bluesbaby5050: Can you Prove this to me, and to others Tim?

The Mars Rover, and many other rovers since sent to Mars over the years, does show plant life, and some trees/bushes, and even some tiny white flowers in different stages of bloom. And in other areas on the surface of Mars is a large picture of a woman's face craved in to the surface of a mountain side. She is clearly shown wearing a Crown too. Just recently the Mars Rover has sent back colored pictures of Dinosaur bones complete with the Skull, and the Spine laid out on the Mars surface, along with other types of bones all around the grounds, and this would of been denied also if it was not for the actual proof sent back to Earth, and then later released to the public. You can think what you want to. But I believe other wise. There is also pyramids on Mars, along with the face of an ancient alien wearing a helmet, and this is said to be a large ancient tomb with ancient Annunaki aliens laid to rest inside of it. The Mars atmosphere is also changing and is now heating up, and the wind storms aren't as many as there was before, and the air composition is also changing from what it was once before according to the information sent back to Earth from the Mars land Rover.

blvSci2: only dead on Mars, also warming like Earth

so far I would like to read differently the true science of any life in a NASA clear and believable article...

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