update from sphere alliance contactee derek

by Chris on October 17th, 2015

Hey, I'm still here people, don't worry. I'm closely watching and analyzing everything right now.

I wasn't able to comment on these posts for the first few weeks for some reason.

As for disclosure, I just don't know...

Anyway, during this last summer I was able to piece together one solid fact, and only one... And that fact is that Earth is a Prison Planet Society.
(I know reasonably we cannot call this a fact, but you are just going to have to take my word for it).

It is a prison planet in many ways, but mainly that of what we could only call a combination of repressed spirituality and repressed technology combined.
On other planets, there is not currency the way we have.
Most societies I regressed lived fully in the nude, were telepathic, and lived one with nature.
Clothes were only put on when going out to meet another species.
The Earth's people are only aloud to use fossil fuels to power their planes, cars, trains, and so on.
In other societies the people are aloud to have clean energy to power their space ships, and teleportation devices.

Earth is a prison also in the regard that we cannot leave our bodies at will, whereas in other societies, they can.
And even for those whom do master the OBE experience here on Earth, they get caught in an electromagnetic (or whatever it's made out of) web around our planet.
And so if you do happen to leave, you ain't going anywhere fast.

We are also not aloud real and true medicine like E.T. civs have.
The catch here is that our super elite have access to more advanced medicines and such, through black budget projects that made them decades ago.
Hell, they didn't even need to be made... The E.T.s have always had them, as they've always been here alongside the human race in some form or another.

So Earth is a prison planet in many ways.
Otherwise, I know very little to nothing. But somehow, either through spiritual awakening, or E.T. involvement I was given some serious psychic abilities.

Even just the other day a neighbor was telling me about her first time dirtbiking.
She had only gotten through, "I went out to the mountains, and..." and I knew she was going to say "went dirtbiking for my first time."
The reason I knew this was because I pulled a visual right out of the Akashic Records of her dirtbiking before she ever said it.

Anyway, I have gone, and I have seen.
I was able to look at dozens of people, and know their most recent past lives, and what caused them to come to Earth.

Let me give you some examples:

One man and his entire family were Blue Avians in their most recent past life (although I only saw the man).
Anyway, the man had a bad habit of getting violent and aggressive towards others in his society.
Then at some point once the Earth's prison population dramatically and exponentially increased in the last few hundred years, him and his family were sent here by the Blue Avians themselves as punishment for his violent tendencies.
I'm not too keen on saying I agree with this course of action, and it goes to show that even David Wilcock's Blue Avians are not always what we, at least as humans, would consider kind or benevolent.
Anyway, the man is now the restaurant owner of a restaurant in a town nearby me.

Another man I met whom was a former construction worker, and a now homeless man, was a belligerent drunk in his past-life as some type of ape-like life form on a distant planet I am unfamiliar with.
What I saw was him drinking, and drinking, and also having violent tendencies. His own people reported him to the larger multi-galactic Empire, they showed up, arrested him, and took him off to Earth.
This made me feel really bad for him... Poor guy was already having a hard time, and then he was dumped off here and lived about 5 awful lives from what I picked up.
Each was full of hardships, pain, and a lot of suffering.

I saw many of my own friend's and family's pasts as well. Most came here, unknown to them until they met me, because they were violently fighting the Empire.
While at the same time, many of them were quite innocent as well, and surely they do not belong here....

I saw Peter's past life in his own small galaxy, as he violently fought the Empire.
If I am correct, Peter literally was a part of a large-scale strike force in defense of his own people, blowing up this Empire's ships.

Then bang, we all end up here on Earth... And well folks, someone like me is made out to be "crazy." Or "insane" or whatever.
But that's because I saw the truth, or at least got close to it.

However, my greatest fear is that the E.T.s I was associating with will hang me out to dry.
But it's not me I'm concerned about, it's all of you.
If there's no disclosure, we are all royally fucked.
But for those of us that can still walk, talk, and live relatively normal lives, well, we don't have as much to complain about some people.

There are so many people suffering; Paraplegics, quadriplegics, mentally disabled people, people with chronic pain, people with chronic emotional pain, people with incurable diseases, and so on, and so on...
And that's not even taking into account the billions of people, with souls, on our world that are either working and barely getting by, or starving, and don't even have a roof over their heads.

Wars, famine, poverty, genital mutilation, and so on... yeah, yeah, ya'll have heard the whole spiel... But damnit folks, this stuff is horrific... It has gone too far.

Anyway, I'm sorry about taking down my channel, but It was interfering with my social and personal life.
And any potential professional career I could possibly have in the medical field.

Nevertheless, I am here to be ready for any type of forthcoming event.
I am willing to put everything aside for the greater good, and that's what really matters.
Until then, we are gonna just be stuck here, and keep having to push through the ocean of bullshit.

Let me know what you all think?

//END UPDATE. Sonicteam
Derek I'm glad you're back! But the fact that you still don't know anything about when or even if this disclosure is going to happen in November is really worrying. Grand Elder said November. I'm really nervous now! Fuck man!!!+1

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Chris: comments

Alienraces1 20 hours ago
Yeah good to here an update from Derek I hope something happens november.+1

Peter Ninich 19 hours ago

Hey man I know you are nervous about the disclosure possibly been pushed further in our future. I am as well nervous about having to continue on living life in this low vibration. But if it doesn't happen as we assumed it would, it won't be much longer. The friendly ETs are doing everything in their power atm to help us. We have to be the change we want to see in our world. having a open disclosure is going to have a huge impact in everything. So we need to be fully commented to this occurrence and do our part in every way to help those who don't know yet in helpong them get some sort of clue whats going take place in our near future. And if Grand Elder said it may happen in November then we have little time to wait. +2

Alienraces1 19 hours ago
Yeah Peter it sure will change everything but I am surronded by ET orbs for years all the time I see them following me even know they are outside.

Alienraces1 19 hours ago
I think I have been intentionly guided to all this info for years to this moment of truth in earth.+1

sonicteamUSA 19 hours ago
+Peter Ninich
Heh you're right. They wouldn't come all this way and fight all the bad ETs just to end up not doing the disclosure. Doesn't make sense.
To be honest, it wouldn't be so bad for me right now if it weren't for me having to work long hours everyday. As a result my fitness and meditation has gone down due to barely having any damn time. Never work 2 jobs man! That was a mistake.
Anyway I have faith like your reassured. Especially since +Alienraces1 and +Ant Ibarra have a sixth sense and feel something big is coming soon.+1

Ant Ibarra 16 hours ago
+sonicteamUSA +Alienraces1 +Peter Ninich yeah we have to all relax, meditate and also focus on whats going on around us and the signs that are popping out. Also working on our self's a little. But yeah the ETs would just show up do a lot of fighting and negotiations, ect just to keep on pushing dates forward. And pretty much the illuminati are breaking apart anyway because the reptilians are pretty much leaving them on their own, Russia for real this time has cut ties with America, China will to and is on the urge to throw cyber attacks and start a cyber war. There are a lot of signs right now. But one that has helped a bunch is Wave X and that's how Derek is probably getting his phycic abilities. But one thing I also know for sure that Derek is right about is Disclosure is that if Disclosure doesn't happen, we really will be FUCKED for a LONG time, because Wave X really might not be enough for the world to wake up, but then again what do I know. Disclosure will be the one and only true event that will REALLY wake people up in one big hit! Like it'll be the straw that breaks the Camel's back. And like Derek said and also Samual L. Jackson said in that one movie "Enough is Enough"!+

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