The Untold Annunaki Story - by Makalesi.....

Here's a much better teacher, and she is well informed, and has a wealth of knowledge about many ET'S. She goes into detail, and is easy to understand, and she covers many topics. I have seen her plenty, and I recommend her as well. She gets right to the point on all her video's, and there's no waiting to hear what she has to say. Here is her site, you be the judge.
Hey my name is Makalesi..

I have been making public videos since January 15th 2011. People always ask where I get my information from. I receive my information from a combination of research, as well as decoding information from our teachers, and lastly a bit of channeling.

*Correction to video: - Enil and Enki are the son of King Anu*
Learn the untold story of the Annunaki, and why they made an alliance with the Dark Terresterial called the Dynasty. What stopped their evolution, and why did Enki try to create a new human blue print called the adamits. Why did the Neteru and Annunakis have conflict in their relationship. Who are the Order? And what is the OmniLord Set up?

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bluesbaby5050: Astral Awaken via Harnessing the Elements

To fully obtain the benefits of awakening or having a lucid experience on the astral planes, you need to have full control of your elements which can be associated with your consciousness and will power. Having a strong focus, intent, and having a strong mind is associated with the fire element (electric) . This is needed to guard your subconscious which can be associated with water element (magnetic). The Air element is neutral between fire/water and can be associated with the astral plane and the highway between the mental plane and the physical. Finally, the earth element is associated with the physical plane and one's ability to manifest in the third dimension. By understanding this sequence, someone can truly understand to master the astral, the physical plan and to protect their own will. -] Manifestation is Magick; Alchemy Is Transmutation:Magick and alchemy are sister arts. They go hand and hand outsiders have a hard time telling the difference. Magick deals primarily with manifestation. Alchemy deals mainly with healing and transforming one substance into a higher substance. This can also include your mind and body as well. There are two distinct types of magick low magick(shamanism, ancestral spiritual systems, magical systems that use physical external substances. Such as gem stones, plants, animal sacrifice, crystals, etc. High magick deals more with the none visible counter parts of the elements to manifest.-1-30 video's -

bluesbaby5050: 1. Overview Of The Egyptian/Kemetic Deities....(1-20 video's)

2.Egyptian Magic The Science Behind The Ankh And THe Pyramid. 3. The Return Of The Divine Feminine 4. Ma'at, Chesed, And Divine Mathmatics 5.Isis The Divine Mother 6.Alchemy Series Part 2 Kemet/Egyptian Alchemy 7. Egyptian Magic The Science Behind The Ankh And The Pyramid 8. The Science Behind The Mummies 9. Neteru 101: Plant and Tree Spirits 10. Introducing The Deities Of Egypt 11. Enoch: The Name Everyone Should Know. 12. The COI, 24 elders, Enoch and the Egyptian/Atlantean Connection. 13. Immortal 101: Imhotep Introducing The Father Of Medicine. 14. The Science Behind The Mummies.15.The Power of Your Imagination And Hathor (het heru). 16. Hermeticism 101. 17. Set And The Illuminati's Egyptian Origins. 18.The Tarot Cards And Connecting To Your Higher Self. 19.The Art Of Listening (Intuition). 20. Movie: "Now You See Me" - Decoded (2013).

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