UNDERSTANDING EVIL WAKING UP TO THE REALITY OF DARKNESS IN OUR WORLD. [click on image to enlarge] The Characteristics of Reptilian Possessed and Hybrids: The following is a list of characteristics regularly manifested by the reptilian possessed or reptilian hybrid (Those sharing equal amounts of human and reptilian DNA). These “people” are not rare, and in fact, humans with very little reptilian DNA are becoming exceedingly rare. (A recent series on the History Channel did a good job of explaining the interbreeding with humans that aliens have done for thousands of years.)
These idividuals are also called Snake People and the Serpent Seed.
1) If questioned they respond to only that which they choose to respond to or not at all. This is very easily recognizable in e-mail communications.
2) They are expert manipulators. They often leave out crucial information rather than lie outright because then they can come back and appear to be blameless later on.
3) They are highly sexual, because they are energy vampires and sex is one of the easiest ways to harvest the human energy field. (They were often hybridized through incest, which is a whole other and very extensive topic.)
4) If left without spiritual healing they grow up to become pedophiles, as are Reptilians within their own species.
5) They are compartmentalized. They do not want the people they know to meet each other. They split off people and groups so that they can present differently to different people.
6) They are greed-based. They value money above all things. (Remember, sex and money are both generated from the 2nd chakra).
7) They are experts at projecting. Whatever they are, they accuse others of being/doing.ie. If they are having an affair they will accuse their partner of having an affair. For this reason, people who are in relationships with Reptilians often feel crazy.
8) They are emotionless, even robotic. Their facial expressions are plastic and often cold. They are, however, masters of mimicry so they know what they are supposed to be feeling or what real human beings feel, so they will make believe they are feeling real emotions, including fake crying. They harvest the human energy field by making those around them upset/angry/afraid/sad. They almost appear high in these situations as they get to vicariously feel instead of experiencing only their natural numbed state.
9) They use mind control to get what they want and to control all situations. People obey them and they are highly magnetic. They are programmed that those who can discern them must be destroyed, hence those who know the truth about them are in grave danger.
10) They often choose to be vegetarians. When they consume meat they exude a foul body odor. (This begins to occur as full Reptilian possession occurs.)
11) They have a heavy, musky odor to begin with. Some humans find it sexually stimulating or attractive.
12) They are cruel and care about no one and will do anything to get their way.
13) While found in all walks of life, they are most prevalent in positions of power and control: police officers, administrators, bankers, attorneys/judges, school administrators and often teachers, clergy (where there is hierarchy) and politicians. They are also found wherever children are, as children provide a pure food source (energy) for them and can be used as bait to lure and destroy light being parents. Look for fully incorporated demons/reptilians as court-appointed custody evaluators, teachers, coaches, principals, club leaders, church youth group leaders, pastors, etc. These inhabited people are often magnetic, charming, and beloved by their unconscious communities. Reports of abuse are denied and covered. The recent exposure of the pedophile at Penn State is typical of the millions of occupied individuals who interface with innocent human children all over the planet.
14) Both males and females are highly misogynistic.
15) They are extremely dangerous. Psychology has attempted to understand this phenomenon by using the labels of narcissism, sociopath and psychopath to explain their inhuman tendencies.
16) They do not like the sun and prefer cold, dark rooms. They overheat easily and will wear sunglasses indoors and sit in the shade on outdoor patios and beaches.
17) They are hierarchical and seek positions within hierarchy where power and control can be increasingly exerted as they are promoted. They are obedient to corrupt authority and are mechanically unquestioning of those above themselves in the hierarchy.
18) Related to #16 above, they have a “hive mentality”. They cannot function alone. They prefer work settings where they operate in networks such as government agencies, the military, and legal systems. They will always outnumber their victims.
19) They despise True Light Beings and feel intensely superior to humans whom they view only as a food source, breeding vessel and slave force. The hatred they feel is palpable.
20) When enraged, they will involuntarily shapeshift. This may be experienced as a momentary flash of green skin or scales or claws, often leaving the viewer disbelieving what they saw.
21) They are duplicitous, and regardless of all attempts to point out their contradictions, they appear unphased. They know the majority of the population is under mind control and so they will appeal to factions of polarized interests without any concern for their own blatant incongruities.
22) They have an aversion to water, especially seawater. Anyone who craves being in the ocean and who loves taking baths over showers would be very unlikely to possess much Reptilian DNA.
23) They ascend to worldly power and wealth quickly despite obvious deficits of low or moderate intellect, average or below-average appearance, unremarkable education, common skills, etc. We all know people like this and it is most noticeable in politicians. Symptoms of Reptilian Attempts at Possession: Reptilians regularly and increasingly possess humans.They have no right to legitimate incarnation on this planet, so they oust sacred human souls and steal viable bodies. Beware of anyone that has any positive spin on reptilians. They are agents of the antichrist and serve their demonic handlers. In parts of the world (ie., Denver, Colorado) a large percentage of the population is possessed by reptilians. They also move from one body to another and so are in effect contagious.
Symptoms that you are under assault by reptilians include the following:
Cold chills or the feeling of being often cold when others around you are not.
Extreme and sudden grogginess/ dopiness/drowsiness.
Mental confusion/inability to concentrate or maintain complex thought.
Extreme chest pain. Squeezing of the heart. Mimics heart attack over and over again with no medical cause.
Numbness in face and extremities.
Eye twitching or pain.
Violent sneezing, which has no resemblance to allergic/normal sneezing. (This is actually the body’s attempt to rid itself of the alien presence.)
Migraines (with sensitivity to light and sound/nausea)
Hearing of another voice or voices (always with a sinister message ie. “I hate you.” A message that is uncharacteristic and unfamiliar to the victim.)
Uncharacteristic rage
Chronic depression
Suicidal feelings and thoughts (When the soul is putting up a long and strong fight, the entity urges the person to kill themselves.)
Electronic interference with computers, phones, etc.
Tinny static during phone conversations.
Foul taste in the mouth
Unexplained muscle spasms and sharp, often random, pains
Abandonment by former friends and family (The other person is “thought-seeded” (registered trademark) to leave the person who is afflicted or given the message to harm the individual.)
Interrupted sleep, particularly around 3 A.M.
Feelings of sudden and unexpected terror.
Panic attacks (especially when pursuing your divine destiny)
Feeling of always being watched/monitored
“Brain-splitting” (registered trademark) This is a term I have coined for the sensation mentally of the soul’s own voice battling with the programmed or intrusive reptilian voice. Probably indicates a brain implant and the timing of the symptom represents an attempt to stop the person from following a “divine light impulse” (God-given)( registered trademark) This may also indicate an attempt to induce schizophrenia, which is always reptilian-caused
Short-term memory loss. This makes life difficult. It also may indicate an attempt to induce Alzheimer’s Disease, which is always reptilian-caused.
Bouts of extreme fatigue, maybe especially upon waking. As if the life force is being sucked out of you (It is.) Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, in most cases, is likely reptilian interference.
Note: Most, if not all of the above, may be attributed to other organic causes. Please start with an indepth physical exam from a medical professional. After that the symptoms are best interpreted by a spiritual expert (see the list of recommended healers) as a cluster of symptoms. They also will be concomitant with an assault on the lifestyle and present in advanced beings of light, as those pose the most threat to the reptilian agenda. http://www.understandingevil.com/posts/2014/09/

False Teachers and Charlatans: I am offering this page as a service to the public, but particularly to True Light Beings who are desperately seeking help from extraordinary attack. Those of us who are the real deal are under siege and have been for many years, depending on how long ago we started taking on enormous levels of light. True Light Beings are dealing with terrible issues that the general population is not dealing with. This has caused otherwise stable, mature individuals to seek assistance and answers outside the mainstream, as well.
Unfortunately, this has given rise to an onslaught of ineffective resources, ranging from naive and incompetent individuals with inflated egos to truly evil practitioners who offer pieces of accurate information due to their fourth dimensional access.
I am receiving mounting reports of True Light Beings wasting money, precious energy and allowing sacred soul access through revelation of personal data to really dangerous practitioners. I am including a list of what I believe to be credible reports.I carefully review every report sent to me.
Disclaimer: I cannot verify the truth of the reports to me, and I am not responsible for the information provided.
#1 “Nita” astralhealer.com
This practitioner has several of the warning signs I talk about in my blog. She asks for a large amount of money up front, refuses phone contact, and has no mailing address. (However, all of these could be present for a True Light Teacher who needs to do these things for their own protection. Remember dark mimics light.)
This individual was found to give extremely alarming psychic warnings without saying they were psychic warnings. When questioned about this, she told the client that the client herself had told her these things. Since all communication was by e-mail and over a brief period of time (less than 3 weeks), this communication should have been easy to verify. “Nita” however chose to turn nasty. She said she was too busy to verify what the client was saying, telling the client that they could not handle the truth and that they were beyond help.
This kind of narcissism and unkindness is the earmark of a false teacher. It does not take much to flush them out. They project deceit onto the client because they themselves are untruthful. Or, they realize they are in over their head, meaning they are beyond their own level of expertise, but have such big egos they cannot admit it. They then choose to project onto or belittle the client. Another possibility is that the false teacher comes under satanic (or reptilian) mind control but is so un-selfaware that they do not realize what is happening.
This false teacher reminds of the the following:
1) Many false teachers have websites (like astralhealer.com) filled with angelic prayers and references. Many of them are incarnated fallen angels or get their information from disincarnate fallen angels. In fact, fallen angels are experts on the angelic realms.
2) False teachers cannot be questioned. Once questioned, they will begin retaliatory projection and retaliation.
3) False teachers lack humility and are unkind.
4) False teachers never genuinely apologize.
5) The websites (astralhealer.com) of false teachers can be filled with glowing recommendations. These can be written by the false teacher themselves or by the handpicked few, who pose no threat to the dark agenda, that the false teacher decides to help.
#2 Hank Innerfeld: Spiritual Response Therapy
Warning: This practitioner announced that he does not believe in evil. He then went on to announce that he was removing the Warrior of Light client’s “karma” in fighting against evil. All True Beings of Light are at war with evil. We each have different roles, but the goal is the same: defeat of darkness. This practitioner was attempting to disable this light being’s warriorship.
Please, please beware of SRT, which I believe to be be a reptilian device for imposing destructive karma on True Light Beings.
This report comes from an individual who resided near to where Hank Innerfeld conducts his practice in Denver, Colorado. The individual asked to do the session in person and Mr. Innerfeld greatly discouraged this, not a good sign. If you can, see the practitioner in person. As a True Light Being you will be able discern so much more of authenticity and compassion with direct contact than you can over the phone or online.
Mr. Innerfeld offers the option of a tape recorded session. In this report, he was so abusive to the client on the tape that he refused to supply the tape and did not refund the payment for the tape. The client went to a location where Mr. Innerfeld teaches public workshops, respectfully waited for him and spoke to him before class, requesting the tape. He told her that he would send the tape and that he would provide additional help due to the client experiencing no relief from symptoms which he and his website guaranteed . He delivered on neither. False teachers are liars. They serve the Father of Lies. It is to this being they pray when they recite sacred prayers from many traditions, including “Our Father……”
The client attempted to get her money back through Paypal and was refused as paypal does not support service fraud, only product fraud. And the definition or service or product must be made at the initial payment time.The client also reported this individual to the department of regulatory Agencies (DORA) in order to protect other innocent consumers. DORA supported this charlatan completely. Beware of DORA.
This individual touts himself as a spiritual teacher. He is reported to be very aggressive and hostile when challenged. Again, his website is loaded with testimonials. Recommendation: When choosing a practitioner, insist on speaking directly to a pleased former client. (This is still no guarantee, as false teachers will intermittently help in order to remain hidden. The only guarantee is your own discernment as channeled through the True Source of light to whom you remain connected.) If you do speak with a former client, make sure the intensity of what you are dealing with matches theirs.
3 ) Garth & Anastasia
Beyond Calm
Note: This healer duo is out of Australia and was found on the David Iche website. I have printed a response to a request for help form a True Light Being almost in its entirety due to the revealing nature about the “healers”.
Notice the following characteristics of these “healers”:
* Condescension
” Curious, if you are as you say a “loving,evolved person of light” then how did the reptilians gain access to you. As a “loving evolved person of light” you will know the proper steps to protect yourself from harmful attachments.”
*Blaming the Victim (This is something all people of darkness do, in all walks of life and in all circumstances.)
There must be a doorway that you have opened either intentionally or unintentionally by your actions either by reading literature, art forms, blogs, speaking or communicating with other “enlightened” or possessed persons on the subject. They do not randomly attach themselves they need a doorway of access.
A reptilian can only gain access if a door is opened and left open, they cannot stay if you close the doorway, and if you think it already has access then your thoughts and deeds are already open regardless of your mode of communication, email or phone it is already aware of everything you do, say and feel, as it is now part of you. Please also be aware that it cannot make you do, say or feel anything without your sub conscious approval, it’s there, and will cause disorder, disruption and chaos in your life if it is not removed. All possession or attachments are of our own doing, nothing can atttch to you if you do not give it access, love and light cannot attach to you or become part of you unless you allow it, the same principle works for everything, good and evil. You may be attacked by evil but not attached to evil it is entirely different scenario.”
*False Teaching (that always sounds really good, by the way.)
The above response is filled with dangerous false teaching. reptilians, demons and all beings of darkness do not wait for an invitation to harm. Evil, by its very nature is intrusive, invasive and controlling. Did the Nazis ask the victims of the holocaust if they could destroy their lives? Ludicrous! The above thinking can be a sign of a “junior healer”, inexperienced who learned some ridiculous bunk from someone else. This lack of experience, in and of itself, is also very dangerous. But given the condescending tone of this writer, it is very clear that this is no “junior healer.” This writing is disrespectful and reveals the writer as a worker for the Dark Source. Garth & Anastasia,
Beyond Calm, are not beyond calm, they are beyond goodness.
4) Marie Redfeather, Shaman Durango, Colorado
She claims to be The Tarot Oracle of the Southwest
I have no problem with that. I list it so you do not get mis-led and find the same person through her multiple websites.
* Lack of integrity with her word.
She said she would call and leave specific information at a specific time. She did not. I waited a few days and left her a message about this. (I always give people the benefit of the doubt in case there is electronic interference) her response was that she just decided not to. This alone is not a deal breaker but is a warning sign. When the going gets rough in shamanic work (which it will) this individual will bail and make no apologies.
This practitioner is not mean-spirited, just naive and unskilled. She is one of the infant spiritualists who believes that flawed egos attract evil so she will question you about what you did to attract evil. Twenty minutes into the consult which I had scheduled to assess her suitability she was only asking me questions searching for how I had caused evil to focus on me. I asked her her birth name. (only do this if you know how to accurately assess the soul maturity of the incarnating soul). She immediately changed the subject, began to project saying I was “resistant.” See projection or blaming the victim above. Light beings are very proud of their birth names as they are encoded with our true identity and are truth-revealers in this world of illusion. If a practitioner will not tell you their birth name, run!
She also mentioned three times, a couple for which she had great disdain who “attracted reptilians.” This practitioner could do great damage by blaming light beings for their “negativity” in “Attracting reptilians.” Ultimately like all unwise practitioners, even though perhaps unintentional, she is serving the agenda of evil. http://www.understandingevil.com/false-teachers-and-charlatans/

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contactorion: Aliright.....im just going to ask.

Please explain further on the incest being used for hybridization. It is very crucial to me...

bluesbaby5050: They are just hybrids of Reptilian, and Human DNA.....

Half , and half, or a higher persentage of Reptilian DNA in the being. In the reptilian race they are very sexual with BOTH sexes, male, and female. They will inner marry within their own families, such as mother, cousin, uncle niece, brother, and sister etc. Just to keep their bloodlines pure. And so they think nothing of having sex with their own family members, and this was also carried down within SOME members of humanity, as it was copied, and it is also outlawed for good reasons. Incest is very alive and well around this planet within certain family groups. But, doing this also leads to disformities in the births of their offspring, and many diseases that are within the families are multiplied even more because of this practice. To get a good offspring you need to have contributing DNA from others from OUTSIDE the family unit. The same thing applies in animals too, or there will be a greater risk of health problems, and deformities [mental problems] down their line in the future. So now the reptilians are inter breeding with humans more and more, and this will wipe out the human race, and the reptilians hope to overtake this planet by using this method. I hope I answered your question.

contactorion: yep

Thank you

HebrianDaniel: human whould never like to

human whould never like to breed with ugly lizard.

bluesbaby5050: It all started in the Labs......

Because Humans, and Reptilians CANNOT mate together in the normal ways, and then reproduce offspring. It had to start off in the labs because Humans are mammals, and warm blooded, and reptilians are reptiles, and cold blooded. They both are different from each other. Then the Hybrids were created in those labs, and this is now why the Hybrids , and the humans can then mate and have offspring. Some humans can not see the hybrid as half, and half, half reptilian, and half human. Only when the hybrid gets very angry, and then shape shifts in parts of it's body then SOME people are able to see this with their own eyes. Some humans can actually see this as it happens, while others can not. Now that we have digital technology we are able to see this happen on the Plasma TV's and on the internet, and this is very plain to see now. People are not aware that they are in a relationship with a hybrid, and that's WHY I posted a lot of information on this topic, so that people will take the time to read about this, and to study what to look for in the reptilian personally traits. This is the way to do this, instead of finding out the hard way. And that's by becoming involved in a relationship with one, whether it's a female, or a male, they have the same reptilian personally traits. If you become involved in a relationship with one, and your not a hybrid yourself then your life will become very unstable, and miserable, and unhealthy, more so then with your own human kind, which has more human DNA in it. Most relationships have problems anyways, and they are a learning experience to learn from on both sides, and when the lessons are done, you have a choice to continue with the relationship and you both grow from it, or you can break up, and move onward after you feel you have had enough.

HebrianDaniel: I also wonder if there pure

I also wonder if there pure bred human which don't has any reptilian or any other mixed DNA.
like in the movie Underworld whos Called Alexander Corvinus.

bluesbaby5050: HD a long time ago back in the time of Atlantis, and Lumeria....

There two lands held a reptilian humaniod race of beings that were highly spiritual, and they lived in the area of where Hawaii is now, and the other was in Atlantis where the Azores off the coast of Spain is now. There two races had fought wars for a long period of time, and so they held a truce, and then they agreed to a plan that would combine the two races together, and so they worked a long time to perfect this new being which was the reptilian /human hybrid. They thought by doing this that this would bring the two races together in peace. This is ancient history. They combined the human pure race with the genes of the Reptilian race to come up with this hybrid race of beings, and ever since that time the Hybrids have been interbreeding together with the human race, and EVERYONE has some reptilian in them, and that's why we wrinkle, and shed our skin. Do you notice this when you bath? This is from the reptilian side. But, some humans have a low percentage of the reptilian DNA, and some have a higher percentage of the reptilian DNA, and these are where most of the hybrids can be found, in High Powerful Positions of Power on this planet, and some are found in Every Station of the Working Class of people, and in even Non-Working people in every country on this planet. Some ET's such as the pleiadians, and the Andromedans, and the Tau Ceties, as well as many others do not have the reptilian DNA in them. You will find this mostly on planet Earth. It was done on purpose. The Annunaki are also a mixed breed of aliens. Not all of them are reptilians either. The Annunaki are mostly mixed breeds of aliens though. The ones that did the mining on Earth were a low class of Annunaki, and they were chosen for the purpose of mining the gold for their overlords and they were sent to Earth for this reason as a labor force.

bluesbaby5050: Concise/Accurate Summary of Negative Forces

Concise/Accurate Summary of Negative Forces. The internet is filled with articles/blog posts by people who have no idea what they are talking about and hence are disseminating false and dangerous ideas. A few false ideas I keep running into:
1) There are benevolent Reptilians
and almost its opposite
2) Reptilians are the overlords of all evil and that fallen angels and other demons all serve Reptilians. (The opposite is true)
Thanks to the writer at: http://blog.dnevnik.hr/print/id/1622957165/modern-day-exorcism-and-depos...
Modern day exorcism and depossession
The attachment of spirit entities and demons, contrary to most belief, is very common in this country, with 75% or more of the population having attached spirits. Possessing demons are much less frequent, but cause more problems of a dark nature. A person may be living a spiritual life but retain possessing spirits and demons from earlier darker life activities. Gurus, advanced lightworkers, priests, and minsters are known to have attachments.
Attachment to a person’s energy body by spirit entities and demons may be the root cause or exacerbate alcohol and drug addiction, violence and other physical abuse, sexual abuses (even among the married), overeating, suicide and attempts, sudden mood swings, additional personalities, loss of energy, multiple voices-in-the-head, unclear thinking, mental illness including depression, and criminal activities. Spirits and demons enter holes, tears, and distortions in the auric gridwork of the spirit body caused by loss of soul fragments, and loss of personal power, due to life traumas.
Spirit entities are those that at time of physical death did not “go to the Light” but as soul fragments or entire souls, became stuck on Earth due to confusion, desiring revenge, from shock and terror, having unfinished business, or simply lost and wandering.
Demons are very disruptive non-human beings who are tasked by the “dark forces” to disrupt life to the greatest extent possible by intensifying the fears and negative thoughts and beliefs of the person. Fallen angels are a form of demon.
Shape-shifting Demons are the principal adversaries in the battle between the forces of fear (darkness) and the forces of love (light). Their intent is to control humans for the “dark forces.”
Dark Extraterrestrials (ETs) consist of dark reptilians and grays and other ETs that have been here for thousands to millions of years with the intent to control the thoughts and actions of humans to control earth. Many of these are renegades or outcasts from their own planet. “Blues” appear to be renegades newly here from another Universe, partly attracted to children. Invisible implants and fine thread-like wires are inserted into the nervous system of the etheric body to assist the remote control. In so doing they are breaking the Prime Directive established between earth’s Creator and the Galactic Counsel over all ETs operating on earth:
* No interference with the free will of humans.
* No interference with the life’s purpose of humans.
Dark ETs are directed by the “dark forces” consisting of dark reptilian ETs, fallen angels, and demons operating invisibly under leadership from the 3rd and 4th dimensions.
Clearing of dark ETs is performed by journeying to the dimension where they are operating from to control an individual (formerly the 5th, now mostly the 10th.) If breaking the Prime Directive, they are energetically transformed and permanently removed from a position of active interference.
Depossession of discarnate beings is for people who feel that something or someone is trying to control or disrupt their life or actions or thinking but are unable to point to the human cause. Spirit entities may cause addictions and symptoms of illness to the person. The attached spirit is released to the Light in the care of an angelic being who knows where the spirit needs to go for healing, love, and peace.
Exorcism of demons is a non-religious practice for people who feel something is causing fear and chaos in their lives. They may feel terrorized, or may secretly fear that they may explode into rage and violence, or that they may hurt someone. Exorcised demons are transformed into light energy.
Thanks to the writer at http://blog.dnevnik.hr/print/id/1622957165/modern-day-exorcism-and-depos...
Wise Woman
A reminder: Go to Divineactivations.com and using the activations to clear/protect yourself. Once you download them they are yours to use again.

HebrianDaniel: the fallen angels that

the fallen angels that mentioned in book of Enoch. rebelled against someone and decided
to create a civilization to the mankind but they have asked something back.
the female human. they are very attracted to female human enough attracted to give them Jewels and gifts. and so are born the Nephillim an hybrid race of angel and human
they were much more intelegent and live longer (around 1000years)
I do bealive that Enoch Noah and Methoselah are hybrid angel and human
they have lived for very long time.
yet I don't know if the angels are "angels" or aliens :)
its possible aliens.

I was once in the mt hermon and I wonder myself.
was they really have landed in this place I am stepping on?

obsrvantlouie: Divineactivations.com

Is a total scam......don't ever pay anyone $303 dollars to clear the negative energies from you.

Best to tackle these types of obstacles on your own by improving self. Seek homeopathic remedy, yoga or other energy related activity that also benefits the physical. Also, nutrition is always a good place to start. Generally speaking of you are not "afraid" you will not give your power away to entities looking to take it. If you are dealing with stress and cannot identify the reasons for it then seek a book on homeopathy, an actual homeopath or start practicing hatha yoga or qi gong etc.

UN.i1-PHI: smoke negative energies away by burning

btw you can just burn some palo santo (aka 'holy wood') or some white sage if you want to smoke out some bad vibes that are hanging around in the enviorment to aid in the cleansing process

bluesbaby5050: Of course it's a product to help people.......

But not everything is always a scam. And people should know better then to pay for services unless you happen to be rich, and you can afford to invest your money as you wish. Yes, and your right about natural healing, and having a healthy diet too. All of this has been stated many times on this site, and all anyone has to do is look for it, because it's on here. I have made many postings on this topic as well as other TC members explaining better alternatives in healings. People just have to use common sense, and to trust their gut instinct to make good choices in life. When anyone asks for money/payments on anything it's always your choice to decide whether you want to spend your money on anything that will improve your life. These are NOT my products, and this link Divineactivations.com was with the information from that site.

bluesbaby5050: Understanding Evil, waking up to the Reality of Our World

Here is a repost to some very important information dealing with our daily life.

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