Unconditional Love Force

We've all been there. The moments in our lives which we feel hopeless. Helpless or alone. No one is immune. We all feel this way sometimes. How do we resolve such conflict?

When most of us will say we usually have good reasons for feeling this way, in the times we do.
It is imperative we remember that the feelings are just that. Feelings. They may or may not be temporary.
Sometimes at least not at the time, they do not appear to be. But once we've overcame the situation, then we see it was only a fleeting moment in the scope of it all.

It is sad when someone ends their life because of an unpleasant moment in time. Especially when you are on the outside looking in, an you see it was just a moment in time. Their life, in the freedom of their will they have chosen to end it all.

What does it all boil down to? You can take any of the feelings, emotions, anger, sadness, worthlessness, take them all, an there is one thing they have in common. They all share love in some form, an the majority of this is the lack there of, the lack of love. When we do not feel loved enough, it makes us angry, sad, feel these feelings. Hopeless, like the world is against us.

When we feel this way we need to shut everything out. We need to close our eyes an feel as if we're in a box of nothing. An inside the box we see, feel, hear, and have only one item in this nothing box. An it's Love. It is all around you. It is unconditional and doesn't care who you are.

What you've done, or anything else. It is the pure, love. You must always remember this is what made you, an this is who & what you are. An no condition on earth can take this from you.

Feel an breath in this unconditional love.

You are loved! By our Creator!




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Tarheel: Nice...things are changing.

The highs are getting higher and the lows are dissipating. Maybe it's that blast Anu77 talked about coming in.

Tarheel: This forum topic

This topic/post is probably more relevant now than ever.

BenjaminFalkenrath: One may only hope

One may only hope

LoliApolys: love

love is a magical thing..one strives as a young teen to find that perfect some one,,how a relationship should be for them and spends a life time doing the opposite....i will never understand this..have gone threw it a few times to see what the fuss was about...still do not understand who hard it is to walk way when the line of disrespect, loyalty and trust is broken. it keeps you balled and chained to a bad thing but you fail to relize that finding it is not hard if your willing to find it. love is a thing all living creatures need even plants! but the vibration of love ....its frequency is a stranger thing yet.... pure love seems to be the universes wild card. it can influence anything that is not supost be. people who can not bear children, species who are not the same communicating and having a harmonious relationship...i am trying to research how the soul is bonded to the body here on earth...if 2 parents create a child during the feeling of actual love not lust is that child healthier? mind body and spirit? will it have more abilities and be a star child or indigo child? if the parents are of lust only does that emotion of creation influence the child to be the children problems of today?

BenjaminFalkenrath: Yes it is magical. Because it

Yes it is magical. Because it is harder to love than to do the opposite. Agreed. People hang onto things, because of fear. Agreed. Everything needs love. Pure love, I haven't felt in a good long time. Since before I came to this Universe. I do still remember it. Which keeps me going. The soul to body is an easier thing to explain that why this world is so screwed up. I remember before I was born into this life. Watching my parents. I was premature Weighed only 2.2 lbs at birth. An yes, the child is different when created with love. However, there are somethings that even a loving two create. An they have a child who is sick or what not. This is possibly due to something the child wishes to learn in this life. So not always. Generally the loving couple will have a healthier child. But not always. I can tell you sometimes a child is made in love, but the love goes away or changes. Or the mom or dad because angry. That is a big impact on them as well. As far as the soul to body connect. In the first stages it is the higher self along with a guide both connected to source with a powerful love influence. At least for some. Others are just in the life cycle of karma the wheel if you will. But the way it should be is that the higher self and guide are connected to source an binding in love. An this plus the decision of the soul going into this life. Wants to do so.

LoliApolys: so what about

those with missions like us? do we count? i know when a soul is first born into creation...when a soul manifests into a being the energy of pure emotions is its main forged and that soul no mater how many incarnations it has will always be that form its was first born into....so a being of pure love whether it be of dark blood or celestial lt will always be that....yes demon kin can love....honestly a true demon is nothing more than a being of pure and i mean pure emotion weither it be of a good emotion or bad... say love or lust or justice that is a true demon....dark blood kin are any lower vibration which is not bad nor evil...you need to understand vibrations to fully understand them....just because a low C is a low vibration does not mean it makes you feel bad or evil. you may not like the feeling of that vibration as a person but it does not make it evil..i mean people on here on earth exspcaly Americans are short tempered and dicks to everyone! i mean they call each other bitch and poop to there friends as a complement! .i know some celestial or higher vibration kin that could be consider evil form the mass genocide they committed for the "sake of good" killing is killing no mater what the cause! if its not for servival of eating it for food its a crime! a multi universal crime! we all have the free will to act like animal who are thrown into servival or be the more intelligent beings and work together.

BenjaminFalkenrath: The missions we do count and

The missions we do count and yes a being of pure love it will always be.

moonchild: New Age Conspiracy?

With respect...

This is an extremely neuro-typical viewpoint. It is also laden with New Age psychology. Existence is much more than that and 'unconditional love' is a weaponised psychology that averts both attention and action that might otherwise move to resist and to upend the status quo!

Regarding the suicidal mind - someone looking in from the outside can never truly understand simply because they are looking in from the outside!

BenjaminFalkenrath: I appreciate your response. I

I appreciate your response. I will agree to disagree. I feel you've over analyzed post entirely. My #1 point aims to exemplifie the fact that our prime cohesive energy Force is love based. This is my belief. You can beg to differ. However I if you neglect to understand this, no amount of my explaining will help you see it. Thank you for your input. :) Have a good one.
Best Regards,

moonchild: Different Mindscapes

I'm not sure that it is (love-based). I do not really understand the concept. Perhaps 'love' is simply a chemical reaction. It might serve both the self and the other but it is not a cohesive force. For instance, if one loves nation and race above all else, from thence will arise bias and prejudice.

I also do not have a strong capacity to belief - simply because knowledge changes so much from day to day. One small discovery might set the whole academic field adrift again upon a sea of suppositions.

It can be a difficult process - understanding. I shall re-read again in an effort to do so...

BenjaminFalkenrath: You're also missing the point

You're also missing the point that love knows no bounds. Love is a strong force. Is the highest form of energy. You can try your best to fit me in whatever mold you want to fit me in. You can try and call me whenever you want but you do not know me not in the least. And what I wrote months ago maybe different than how I feel now. I still stand by my point and the point is this I feel that there is a higher presence of energy a conscious energy a sentient living energy a being if you will I don't want to necessarily designated as like a he or a she necessarily but there is living energy and entity if you will. This entity there energy force is the axis of love it's not a basis of control so you're focused on an element of control in your trying to confined it into the Realms of this box you're trying to Define me in this horrid type of Miss informed socialistic type of almost occult Viewpoint and I think that's almost insulting and that's not the nature of my viewpoint or the frame of mind for this particular post when I post it on this. Perhaps I could have worded it differently but everybody is entitled to how they interpret it. I still think you're missing the big picture and that's fine you can see it however you want if you want to Peg me as being some kind of neurotypical or whatever the hell you want by all means. I don't agree with you.

moonchild: "I feel that there is a

"I feel that there is a higher presence of energy a conscious energy a sentient living energy a being if you will I don't want to necessarily designated as like a he or a she necessarily but there is living energy and entity if you will. " <<< This, I can understand

I do not mean to upset you and if my words have done so, I do sincerely apologise.

BenjaminFalkenrath: Sorry to be brash but if you

Sorry to be brash but if you simply think that it's a chemical reaction then you're the one who is working on the neurotypical and physiological level. You're definitely not running on the spiritual or non-physical level you're not looking at it in the aspect of a non 3D worldly perspective. You're seeing it purely on a scientifical and physical Elemental perspective. And that's not going to be doing it justice. You wouldn't be able to understand it if you only look at it for that perspective. So I can see where you're judging me the Way You Are.

moonchild: I am non-neurotypical

And sometimes become perturbed when I read something that appears to me to be generalising something that is very important. I am at present suicidal and if people find it difficult to relate to me ordinarily, I very much doubt that they can relate to a suicidal mind. This is, for me, just a fact of life. I do not think that love is capable of easing the pain of a suicidal mind and I would hope that you can, perhaps, understand my point of view also...

The problem is very often one of definition and words can fall far short of the reality of the meaning.

moonchild: I can see the point on one level

I just cannot accept the words 'unconditional' and 'love'. I do feel that which is beyond, outside of and inside of me - but it is not unconditional and it is not love - it goes beyond words - especially those that are prone to relative and subjective definitions. But that is all on another level entirely and I guess that it has no relevance here.

(I have just been reading through other threads here, regarding love). I could not obey a command to unconditionally love everybody and everything. I do not have it in me to unconditionally love a father who kills his baby girl of a few weeks old whilst practicing an act of pedaphilia upon her. I could not love the one who tears apart a civilian human body (either manually or remotely) in an act of war - nor the one who gives the command to do so.

To love everything and everyone unconditionally would make me complicit to such acts, would it not?

This is why I perceive unconditional love as something that is very much less than the highest moral/emotional/mental point and only relevant in certain situations. I cannot see how it would have universal value.

It might also be said that the practice of 'unconditional love' has also been used by those who desire power and control (in one way or another) over one or more others. There are so very many old and more recent examples of this that it speaks for itself - from the corruption of the Gospels to the New Age philosophies...

Please do not be upset by this post as it is not directed at you or your words on a personal level, but rather, at the whole subject in general. I may well be going beyond the intention of your original post, but in my mind, that is how my understanding comes into being. Thanks for your time and feedback on my thoughts thus far.

BenjaminFalkenrath: I'm not upset. I think I need

I'm not upset. I think I need to clarify. My post was never to State we should unconditionally love a killer. My point was that love itself is a force unconditioned. How we use or perceive it, that's an entirely different discussion!
Love is the energy. Channeled by the being it's coming from an going to or through....
It's like electricity see... It can be changed by the various people or beings it goes through. An it can be harmless a few volts an low amps or millions of volts that can power countries an kill countless! An yet it's still electricity!
I'm not upset. I especially find it difficult... How can you love such vile things I wouldn't even call those people humans.... That do that kind of heinous atrocious acts!
I can't explain it either. But love from the source (not from mere humans or some higher intelligent aliens) but from the original main life force. (Not just this Earth or the other planets we've not found it this universe or the ones before it or the larger one this one is connected too) but the original one prime creative spark(source) has an energy no one can sever nor duplicate nor explain! An the prime an most precious of it's energies making everything sustainable is this strong force which is love. It's a magnet! An here's what's funny. Those sick fucks who pull the horrible shit here. Their energy signature is low an dense and dark. An when they die their stone cold hard souls sink. Like a weight to the core. Into the fire of a furnace! Where nothing comes out but the one thing that was made to withstand it... Their souls die. If you wanna call it hell whatever helps you sleep at night. They do parish... It's like recycling a disgusting busted up beer can full of putrid piss. An putting it with likewise cans. An it comes out as just aluminum an you end up making parts that go into a coast guard helicopter that saves lives. LOL
So people can go to hell. If they're worthless then it's like burning a brick of paper. Nothing remains. If there's something. Maybe they're not so bad. What if they struggled with addiction made poor choices but weren't a killer like? I could see them coming out like a new something. Love is all that would remain.
It's alright for anyone to judge me. I'm far out an not for everyone! :)
Love is unconditional
We are the conditions, we are the reasons for conditions. We are constitutional.... Think about it!
Your stance is purely based off of the natural Negativity of our world an the shit people do. That's still not thinking outside of the box.... Given optimum circumstances one would definitely condition love more Harmoniously.
This doesn't mean God as a being or as a person doesn't get pissed...
It would be foolish to think otherwise...
How fair would it be that we can get mad an our Creator couldn't especially if his own creation started fucking itself up?!
If one of my online game simulators just started ruining my years of hard work by fighting my own characters. An killing off each other and ruining my work. Hell yes I'd be pissed!
Love is still an energy that I can channel but at that moment I'd be very conditional. But just like electricity Love prior to being manipulated in it's pure form is a high an strong unbiased unconditional an impenetrable force.

BenjaminFalkenrath: I don't agree with anyone who

I don't agree with anyone who uses unconditional love as a weapon. I do know of which you speak. They try to make you think you should love the rapist an murders and what not. I will be honest. I see both sides. Because I'm here and there. Indeed I see my human side. Where I want to hate them. An hate the new ages control freaks that only concern themselves with power.

Then I close my eyes an I'm not human anymore. I'm home.....

I'm above it all... I see myself.
I see and feel only the love.
An when I look down. I am outside of the pain. I'm outside of the places we are now. Why do you think everyone and everything you hear of Heaven or shit taking about there no more hunger thirst or pain.
It's actually sickingly numb! An if you only knew... The True fact, that beings like Yeshua or others came down here to let these higher self people connect to an try to show that down here, it isn't numb!!!!
See.. how disconnected "God" was from his creation?
Sorry but....
Yeshua, Michael....
They might as well be living on the sun!
I close my eyes. I see it from a point of view I had many many many many lives ago.... Before I left my home.. before I disobeyed. An before I chose to become "Un-numb"
When LOVE was all I knew....
No one tells you what going to a fallen world would do to your soul....
I went from being the son of a Lord's man, to the Keeper of a hellion soul guardians.
An even in life I can escape the Idiots! I don't really care if people denounce me. The less people know me the better. Lol
But I stand behind my views..
I've seen live in many forms.
From long before this life, this world, before after an beyond.
An the one constant remains....
Love is the strongest energy. Love is the force that bonds all and love is still unconditional...
Pure love is.....
Not new age shit people use for power or religion fuck that shit

moonchild: Not at all!

Please excuse me - I am still reading and trying to take in what you are saying. But I am definitely not thinking, feeling or saying you are horrid! You may very well be saying something that is going right over the top of my head. I don't know...

BenjaminFalkenrath: I have one problem. I am down

I have one problem. I am down here living in a human body with a limited human brain and unlimited physical body that is one problem right there in and of itself you also have that problem we can only think feel and verbally Express so much with these limited physical three-dimensional Earth bodies and brains that's a fact. But our souls the energy that binds us we are much deeper much older and much more profound than that. The number one thing that creates us is that energy and the Heart of that energy the one energy above all energies that makes us exist is the most powerful of energies in all is love that is the one energy that takes the cake it will supersede any other energy that there is it is the end-all to all. If it wasn't for that then there would be nothing literally there would be no light to the darkness. There would be no nothing. I know it's hard to Fathom but there's a million questions and love is the answer.

BenjaminFalkenrath: I've actually been there in

I've actually been there in my life it's been many years ago I was actually homeless at one point in my life and I've actually went through a hell of a lot in my life and I have been suicidal in my life especially when I was younger and I was bullied and I went through a lot I was also home school because of many things I also had learning disabilities as well as neurological disorders mainly physiological I had to epilepsy growing up I had physical seizures when I was younger but I was actually premature I was born a little bit older than 6 months but I was born only weighing 2 lb and 6 oz I believe so I've had a pretty damn rough life in this particular life. But you know it's isolated and lonely especially when you feel like nobody understands you it's really tough especially when it feels like somebody is making light of something so serious when you're going through it I'm by no means making light of it because it is serious but I have been in those shoes and it's difficult. But you may be in a crazy place now but there's always light at the end of the tunnel and I do mean what I say that love is still the answer. Even if you can't see it and even if it feels like it's only a chemical reaction it's more than that. Because if it was only a chemical reaction then it wouldn't be worthwhile to even come down here just to have a physical body to experience it why would we even want to dick around with this shitty fucked up world if we could just experienced love in a non physical body why would we permit ourselves to come down here and deal with the bullshit down here if we could live in a perfect heaven type place or whatever the hell you want to believe in and experience it up there without having to feel pain and bullshit? Because you would be missing out on experiences that you can't experience up there that you can down here because we do have something that up there you don't because down here we can experience more Sensations in a physical sense that you can't up there however up there there's more things that you can experience in a spiritual sense that you can't down here. But they're still light at the end of the tunnel you can't give up I could have given up when I was homeless for almost a year if I'd given up then I didn't see the light at the end of the tunnel if I had given up on Hope or love then I wouldn't be married happily for almost 7 years and have two wonderful little boys one that just started preschool and wanted to just started first grade.

moonchild: May you go from strength to

May you go from strength to strength!

And I do know that just because I cannot understand something, it does not mean it is not true on another level...

BenjaminFalkenrath: @Moonchild

Stay strong. Do not let the temporary issues of today, effect your tomorrow. Do not solve these issues with a permanent solution. Be courageous an remember there is always light @ the end of the tunnel.

BenjaminFalkenrath: My soul is very old. I can't

My soul is very old. I can't even begin to count how many lives outside of this one I've experienced. Not just human lives other lives other creatures animals in different types of things. Not just on this Earth not just on this planet other ones as well I don't retain all of these memories while on this Earth in the main reason is because it would affect my ability to live in the form that I am in right now. I do have a conscious memory of a fast part of it. Enough that I know that I'm aware of it. And I have been able to tap into portions of it as I need to or sometime this when I wish to. And it has been frustrating at points in my life because I want to remember more but I also have to remember and understand there are reasons why my higher self is not allowing my current self down here to be able to do so. Because it would literally drive my human brain down here fucking insane LOL. For lack of better ways to put it. But I remember a time before this Earth was even created I remember working with different I don't know if you want to call them beans or deities or whatever and working on this planet it was supposed to be a way in which we were able to experience on different levels and it is very much so that. We're able to drop down to these lower density vibrations into a very physical dense form. And we're still able to maintain and have emotional and spiritual connectedness. Even if we're not fully aware of it. :) I think part of the journey is two walk that path and to try to make those connections because if it was just friendly available and you didn't have to work for it then what would be the point of the experience?

BenjaminFalkenrath: I'm using text-to-speech so I

I'm using text-to-speech so I think it did not understand a couple of things I meant to say if it was readily available. But it said friendly. So pardon the Grammar or spelling errors lol

BenjaminFalkenrath: "Love is patient, love is

"Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away."

People, Prophets, Information fades...
Love never fails never gives up, never runs out! An is SLOW to anger! Not immune!

moonchild: Thank you very much for the

Thank you very much for the following statements:

“Love is the energy. Channeled by the being it's coming from an going to or through....”

“But love from the source (not from mere humans or some higher intelligent aliens) but from the original main life force. (Not just this Earth or the other planets we've not found it this universe or the ones before it or the larger one this one is connected too) but the original one prime creative spark(source) has an energy no one can sever nor duplicate nor explain! An the prime an most precious of it's energies making everything sustainable is this strong force which is love.”

“Love prior to being manipulated in it's pure form is a high an strong unbiased unconditional an impenetrable force.”

BenjaminFalkenrath: @Moonchild

You're welcome! I hope it made sense. Glad to be here.


the High frequency is amazing power.
now that simple. train in frequency vibration and energy.
Like Holy Trinity. start with frequency sounds in binural beats. do Heliotherapy for energy farming.
for Vibrations there different ways. for ladies with vibrators its whould help a lot!/
keep practice Daily with frequency vibration and energy

freedmftr88: Speaking of Unconditional Love

Anyone here ever heard of the Dr. David Hawkins' Scale of Consciousness , 5D earth ( in5d.com ) ? From a New Thought / New Age prospective thoughts and emotions go beyond both action and internal action as thoughts and feelings are magnetic. Also as a lightworker / Twin Flame myself one of the things that I've learned within my spiritual awakening is how sometimes ones own feelings might be ones own but possibly the world's collective which may be an indicator on why it's challenging in the first place because most people are on a 3D consciousness and not a 5D consciousness.

BenjaminFalkenrath: @freedmftr88 Agreed That's the biggest hurdle

The barriers between the levels or dimensions if you will an that many or most even have no workings or concept, well I shouldn't say that. Better to say they're not equipped nor awakened to their being higher levels an aptitude than their consciousness. The struggle folks like us is we must try to learn how to remain focused an alert an reawaken, stay awake an remember who we really are... But of the millions of questions Love is still the answer.

Maffiemaffman: Hmmmm

I personally dont think love is an emotion! Love is the thing that brings all the emotions together, its the and all be all which doesnt ever pass! As for suicide yes it can be a though or less of a feeling that can pass but doesnt mean it should! Love should never pass. Im 36 an ive struggled with depression my whole life as far back as i can remember, ive felt suicidle since i was 16, i also attempted suicide on a few occations, im still here and do i think it was a passing moment NO i dont, i get angry alot over the fact im still here, but ive looked into why i felt and feel the way i do, its because ive never believed the lies we are bred to believe, even when my whole family and friends believe the lies i dont and will not! I suffer every day because the human race suffers every day and animals suffer everyday, i almost slightly feel their pain to try and take some of it because i love everything and everyone even tho they do not feel the same about me! Our duty as the human race is to love care and help where we can everytime with no reward or recognition. Yet the satanists of this world aim to torment torture and destroy at any cost, these people or other beings rule our world and control us. We are led by anger hate fear and thats with a passion! Every day it gets worse yet i still love and will carry on loving and caring untill the day i die, wether its by my own hand or someone elses! So no i dont believe its just an emotion or it will pass, ive begged and prayed to god to guide me to help me help them, but 20 odd years later im no closer, bit by bit ive lost myself and i feel the same way every day, frustrated that these things are happening and there is almost nothing i can do, and what i can do is not even nearly enough... anyway sorry if im ranting... i will try to stay strong everyday waiting for the message or signs.to come. I will help humans and animals as much as i can

bluesbaby5050: Unconditional love force

I"m glad your still with us.You do have a purpose to be here. Your heart speaks volumns.Your caring, loving energy is what makes a huge difference to humanity, and to this planet we call Earth. Your loving energy is felt and accepted by this planet. Your light shines ever so brightly. We need you. I understand how you feel. Stay strong with us knowing that your never alone. We support you.

Maffiemaffman: Thankyou bb your words they

Thankyou bb your words they mean alot... i will not give up the fight too easily...through the things ive seen and been through i sort of felt and realised there must be a reason god wants or needs me here

BenjaminFalkenrath: @Maffiemaffman This Love is what the world really needs

As cliche as it is the "love is patient love is kind verse" You said it much better. Just know you're not alone. It's especially hard when you feel like you do. An you can't come up with the human words to express yourself.
I used to write on here a lot.
There are a lot of wonderful people on here like BB and TH. in face they are 2 of the 1st people that really welcomed an motivated me to write an stick with it even when others were eh not ask kind at times. An look, sometimes life an people an humanity are like that. Jerkish lol. But even if the world is full of less THs and BBs. It is a quality vs quantity, Just like what you are doing in honing in on your love, your light, the positive attitude you decide to focus on. The world has enough crap in it. Let the crap people eat that up. It's not for you. Hold fast. Help is on the way. There are more lights in the darkness than meets the eye.
Whenever I feel like junk. An I have bad days. I remember, it could always be worse. I could be where I started. I could still be in a far more dense form. I look up @ the stars & I wonder if there ever a soul up there wishin for the chance to be someone like us. Wishin for a spot just to eat a nice burger. Drink a cold beer. Get a hug. or hell, get laid. haa. Who knows? An I think damn. If that is the case, an here I am... Yeah, the world is full of shit an bad guys. But I'm not one of them. An i'm going to shine my good light an love an damn them others to hell. I am here. Some aren't so I look to the stars an smile. An then it doesn't seem too bad :)

Tarheel: Yah

Agreed. Dont worry about a thing because EVERYTHING IS GONNA BE ALRIGHT.

freedmftr88: I just wrote something about

I just wrote something about Unconditional Love and balance of self-love and external love right here.


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