Ukrainian Viktoria Shilova Confronts Ukrainian Propagandists with Their Victim/Video

Ukrainian Viktoria Shilova Confronts Ukrainian Propagandists
with Their Victim/Video.
Russia Insider.
"Her 11-Year-Old Sister Was Killed!
Torn in Half! Do You Feel Sorry for this Baby or Not?

Alexandra Bruce
July 4, 2015.

Presenter: Viktoria, please continue.

Viktoria: I have heard from the oligarchs who represent the Kiev regime that it's crucial for them to join the anti-war movements. And here you are alleged to be of the "Anti-War Movement."

By the way, mothers are gathering near Verkhovna Rada. They are going on the street with placards, saying "Stop the war on on Donbass."

I don't know how long they'll manage to stay there. There's lots of noise about it - and I do understand that you do have to work for the oligarchs' money.

I live in Kiev, myself. 85% of the population here hates you for killing people.

You didn't say anything to this baby. I want to show you. (Takes wounded baby off the lap of an armless, wounded mother). Look at her!

You look at her, too! This is who you kill and maim! See? See her? There are a few hundred children like her! Look at her, do you feel sorry for her? Her 11-year-old sister was killed! Torn in half! Do you feel sorry for this baby or not?

Just look at these people!

Presenter: There, there, Konstantin!

Viktoria: Dear Sirs! These people - I'd like to finish, please - Look at their faces! They work for Euros or dollars, for which, I don't know. Can I say something?

Ukrainian Regime Representative: You can't talk like this.

Viktoria: It's a circus! It's a circus! 10,000 killed in Donbass is a circus to them! And now I'd like to -

Ukrainian Regime Representative: Don't kindle hatred -

Viktoria: Come with us on July 2nd, to Verkhovna Rada.

Ukrainian Regime Representative: Why wasn't I invited once?

Viktoria: You appear every day on the Ukrainian channel.

Ukrainian Regime Representative: Why wasn't I invited even once?

Viktoria: I'll tell you why. Because there are criminal charges against me!

Ukrainian Regime Representative: You are making a speech here, while no one can say one word of truth! (Glaring at the Presenter).

Viktoria: Invite Anechka to a TV show!

Presenter: Our dear guests. Our dear guests from Ukraine. I understand that you are full of emotions, which is understandable, in this studio. I just want to - yes, I agree with you. I agree on politeness, Vadim. Vadim, Vadim...I agree on politeness.

Nevertheless, I'd like us all to remember that not only millions of TV viewers are watching us, now - but also, our guests found the strength to come to this studio, after everything that has happened in their lives.

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