Ukraine UFO: Confirmed US Black Project - Sky Dreadnought

by bluesbaby5050 on February 2nd, 2015

Ukraine UFO: Confirmed US Black Project - Sky Dreadnought. These Cigar-Shaped UFOs Are Part of the Black Projects. ForbiddenKnowledgeTV
Alexandra Bruce
January 26, 2015.

According to the creator of this video, it has been confirmed that the cigar-shaped UFO seen over the Ukraine and elsewhere is actually a US-made,' Black Project' super-weapon called the "Sky Dreadnought," which was reported around March 2014 on Turner Radio Network's website, in an article entitled, "US Deploys 'Sky Dreadnought.' Media Calls it a UFO." The people just aren't aware of this advanced techonology the US is now using, and so many sightings are being reported.

The article goes on to describe it as "cigar-shaped, at "almost 3,000 ft long" (about the the length of "three aircraft carriers,") and described it as "The most advanced weapon in the history of human existence."

The creator of this video suspects that this craft has been appearing in broad daylight over the skies of Ukraine as show of force, against Russia, as if to say: "Look, this is what you're coming up against."

The Turner Radio link displayed and read from in this video was dead, when I just checked it. But apparently, the narrator reads from the article posted, the following:

"As announced in 2012 by the 'Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory', using a frozen hydrogen machine gun, installed on a' D2 Magnetic Plasma Platform', in San Diego, researchers were able to fire millimeter-sized pellets of hydrogen into the edge of a 20 million-degree fusion plasma stream, dramatically reducing the size of periodic edge disturbances, called 'ELMS,' which are similar to the solar flares, at the surface of the Sun.

"The rapid-fire of frozen pellets [using machine gun technology] actually triggers many similar disturbances, effectvely short-circuiting the plasma's tendency to have less frequent but much larger outbursts.

"The public announcement was delayed for years because once the 'Plasma Streams' could be controlled and focused, their use as a weapon became simple."

Allegedly, there will be more official statements to come. - See more at:

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