ufo schematics?

i am not one to beet around the bush so ..does anyone care to lead me in the direction of functioning UFO schematics? i am doing some research and would like more knowledge on how anti-gravity, force field tech, magnetic with certain metals react, harmonics. and tirodal fields. " not looking for mercury power supply overly but info is still helpful " if you do not feel safe publicly posting please feel free to PM me :) also looking for what metals should be used for the hull and shell of a ufo...did i say ufo i meant a light up Frisbee ;)

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Chris: hi loli

are you posting on here again.

LoliApolys: yes..for some odd reason all

yes..for some odd reason all the alien sites i go to shut down in a year or so lol

Logical Chaos: UFO blueprints

Check out Bob Lazars videos. Hes got some drawings.

Also Jeremy Corbell is making a new documentary about Bob Lazar coming out end of this year. You should definitely check it out. Ive seen a preview and its very exciting!

Tarheel: Good to see somebody of sound mind

Good timing.
Lazar....he was the guy who was an engineer at Area 51 methinx. I'm not sure so I will search it.

bluesbaby5050: Bob Lazar.....

Your correct Tarheel. It was Bob Lazar the engineer that did work at area 51. I also believe what Bob Lazar said when he went public with his information. Of course he was discredited by those in the know. That's the usual denial when the truth has been leaked out. It still goes on to this day.

Logical Chaos: Correct

That is correct, Robert Lazar (aka Bob Lazar) was a scientist that worked as a fill-in for a government scientist that was killed from opening up a alien nuclear reactor.

There are other whistle-blowers as well who collaborate his story as well. Most notable are Dan Burisch, Phil Schneider, Boyd Bushman and Ron Garner. There are videos of all these previous S4 employees on YouTube.

TimeIsNow: Chemical engineering?

I have a buddy thats majoring n chemical engineering I believe could help you

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