A Fuzzy - looking ORB was seen traveling from EAST TO WEST on Sunday-September 29th-2013 over the Indian Ocean. The L' Express Mauritius ( privately owned observatory) had theorized that it was either a satellite, or a star cluster. (You THINK they would actually KNOW) However, NBC reports that the source of the UFO was the California launch of a private space company, named SPACE X. This company says that this was their Falcon 9 Rocket people saw after it was launched, and that what the public saw, was the sun's glow beneath the part of the orbit through which the rocket had passed. Now you must remember that NBC is owned by---> TPTB and that THEY ARE PRONE TO LIEING TO THE PUBLIC. Now take a closer look at the CENTER of this ORB, and you will see a HEAD, and 2 EYES looking out that window of this ORB! This ORB is traveling with INTELLIGENCE, and not at random. These ORBS have been known to have smaller orbs coming from the inside of them, to the outside, and then those smaller ORBS will travel independently of the much larger ORB. Now what do You See Looking Out that Window?

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bluesbaby5050: Please CLICK onto the picture.........

To get a Bigger, and better View of the center window of this ORB. Notice the head, with 2 eyes looking outside.

Tim Lovell: hmmm yes I must admit that

hmmm yes I must admit that does look a little `grey-ish` but it could be an optical illusion also most of the ufo white `orb fleets etc are holographic inserts and not actual crafts, tho that does look like a grey !

bluesbaby5050: I realize this too..............

Plasma ships can appear as holographic ships as well. And Plasma ships are self contained, because they are complete living beings, and they can repair their vessel/ body when needed. They are also able to travel by thoughts from the pilot, and they can remain invisible if they choose to. If I didn't see this Grey-ish being, I would not have bothered to post it other wise, as ORBS of light are fairly common now. Thanks for your comment :-)

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