UFO Hypotheses - Peggy Kane Volume One on Reptilians.

by Chris on October 26th, 2013

In the first-ever DVD of the "UFO Hypotheses" series, UFO researcher and talk show host Peggy Kane ("UFOAZ," "Off The Record," and "The Cutting Edge," all public access talk shows originating out of Tucson, Arizona) discusses her odyssey into the strange realms of EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) and RS (Reverse Speech), which led her into ongoing conversations with the dead now residing in the lower astral world. Her research also led to a multi-year contact with one Francis Haley, an endentured servant-turned adventurer who died in 1830. As she explored further, Ms. Kane clarified decades worth of research and began to formulate her own UFO hypothesis. Ms. Kane is now convinced that a reptilian ET race from Orion has taken control of this lower astral realm. Her hypothesis also suggests that the reptilian ET "gods" colonized our Earth long ago, and continue to use Earth humans as a slave race and food source. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UYfyI0CZX5A

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