UFO Disclosure | Former Legislator Henry Mcelroy, makes Statement on Un-Released Eisenhower Brief

by edisonik on October 9th, 2010

Believe it or not the Truth is coming out share with everybody before Big Brother removes this Breakthrough!!!!!


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edisonik: Former Legislator Henry Mcelroy

May the Creator bless you Mr. Henry Mcelroy for finally coming forward and disclosing the Alien reality to the people. You Mr. Henry have more Courage than many Men who are still too afraid to come forward regarding the Alien Question, you Confession will save billions of lives here on Earth. Humanity has the Divine right to know the truth that ET Beings do in fact exist and that Humanity has a Divine right to Colonize other Star Systems, not just this little Earth.

Humanity has the divine right to Explore the Galaxy and not to be subjected as slaves or worse a Food Resource for Malevolant ET Groups that operate with Government Circles.There are Good ET's which are helping humanity but they are Governed by non -interfierance Laws, they will interact with us because the people will want to Evolve to the next level instead of believing Religious Lies and Big Brother Lies as well. People are free plain and simple Freeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

God Bless you all!!!.I Love all of you!


The Reptiles don't own you, you are free and will always be free, unlearn what you have learned, you are Free Eternal Spirits, " Remember who you are!, do not subject yourselves to Monarchies, be Independant instead of dependant!", in Service to each other instead of Big Brother or the Corporations you will be free, the Good ET's will meet you halfway!".


You are not alone, you will never be alone!, I won't give up on you!, don't give up on yourselves, you deserve the Galaxy!!!!!!, wake up!!. Much more then just this little Earth.

Wake up Folks a imploy you please wake up.


The Shadow Government Might stage Alien Invasion through Project Blue Beam but this too could blow up in their face because the Good ET's will expose their Lies also.
But always be careful about that possibility , the possibility of a staged Alien Invasion which could really materialize. Do not trust Big Brother be very cautious also.


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