Tying The Pieces of The New World Order Together

by Quinton on June 12th, 2013

I am working on an in depth article on the New World Order and was hoping to get some suggestions from you guys on certain pieces to include. I want it to basically be a guide to all the various organizations and people acting to bring about the New World Order (Orion, Illuminati, Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Windsors, Fed, Media, etc, etc).

I want it to clearly and concisely explain what the New World Order is to a newcomer and at the same time include some interesting pieces of information to somebody who has studied the topic for a while.

Any must have facts, sources or pieces of info would be much appreciated :)


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Tarheel: Add US Govt to your list.

They've been bought. Maybe that is what you meant by Fed.

You're better than most of us at this, but I will give it some thought, Chief.

Quinton: Definitely going to have the

Definitely going to have the United States in there :) Thanks!

Ecbra de Oaoj: the goal of this study is set Govern to serv people

instead... contrary.


Good Work Folks


ShockRah Zulu: This will undoubtedly be a

This will undoubtedly be a huge undertaking since it is so intricate...

educate yourself has a pretty good overview of the nwo


more good stuff here... http://www.commieblaster.com/nwo-cfr-bilderberg/index.html

hope some of that helped... good luck Quinton!!

Quinton: Yes, it is a huge undertaking

Yes, it is a huge undertaking. The part I'm most worried about is that I know there are going to be some pieces that are incorrect, but there's not much I can do there I don't think. I think I have an okay understanding of the NWO, and I don't think anybody has all the details completely. I'm going to do the best I can and try to stick to the easier to prove/swallow pieces.

Thanks for the links. I will read through them and get some more ideas from these.

ShockRah Zulu: Your right, I dont think

Your right, I dont think anyone has all the pieces of the puzzle, each branch has tasks assigned to them and its so that someone CANT piece all of it together... I have faith in you! Together we all can be puzzle masters!

dvogel: NWO finance

You almost must inlcude Eustice Mullin's explanation of the monetary system(Federal reserve)


As well as his explanation of the health care system:


Few investigators are as well informed as he was. He even took top FBI people to court for fraud and they had to postpone the case for undetermined time because he was right. In an interview he explains how he was living in a small guest room of a big library for several months where he did nothing but study the state documents in the depth of the archives.

Quinton: Very cool. I love Eustace

Very cool. I love Eustace Mullins and have read his book, "Secrets of the Federal Reserve". An overview of the monetary system (fractional reserve banking, money out of debt, etc) will be discussed for sure. I think at a later time I will do a full article specifically on the inner workings of the Federal Reserve. I have never seen these videos and will give them a watch :). Thanks!

I agree with you that he was very well in the know. Much of his work was stolen and repacked under other people's names. I really like the guy a lot.

Tarheel: This undertaking will open a HUGE can of worms.

Very brave & committal, indeed.

obsrvantlouie: Wow....

The scope of your aim is all seeing (no pun intended). I Suggest to start with crooked monetary policy as this is something every person can relate to. The following articles should give you good reference for a baseline.



Quinton: I'm curious...

Thanks for all the replies everyone :)

I'm curious, where would you guys say the New World Order began? Obviously there are lots of ways to look at it. We have the recent New World Order and we have the ancient world orders that have been going around for millennium.

Where would you guys place the beginning of the New World Order at?

Tarheel: I think it was a long term plan.

They simply applied the nomenclature in the 80's and turned up the volume on their efforts. They knew the cross-over point on the Dark Age was upon them and they weren't quite sure what to expect. They waited until it was too late and now they're trying to force feed us.

obsrvantlouie: Does it really matter?

As you alluded, there are so many different ways to answer this question (dependent upon POV). So much of what we know of the NWO is piecemeal. Much of the information you present will be somewhat speculative and hard to verify to "un-open" eyes. Trying to determine a genisis seems like sensory overload to me. I say to focus on educating the sheeple of it's "existence". From here, let them research its roots to their own degree of education, training and awareness.

Quinton: After lots of hard work and

After lots of hard work and time I have finally completed this article. It covers most of the aspects of the NWO, however, it purposefully leaves off ETs for a few reasons:

1. The mention of ETs is more likely to turn most newcomers off of the topic
2. I don't have a good enough understanding of the ET situation to explain it
3. It may be better to do a separate article at another time that specifically goes into the ET connection

Here is the link: http://www.truthcontrol.com/new-world-order-guide

Please let me know what you all think :)

Tarheel: VERY Impressive, Quinton.

You've been BUSY ! That is very compelling info put forth in a very professional way.

5 Stars out of 5 !

obsrvantlouie: E.T.

Quinton, if you are still fuzzy on the E.T. situation let me know, I can advise research materials here.

dvogel: Nice work

Well done Quinton! It looks really great and quickly gives a short overview. Though several things could be discussed with ancient dates and so forth, it shows people that something is going on and its all part of a great plan. You can be proud, It must have costed a lot of time :)

Tarheel: Q-dog-Your "Plans for the NWO" in your guide resonates

I was checking out your guide, and I saw the "Elimination of Privacy" header with the camera logo.

There are now 8-10 cameras at every intersection you go through in this county, and all the cities with it. WTF ?

So, I ask myself- What are they scared of? The answer-We, The People.

Sky: It's hard to offer improvements since you got down pat in my bo

Perhaps showing how Noam Chomsky seems to look to centralization as the answer while finding all fault with UN resolutions. I wonder what his connection is with Bertend Russell in regards to RUSSEL as being a part of the Committee of 300. Also how Chomsky is a maybe shrill on the reality of exterestials. Chomsky' s big ace as it were was on the 1975 East Timor aggression. However, he ignores 911 other than his two small pamphlet books on it. I had a falling out so to speak with his ace supporter democracynow lack of coverage on how secret societies and the likes since Aton egyptian worship had its grip on us like Jesus as Ceasur (aka Joseph Atwill book Ceasur' s messiah).

Sky: Yikes. Sorry for the

Yikes. Sorry for the accidental extra duplicated post :-(

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