Try this, it wont hurt, I promise

A friend asked me about how to start with guided meditation recently. My research took me to this link I posted below. I listened to a dozen guides before suggesting this one. She took me to my levels without annoying me. That's a plus. She has a way of directing the meditation in a peaceful and soothing way.

Although I lead guided meditation several times a year at spiritual retreats, I appreciate being lead myself when the guide is sincere. This is a good place to start, if you want.

If you try it, I suggest headphones to fully appreciate the experience. Love and Light

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Tarheel: Thanks for the direction, Star.

You're a keeper.

LoveTruthPeace: Something I need to try to

Something I need to try to rebuild patience.

Tarheel: Watched it and her "Mulltiple Bubbles" video, Star.

I find it relaxing. I don't know if was her voice or her material-probably BOTH.

You know Lilou, don't you?

Starperson: Yes, I do

Tarheel, we have worked together several times over the years. How could you possibly know that? She is special. A very kind hearted Sheila. :-]

Tarheel: Ah..."worked together", you say.

Joking, Star.

Call it Intuition &/or I just kinda felt like you'd send us something from someone you knew & trusted. I actually liked Magic Bubbles a little better but they were both good.

Thx again.

bluesbaby5050: LILOU is A FREE LANCE Reporter/Interviewer......

She travels many countries, and she interviews people after lectures, and over the internet on many different topics. She appears on YT a lot, and she also has her own web site.

Starperson: You are correct in you description

Yes, Lilou Mace does all of the things you wrote...but that is not who she is. She is strong, gentle, smart, funny and has a powerful spirit. If you ever get a chance to meet her...jump on it! She is always seeking the truth...just like us. Give her a chance, if you feel it. Peace to you.

bluesbaby5050: I have seen her interviews with Drunvalo alot...........

As well as other people. Yes she is a spiritual person, and I am familiar with who she is, and what she does. Thanks anyways.

butterfly: meditation

thank you for sharing, Starperson.she sounded a lot different from her interviewer personality, a bit hard to expess, along the lines of more self-awaresness/peaceful, relaxed, stronger.
the connection with the universe was new to me in this way, found hard to stick to my body through the deep concentrated breaths and actual heart. i already heave problems with 'identifying' this body. :-) BUT: the last section brought me 'up'. i enjoyed this bit a lot. thanking you.

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