by Annunaki77 on November 23rd, 2011

Look this Forum was Sanctioned by the Kods. If you don't believe me then I can't help you. Destiny Fashioned this Forum and it was Destiny that brought you students to me, for when the Students are ready the Teacher will come.
One thing I will guarantee is that the Concepts here are different and rightly so because you were not supposed to know these Concepts of thought.
When the Draco donated their DNA to form you Humans it wasn't easy O.K. King Anu wanted an obedient Worker Race so he made deals with the Draco Race for some DNA.
Humans consist of a varied DNA Sequences, Reptilian Bone Structure and Internal Organ Design, Mammalian features such as Skin Sequences and Hair, the Soul came later with the harnessing of Sacred Crystals thanks to the Falcon Masters.

You want some Knowledge then here you go!, this took about One Millions Years. Can you handle that!, this didn't happen overnight.
So you are Food for the Kods, if you are swimming in my Knowledge you won't be. Can you handle that?, hopefully Humans.

The Kod Zeus of Olympus was Real, King Anu of Sirius is Real, the Serpent Queens of Orion are Real, the Draco from Alpha Draconis are Real.
And most Importantly you Humans are Real, take a look in the Mirror. Truth is stranger than Fiction.

An Interesting Movie recently came out called the Immortals watch it because this Star System did hold the Polarity of War but things will Improve with the coming of 4Density.
Hollywood is a Gift to Creativity or should I say Hyperspace Travel.
Hidgplain Sister take a break and relax, you need to open your third eye, Meditate it will help.


Annunaki77: Like I said many times over

Like I said many times over Humanity is Awsome, but the traitorous Reptilians seek to Destroy Humanity, through your Governments they will Reduce your numbers with Staged War, Engineered Disease, and Starvation with the Implementation of Austerity Measures.

Can you see the Larger Picture Humans, can you see what is going on around you!, one only needs to see the TV and Newspapers to see that Illuminati Attacks which are occuring.

Annunaki77: What is an Illuminist?

An Illuminist is a Reptilian Hybred, designed to serve the Draco Lords of Darkness, though an Illuminist looks Human they are not they are Genetically Modified Humans with high Degree of Reptilian Genetics. Your Leaders are Reptilian, they cloak themselves as Human but they are not!, I understand you cannot comprehend these Concepts but your G20 Leaders are G20 Lizards. There you go Cattle, I do not wish to Insult but if this will wake you up this will change the World and Humanity. Start creating something new folks, Grass Roots thinking for a change instead of the Pyramid thinking, don't look for Leaders become Leaders yourselves.
Lord Enki has given you free will so I suggest you use it!!!!!!!.

Ecbra de Oaoj: teaching from Kods

we had been observed our history; since world is world. what happen. day by day.
wars for resources; ganancy. egocentrism. exploractions of peoples. impostives miserys.
we have been living here. sometimes smiling. others times crying. sometimes wining; others lossing. writing wrong in rights lines; or contrary.
surviving. deathing; killing. in this society; that complain itself.
receiving rules; for purposes.
studing trues; mutatis mutandis.

we have rooted here. and here we are living; yet.

with all; bless or; danation that it be; finaly.

so; Kods are Justice; and Justice supose; compassion. and serevity also.

what kind of act; we; mortals citizens; can make without your interferece against; this power mentioned? how combact these arms; and istituicions and; mind controls; in face of us without you; Kods; verely emanactions of; Creator song; spirit form; where... could us refuge into ... ? yes... on; in; you... Kods. Co-creactiones with The Creator.

remember; that we are here; living; since and; our mortality is like to you one day; and we want to live. we want be better and we have; faith. in good's victory.

forgive us; because dont know what; have been making; but open our minds, our eyes; and remember of your benegnity;

we are; here; Sirs; Lords...

so; teach us save all what we will get.


bluesbaby5050: A REPOST of Annu77's History of this forum,and why your here...

He has already repeated this to people of this forum,and why you are all here now. VIEW THE TOP OF THIS POST. Psoting Dtae November 22 th-2011. The Video Annu77 provided us STILL WORKS! ENJOY The IMMORTALS. Thank's.

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