Truth, Lies, Fear, Love, Hate

We are creatures of habit. Many of us content on doing the same thing, over and over. Day after day, year after year. One of our biggest habits is our ability to easily masquerade a wonderful façade for all the world to see. The un-pleasantries tucked carefully away under many layers of various feelings, or materialistic objects, or other shows of one shape or another. Many bury their feelings so deeply they deny themselves the ability to deal with the issues at hand. Festering for years while they refuse to accept the truth.

We love the way we lie. An we hate to face the truth. We lie to our selves an those around us. But the root emotion behind any lie is fear. Even the smallest lie, the "little white lies" have fears. Be it fear of hurting someone's feelings, losing someone, facing what we know we must face.

Sometimes we do it as a self defense mechanism an it is done by our EGO subconsciously. We are the masters of our own demise. We will never rise until we break freak of our EGO. We lose the fear that hides the truth buried in a rubble of lies.

This is our biggest task. Our first step towards freedom. We're all somewhere in our development. Me, I use to buy into hype, religious dogmas, ritualistic new age bull. But I realized about 3 years ago the old ways weren't cutting it. I realized that the things I thought were true had only been lies the world & I had told myself.

I'm still working on many things in my life & development an I will never claim to be 100% where I want to be, if this was the case I doubt I'd still be on this earth. My point is. Love yourself. Love others, respect yourself and others. Understand that they too are at a different place than you might be. This doesn't make them any more or less valuable, loved, or better than you or anyone else.

So just remember this. If you can help someone by all means do, but only do so, if you're at a place where you aren't still standing in the quick sand.

Love, Peace & Happiness.
The Falkenrath's

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