Our buddy and site owner/admin Quinton is rightfully so, all about freedom of speech and allowing folks to say whatever they might have on their minds. Which is what attracted me to the site in the first place. This along with the various readings, articles, and interesting information. Makes this a nice and different site indeed.
    However if you intend to comment on anything or post anything be warned ahead of time, the site administration both allows and backs up, any individual whose only desires are to are to disrespect, shit on, curse at, ridicule, or for lack of better words troll on anything you put. Which is expected since there's no way to weed out every dickhead with a computer, tablet, phone or whatever with Internet access. The real problem is there're a handful of only a few people in the click or club if you will. That truly are able to post and expect positive feedback. My point is, if you're interested in finding a place to converse about subjects or share your life, past lives, or strong spiritual stories. Please don't do so in this site. Because people here don't really care about anything but ridiculous Elitist mind control bullshit! While pretending to be all about the exact opposite. Out of this whole damn site there's maybe only three people I've talked to that are real. And each an every one of them get fucked with, name called, ridiculed, belittled and abused on this site. Because the truth is, the other handful of true real, Divine people are no longer on the site, and there's a lot of there work that for some reason had either been altered or removed by admin. These select few were hear for a time then left. The ones who are left the small few of maybe three or so. This site doesn't even deserve their input. So for the rest of you, all you nay saying back biting, nothing better to do than be an earth tied, reject, ignorant cunt. I say fuck you an may you burn in whatever low level hell of a place your stupid nature affords you when your worthless soul leaves your pitiful earth body.

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    Quinton: Disagreement and freedom of

    Disagreement and freedom of speech is now ignorance?

    BenjaminFalkenrath: Listen carefully

    Disagreeing is fine. But being a dick since day one like observant Louie. He can disagree all he wants but for the past two years all he's been is a negative ass hole. You support him in that. Being that way, how he is. That's ignorant. So by all means I have no further use for you or any of the negative jerks on this site. You don't seek truth. You see an destroy an my life, my vision, my works, my views and my story are took good and I'm to good ofba person to stick around an have to deal with this high-school bull shit. So you can just delete my account and all my posts because I'm done with you and TC.

    Tarheel: There's a lot of weird energy about.

    Don't let it drag us down. It's just a temporary thing.
    Everything will be okay in the morning.

    BenjaminFalkenrath: Thnx Tarheel

    It's ok. I've decided to go elsewhere.
    Find a group who wants to talk to me without bs.
    Msg me if you wanna stay in touch...

    Tarheel: We want you to hang out.

    Nobody here means any harm to you. Everyone is very opinionated and sometimes their/our passion gets the better of us.
    It's a cool site and Quinton lets anyone and everyone say their piece, pretty much unabated.
    Hang if you feel so inclined. We're all cool.
    Bang a gong and come on back. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5j083KUmvxE

    BenjaminFalkenrath: Well

    Tell that to the asshole that can't go a time without posting horse shit on anything I comment or post. Trying to discredit anything all the while being the opposite of his own words, bio, and otherwise. Why can't there be a block option. I let him vent options his is a cock. An Quinton lets him so I just feel my energy is wasted in an environment like this idk man... I like you. Quinton isn't so bad but OL can just steer clear. He's made his opinion known he doesn't need to continuously reiterate it... So that's how I feel.
    I'm not deleted so... I guess I'll just not post for awhile. I need to rid myself of the upset and negativity of people. Being strong commented is one thing. But calling someone shit they're not to make themselves feel better is immature an I hate it.

    BenjaminFalkenrath: You're Right Tarheel

    I told him how I felt already. An I don't care for him oh well, he can think or say whatever I'm still me. An I'm not the stupid things people call me as, I know who I am so that is good enough. If others can't see it screw them...
    I'm still going to just hang back a bit an collect my thoughts

    bluesbaby5050: Truth Control: The Site For Ignorance

    You have friends here Ben. Please stay. I've been though this too, and even Tarheel and myself have had our squabble s on here with each other, but we admit we are fond of each other, and we respect each other too.

    BenjaminFalkenrath: Well, Okay...

    I'll stay, only because I shouldn't let people run me off. I still dislike some people who feel the need to do nothing better than be a jerk. But oh well, I'll keep doing what I do. I know who I am. They don't...

    Tarheel: Avoid what/who you dont feel good about...

    ...until you can find some common ground.
    Sometimes it's hard to change the spots on a leopard, but things/people can change.

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