Truth Control, episode 7

After watching the entire series of videos you two made, I am left wanting some more. So much of your discussions strike a chord with me. Organized religion was good for me when I was a child...not so much anymore. An enlightened spiritual path is much more fulfilling. Get back on the couch and share some more! That last sentence was posted in jest...but I feel a positive connection and would love to here you two discuss whatever you are inspired to send our way. Peace to you both.

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Quinton: Thanks very much Starperson :

Thanks very much Starperson :) We are back on track and should be posting a new video every week now. If there are any topics you would like us to discuss feel free to let us know. Thanks again :)

Starperson: I have an idea for a topic

I know you have touched on it in the past, but I would like to see a discussion about Forgiveness. How it is viewed and handled by different religious organizations; repentance, confessions, etc. And, how it is a necessary lesson in the spiritual sense.

Forgiveness of another, and forgiveness of yourself. Just a thought. You might even want to save my suggestion in the "round file". Peace to you.

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