Truth be told

by Kah-Len on April 27th, 2018

You are not your physical bodies.. physical bodies past, present or future.. whether human, Arcturian, Andromedan etc.. those are all "life learning experience vehicles" for the soul.. Who you really are is a light being that animates the physical body. You are all directly connected to the father Ong. Ong is the vibration of all things together as one.
Quarks make up all atoms.. which make up all "physical matter"... the two "unphysical particles" that makes up the quarks which turns the unphysical into physical is 1: VIBRATION and 2:FREQUENCY.
Your soul is vibration and frequency which is tuned to the frequency of Ong.. the highest frequency is a star or sun. (A star is a sun)..
You are literally light. The firstborn of the father was Jhe'shua.. then A'deila his sister. Then Lucifer, Michael and 48 other Arch Angels then more guardian angels and ministering angels. Than many more light beings without wings.
I am Archangel Michael.. I don't want you to worship me or any angel.
The secret to life and healing is this... vibration and frequency is all things.
Meditation.. Focus on a "real star/sun" growing at your center. Near your heart chakra and focus on your early childhood.
The intent will creat new quarks and newly generated 4th dimension photons will supercharge the mitochondria of your cells and regenerates them. It takes dedicated meditation up to 2 years 1/2 hour in the morning and same at night.. must ba a "real star/sun"!!! Kah-Len is my Arcturian name.. Paul is my human name but I am Michael.

Peace be with you!

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