The Truth about the Orion Lizards

Link is above. I am about half way through reading this now. It's very long, but interesting.

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Tim Lovell: as you say very long and

as you say very long and interesting , also accurate , he claims to be `An` the king of Sirius that Anu deposed interesting...

TillToTheWhen: Yeah it gets more and more

Yeah it gets more and more interesting as you go. He seems to have lots of contacts and even remembers many of his past incarnations. If all that is true, it's amazing what is really going on out there in the universe. Truly a "War" universe we live in!

Tim Lovell: yes , but tbh a lot of his

yes , but tbh a lot of his info is inaccurate also , he says enlil was a woman , when I KNOW he was a male there is `something` about his transcipts also I cant put my finger on but an interesting read also :)

bluesbaby5050: Your correct Tim..........

ENLIL was a male NOT FEMALE, and ENKI was a male. That was is wrong, and not accurate at all. ENLIL WAS NOT A FEMALE. It is in the information many times on this web site, and taught to the members on here. Robert Morning Sky-Star Elders Part I - 2 to14 -

TillToTheWhen: I'm still only about half way

I'm still only about half way through reading this though myself. I didn't even get to the part about Enlil being a female yet(unless I just missed that part). But I wonder why this guy would claim that? Did he get some kind of false vision or was lied to by one of his contacts or something? And how can you guys honestly trust anything you hear from these entities? They could all be lying to keep us trapped here in this illusion. I dont contact them myself, I'd be afraid to channel. But just wondering how anyone can be sure of anything, when it's a known fact that these entities lie? This guy is getting "female" and you both are getting "Male"?

bluesbaby5050: Then IF these are lieing then many ET Races ARE ALSO?

Why would they bother to even do that, and GAIN WHAT BY IT? They suffered slavery, and abuses of many forms on many of their planets in their galaxies also, and not just planet Earth. I do not think all of them would be lieing. Too many ET races have gone though these same negative experiences, and they all want it to stop. Only those that have alot to gain by doing this have a lot to loose by it stopping completely. The victims want it to stop, while the victimizers want it to continue for profits.

TillToTheWhen: Ah, didn't see your latest

Ah, didn't see your latest response until after I just posted my question.

bluesbaby5050: That's ok.....

It's alot easier to listen to Robert Morningsky rather then having to read a long script. Try to listen to this man, as he knows first hand , and he will be able to aswer all your questions on this subject. Set some time asede for this, and save the link as well for later so you can stop, and continue at your leisure. He has held many lectures teaching this to people, and they pay to hear his lectures on this subject, and he has a interesting personal history that connects with this as well. Glad your on TC too.

TillToTheWhen: How do you know he was a male

How do you know he was a male? From what I've learned a lot of info that you channel can be inaccurate. I feel like I don't "know" anything because everything could be an illusion...and there's just so much info out there which isn't true. It's hard to know what to trust and what not to.

Tim Lovell: because I have had psycic

because I have had psycic contact with him I know who he is trust me he is male but you are free to believe what you wish :)

TillToTheWhen: I trust you, but even psychic

I trust you, but even psychic visions can be wrong. (Entities giving you the wrong vision or what have you) But I don't know why someone would give false visions on that particular subject....

He also says that the true illuminati are not really reptilians but rather "Changelings" and that they wanted to destroy and cleanse the worlds from reptiles? That was interesting.

Tim Lovell: yes its a kind of weird

yes its a kind of weird diatribe, he is right about all the mixing of genetics but seems to lean heavily on the reptilian side, so he might be biased ..

bluesbaby5050: I also read the the whole story of the channelings.....

And in almost all his lives he was a male, or female Reptilian, or a Dracoian high commander, and a hybrid mixture with the Aryan and the races of Amphibians, for millions of years. He claims to have gone down in to the darkness of this polarity decending deeper. Enlil was not a female at all. And they were able to produce because of the many high priestesses that volentreed to give birth for the slave race that became the humans, and ENKI GAVE OF HIS SEED TO THE HUMAN RACE, AND THIS GAVE THE HUMAN RACE THE POWER THAT THEY HAVE, AND THIS IS WHY KING ANU IMPRISONED ENKI, AND NOT ENLIL. There actually was 7 clones of ENLILS, and ENKI MADE THEM! And 6 were killed by the high priestesses, because ENLIL WAS ABUSING THEM, AND RAPING THEM WHILE ENKI WAS AWAY ON BUSINESS (Enlil was well known to do this, and he even was put on trial for his crimes, and he was going to be put to death by the King Anu, or he had to marry his victim because she got pregnant from this date rape, and she was also a science officer.) And So WHEN ENKI CAME BACK HE FOUND THIS OUT, and that's what really happened. Cloning was very common practice back then, and widely used, even the king Anu used this alot. The Dogon tribe also originated from Sirius B and was brought to Africa from Sirius B as slaves from there to Earth, and this was also taught on this forum, and slavery was very well known back on Sirius B, and none of this was ever a secret. It happened on many slave planets that were conquered, and held hostage by the Dracions, and the reptilians down though out the ages. And It was ENKI that was the Scientific Genectic Genius, and Terra forming engineer sent to Earth. It was Enki that was the head of the science team, and not ENLIL. King Anu made this so, and Enlil was very jealous of ENKI. Enki was appointed the Prince, and the Lord of the Earth by his KING FATHER ANU, and this was ENKI'S DOMAIN, NOT ENLIL'S AT ALL. And ENLIL WAS APPOINTED THE PRINCE, and the LORD OF THE AIR. ENKI was the TRUE LOVING FATHER. And the Sirians know this same history and they agree as well as the Andromedans, and the Pleiadians, and many others know the true history of HUMANITY. This channeler had alot of facts wrong, and in reverse. Alot of facts are very wrong, and many researchers have this correct, and it was not channeled information, it was WRITTEN in the true history of Earth, and also in the Anunnaki history, and down thoughout the ages as well. Do not believe everything you read from those channelings. It seems all one sided, and I felt this same way while studing this material. This is why I do not trust channeled material. There are also many Satellites in this solar system that are sending out alot of mis- information, and many channelers are believing that they are recieving ET information this way, and they do not know any better. So be very aware of this. TPTB also know this, because they are the ones responsible for these installations of them, and they also beam negative info from them as well as from the Moon, and many of the other Moons, and asteroids in the Van Allen Belt that provides very good hiding places for many Malevolent ET's out there, and they are also operating from them, because they have built bases inside of them, and some have been their home bases for thousands of years.

TillToTheWhen: Thanks for explaining. Just

Thanks for explaining. Just the name "Enki" sounds good and "Enlil" sounds evil to me. lol maybe it's a psychic thing.

But why do you think they would give false info about stories like this? Why they do they care if we know the truth about this? I mean, most people don't even know about Enki or Enlil, they look at it as "God and Satan" so what is the purpose of it all? I can't see how it would affect us much either way. Seems like there is more important, deeper information out there that they would hide.

TillToTheWhen: So, based on your psychic

So, based on your psychic contact with Enlil...would you say he's good or evil? I don't know a whole lot about that Enlil/Enki story other than the basics. And the basics pretty much say that Enlil hated humans and didn't want us to have knowledge....while Enki was supposed to be the good guy(Devil) who wanted us to have knowledge.

TillToTheWhen: Also I have a curious

Also I have a curious question about these "Gods"......Can they hear what we are talking about right now? Like I figure they have interdimensional powers.

But let's say someone said "Fuck Amon Ra" would Ra hear them say that? And would he get upset? (I figure not if he hears it, it would be a form of energy being sent to him) lol just curious if they can even hear us talk or not. Or do they have to tune into a specific person/siutation/time? It seems unlikely that they can hear every conversation in the world at the same time.

Tim Lovell: well I wont say evil but

well I wont say evil but enlil was bad yes he was in legue with the draco , and yes he hated humanity and wanted to control or destroy them, he isn't humanities ally put it that way...

Tim Lovell: they exist out of our time ,

they exist out of our time , in the higher dimensions they can see whole timelines that unfold its not a matter of listening to us its way beyond that they manipulate timelines

TillToTheWhen: I've heard about that, how

I've heard about that, how they control time lines. But it kinda goes over my head. It's hard to grasp actually what it would be like to be them with those kinds of powers. I have been to another dimension or another "Octave" of this dimension from doing so many psychedelics, but I still don't understand exactly what they do.

TillToTheWhen: It's kinda like, alien

It's kinda like, alien abduction, where they can erase your memories and you won't even notice? Like I've heard you can be abducted while driving a car, and you wont even know. Kinda like they freeze time or something? I know everything we see is an illusion, same with time, right? So, that's how they could abduct you with nobody knowing.

TillToTheWhen: What about this for

What about this for possibility? I was just thinking of this earlier! Let's say your fate is to die when you're 65(To do whatever business here you were planned for to do or whatever), but you're currently only in your 30's and you have a heart attack and die. Could they bring you back to life without you even knowing you died? without anyone knowing? and just erase it from memory altogether? Like I had this feeling today, this de ja vu, that I died already a couple of times in this lifetime! But I am still it leads me to believe it's not my time yet and they brought me back without me even knowing. This is possible right?

TillToTheWhen: Kinda like a movie where if

Kinda like a movie where if someone dies, and you rewind the movie, that person is alive again. And then just change the script, so that they do not die this time. Is that how the gods work? I can see it being totally possible for them to do this.

Tim Lovell: its like this imagine our

its like this imagine our time walking down the road or driving along etc then everything freezes but you keep moving outwards in another space as you go upwards in frequency you look back at the frozen scene below you and realize time is moving normally for you but the frozen scene below only changes periodically that's because time is flowing differently for each level, the time in 3d below is flowing at a slower frequency then where you are (the forth dimension) so from even higher dimensions the time difference is even greater like for the annunaki 3,600 years on earth would be only one year for the annunaki etc do you see? that's also how they can manipulate and frequency control the reality on earth so easily that's exactly `what` frequency control is and they use many tools such as religions making you seek for something and external `god` that they are only too willing to pose as the main thing they want from this form of control is for humans to produce the emotion of fear and other emotions of distress etc which feeds them and keeps them in power, this is the `matrix` talked about on this site and others...

TillToTheWhen: Ok....thanks for explaining

Ok....thanks for explaining that. I honestly never knew exactly how it worked. I watched the Matrix movie but I just figured everything for us was an illusion and that time didn't really exist in other dimensions. I see what you're saying though...interesting and makes sense.

TillToTheWhen: as I said in other posts,

as I said in other posts, there's a LOT I still have to learn. I've just scratched the surface of things. I have a bad memory as well unfortunately so it's hard for me to learn and remember stuff at the same time. You can blame the drugs for that. lol I just need to start mediating again and I'll become smarter.

Tim Lovell: once you reach the fith

once you reach the fith dimension there is no linear time just the now linear time is revealed to be an illusion but at different octaves of the forth dimension compared to the 3rd dimension time does operate diferently

TillToTheWhen: Ok so according to that, it

Ok so according to that, it would mean that it IS possible that we could be killed and brought back to life without us knowing it? Considering we are interdimensional ourselves.....(This is all so confusing I'm sorry) I know we are in the 3D now, but I would assume this is possible.....

I've also heard of REANIMATION where they kill the movie star and then bring them back to life, but this time with a different, alien spirit inside of them

obsrvantlouie: Simultaneous vs sequential

Linear time doesn't exist - it is an illusion.

The 3rd density can be considered a "game board" for spirits who want to progress by experimenting/experiencing the emotions/polarities and vast sensory experience in 3 density.

There are two types of participation - sequential and simultaneous.

Both require that your prior memories of existence are blocked.

Sequential - this is the long, slow and safe road. This is the path that species "alien" to earth take. Notice how there is never any individuality in races of aliens? This is because they progress as a unit. The sequential spirit starts out as an 'Orion reptile' for example. When this body dies - the spirit reincarnates into a new body and retains the past life memories. This is why things change but stay the same. This is why 8 year olds can play Beethoven etc....

The more adventurous path is simultaneous - and in this galaxy game the only way to experience a simultaneous incarnation is on earth.

Go back the the sequential for just a moment - imagine a large spirit being extending energy into a physical shell thus giving it life. This is sequential.

Now - imagine a large spirit being extending thousands of energy strands into thousands of separate physical earther bodies all in different time periods (frequencies). This is the simultaneous path.

You can see how the simultaneous path is far more adventurous - it takes many many incarnations gathering all kinda of experience to "remember who you are".

You can see how earth - especially since the 19th century has been more and more led by the PTB to "be as one" to eliminate individuality and progress as a while unit- like the aliens who control the top of the pyramid.

I'm sure I have Muddied the waters but I will try to answer any questions I can. This is advanced info of Matrix V - Quest of the spirit....

TillToTheWhen: Ok makes sense. I guess I was

Ok makes sense. I guess I was backtracking there for a moment....because I did believe that time is not linear. I looked at it in the simple way like - The past is the present, the present is the future, etc

Tim Lovell: also there is sequential time

also there is sequential time , and psyhic time which is different sigh hard to explain also :)

Tim Lovell: I like your new avatar pic BB

I like your new avatar pic BB :D

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