The Truth About Makeup: The Illusions Men Fall For/By Stefan Molyneux /video

The Truth About Makeup /video
The Illusions Men Fall For. [click on to image to enlarge view]
By Stefan Molyneux. Published on Apr 22, 2015.

Makeup has been around for many centuries. When you look at the scientific evidence, it’s no wonder that over $40 billion dollars is spent on cosmetics each year. We are drawn to makeup because that it taps into our primal urge to find a young, healthy mate who will produce lots of kids so that we can pass on our genes. What is - The Truth About Makeup? -
==== MORE HERE: EXAMPLES OF Before-And-After Makeup Photos That Make Women Unrecognizable (PHOTOS). We all know that makeup can be a powerful tool to transform people into unrecognizable imitations of their former selves but one makeup artist and photographer has taken that knowledge to the test - with incredible results.

Vadim Andreev, a beauty expert from Russia, has taken unbelievable before-and-after photos of women with and without makeup to show that they don't need to resort to plastic surgery to look beautiful.

The 29-year-old chronicled his makeovers on his website, which shows women of all ages and races before and after Vadim changed their faces with the help of a makeup brush and lots of eyeliner.

Andreev told the Daily Mail he does before-and-after makeup photos to prove that anyone can look gorgeous: "I started taking these photos to show people they can change, be more attractive, look and feel happier," and added that he wants women to know that all it takes to look like an A-lister is a bit of time, patience and makeup know-how.

But he's quick to point out that not everyone needs layers of caked-on makeup to look good:

"'[The photos] don't mean women should do heavy make-up all the time. There are little make-up secrets for everyday. Everybody can use them."

These kind of makeup photos have been super popular lately, with everyday women trying out their hands with a makeup brush and getting amazing results.

Just a couple weeks ago, a Reddit user sparked controversy after her before-and-after makeup photo was criticized as not being real, although the person insisted the picture was authentic.

What do you think of the pics?-

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