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by JaromyCraig on November 16th, 2014

Today, I woke up feeling a stirring sensation in the winds.

I felt that something soon was going to happen that would change the direction of life as I knew it, although I had no idea what that change was going to be.

Before I get into the details, a little back story for a fuller understanding of this discovery.

On January 19th, 2013 This world lost 3 people and 5 dogs to a car accident in Salt Lake City, Utah. While driving to work at a veterinary clinic, Garrett, Kel, and their unborn child Sage were moving steadily along a freeway in the middle of winter, although the weather was quite nice that morning. Without warning, they hit a patch of black ice causing their pickup truck to tumble over the side of a bridge and fall down a 20 foot drop onto train tracks. Both adults were thrown from the vehicle, Kel being killed by the impact and Garrett passing soon afterwards at the hospital. All 5 dogs inside the vehicle met the same fate, and as they tried to save the baby, he took his first gasps of air, closed his eyes, and floated off into the deep sleep.

On this day, I was miles north at a hair salon where my ex partner was getting her hair done. I received a call from my father, who was shattered in tears and commanding me to find a way to the hospital but didn't have an explanation as to what was going on.

Being that I didn't have my own personal vehicle, I called a friend to pick me up and we picked up another on the way. It was when we came upon the hospital that I had realized by brother and families fate.

I thought my life had changed forever at that given moment, and I didn't know where to turn.

After losing my job, losing my relationship, and losing my home I moved into my sisters basement and took on more hours at a senior living home where I served food to the elderly.
Using cannabis as a method to sitting and thinking about the drastic changes that happened in my life, I began to care less for the things which took life away from me, which made me sad and think about not having enough. I began to feel happy with sitting alone in my room playing guitar and watching dragon ball z.

I then grew to know who is now my wife.

She was far away from where I was, living in Australia, a place I've always felt drawn to without any particular reason other than having cool reptiles.

It didn't take long before she put enough money together to fly into the states for a week to see if the spark we shared was authentic and true. A month after she left, her family put forth the money for me to fly into Australia for a 3 month holiday.

1 week later I proposed and the following week afterwords we were with child, which is to be my first.

So far, everything has been a dramatic love story, Mostly because of the hormones pregnancy brings, but my lack of skills has made the matters of money extremely stressful.

Back to today.

I woke up to the sound of an air conditioner and my wife complaining about me not being out of bed, which is normal lately. Sitting with my step daughter, I slowly began to plan a day of doing things I thoroughly enjoyed doing like hiking. After a few hours I began my journey.

There is a creek very close to where we live in which I typically walk down every few weeks to enjoy the tall trees, parrots and reptiles who live in this area. The scenery is always great here, and I began walking around looking for something productive to do.

As I was walking, I stumbled upon a clearing, where someone had cut down trees for fire wood and found a long, skinny and thick branch that was attempted to be cut through with a chainsaw, although whoever was doing so must have given up because it was still in one piece.
I began to break this down to make a hefty staff for further adventures into the wilderness.

Not having taken any food with me, and with the temperatures being around 40 degrees Celsius (104 Fahrenheit) I looked around for something I could eat and found a few lemons which had dropped from a tree close by, bit a chunk out of one and sucked all the juices out.

Not only had I discovered that lemons from the wild are the best tasting lemons I've ever tried, but I also realized that I felt a surge of energy unlike anything felt from eating food bought at a super market!

These lemons were warm, sweet, and satisfying.

Carrying on with the tree branch found, I spent hours hitting it with sharp rocks trying to split a large section from the top which added too much weight to be walked around with comfortably. My hands had formed blisters in the palms and cuts from swinging it against rocks in an attempt to break the large section away, all of which attempts failed. Finally, I found two rocks with just enough space in between them to wedge the large portion in, and was able to snap it off almost perfectly.

Afterwords I journeyed back home, finding 3 more lemons which I stuffed in my pocket to make a nice lemonade which was everything I've ever imagined the it to be, and then had a nap.

When I woke again, my wife told me that my friends back in Utah were posting status's on Facebook about someone passing away, and an uneasy feeling came over me. Upon investigating I discovered that it was a dear friend of mine who had been shot in the head outside of a concert which he was attending.

The news brought back the pain and reality of others who passed away before him, and I felt terrible for his child and fiance that were left behind. The blame was put off by some at the world for being such a cruel and dark place, and others expressed hatred towards the person responsible for the gunfire.

I sat in silence and more discoveries were made known to me. One other close friend had been shot in the foot, and two of our closest saw the entire thing unfold before them. Our dear friend died in their arms and there wasn't a thing any of us could do to stop it from happening.

As the information dropped upon me, and I allowed it to soak it, I wept no tears. As tempting as it was to cry, I couldn't, because there was something else going on within all this, and it is still unfolding. Not only did I not feel the need to let this wear me down, it began to fill me with passion and purpose.

The truth is, I realized that feeling sad or angry isn't going to do anything more than bring me down further. The world has been pushing against me for my entire life, and this time, I am filled with the urge to push back.

A person who dies without a cause, dies in vain. The people who are still alive are the ones who will carry their names.

You can believe in the law of attraction, the new energies which are flowing over the planet, but the truth about everything is that when it comes down to it, more can be done to stop the world and it's inhabitants from suffering. Until one realizes that their wealth is from the help they provide to the world around them, their hearts may never become truly full.

I realized today that I have talents and passion that few others do, and that sitting on the sidelines is not only a waist of who I am as a person, but a waist to the ones around me in which I can help.

We are all here to gain the same things, and to eventually become the enlightened and awake individuals we were made to be. I no longer with to hope for a better life, but to build upon the world that is laid before me.

Jaromy Craig

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