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Ea, Enki and Enlil (explained by Robert Morning Sky)

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bluesbaby5050: This is very Good informatio this man speaks about.....

He leaves nothing out. He speaks the Truth! He holds ,and shares important knowledge.Please listen to the video's Lord Annunaki 77 has posted for you in the above thread. You will learn alot from this.I have heard his video's before,and I learned from them.

Silenci030310: Like the video. So its

Like the video. So its backward the snake or enki was the good one. Im confused. I was raised catholic and my auntie is a jehovah witness. All this religions seem like there using there own agenda to make there own religion the real truth. Thats why i have a hard time trusting religion but all the knowledge and everything new i learn helps. Thnks for info on this video.

bluesbaby5050: OMG! Then you sure came to the right place for the real truth!

Your going to have to get it right this time! Inki is the GOOD ONE,He gave humans life,and wanted them to live,and his half brother ENlil wanted Humans DEAD! He is the one they call Jehovah.Enlil=Jehovah! He created the Flood to happen to wipe out humans,and Inki told Noah to build the ARK so they could survive the flood! This is the Real Truth here,and all this is in our topics section on this Site.Religions were created to CONTROL THE MASSES OF PEOPLE,AND TO ROB THEM AT THE SAME TIME!

Silenci030310: Your right because when i was

Your right because when i was with my auntie this book it seem like it taught you otherwise you be destroy its crazy it even had pictures of destruction u know Armageddon. Im thankful that inki created us. I always why and how we got created. I always wonder if there was life in the heavens or skies and if they looked like us or if they believed the same god did they have religions. I also wonder why are religions divided? But now im opening my eyes more thinking more learning more experiencing new things appreciating that i work for especially breathing another day. Thinking is good lol.

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