Trust is Overrated

by Starperson on April 22nd, 2014

Who do you trust? I mean really trust. You must have a mental list. It most likely consists of some of the individuals in your life and possibly some professions in general. Let’s see, you might trust your family, your partner, or your best friend. Could it be someone you connected with online? Others you may have trust for in general are people like doctors, firemen, teachers and maybe your priest, rabbi, minister or pastor.

We can decide to trust anyone we choose to; right up until that trust is betrayed. Our list begins to shrink when we are lied to, cheated on, stolen from or otherwise deceived. Once our trust has been violated by someone we love or respect, it is nearly impossible to return to the relationship we once had. It also causes us so much more emotional, spiritual and mental anguish when our trust is betrayed by someone close to us. Someone we have given our complete trust to.

The anger, confusion and pain we experience is magnified when we consider ourselves to be trustworthy. Almost all of us believe we are worthy of trust. There exists a place in all of our minds that actually wants to trust others. But, trust is a fragile illusion that is easily broken. When you learn not to trust, you cannot feel betrayed.

The more life experiences we have, the more likely we are to have been hurt by trusting someone without reservation. Trust is a choice, a belief. It is a verb and a noun. Trust is imaginary. Trust exists only in our minds.

Take another look at the short list of “trustworthy” people and professions I suggested in the beginning of this piece. How many of times have you had your heart broken or started questioning your choice of people in your trusted circle?

My suggestion: Trust no one, but have love for everyone. Don’t allow anybody to have the kind power over you that you must give to them when you trust them completely. You can love them with all of your heart, but do not trust them. You can have confidence in them and their actions, but reserve your complete trust for just one.

God, you say? Why not? After all, it is written on U.S. currency for God’s sake. If you have faith and are a believer in your God, go ahead and trust him/her/ it to always have your best interest in mind. But when your world is turned upside down time after time by devastating events that are out of your control, say some more prayers and expect better times ahead. Although, I believe that is simply delusional optimism. But hey, we all have very different learning curves, right?

No, I believe there is only one entity you can trust completely: Yourself. You and only you know your own heart. You may think you know the heart of another, but that too is a wishful delusion we create to help us feel needed, wanted and connected. Trust only your own intuition. You will make mistakes, but you will not feel betrayed.

Someone here please tell me I’m wrong! Better yet, show me where I’m wrong. Even better yet…prove it!

Written with love and light…and a total lack of trustworthiness. Star

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bluesbaby5050: I totally agree with your last paragraph Star.......

Because I have found this to be true from my life experiences. We will make mistakes, but that's how we will learn this important lesson. Trust only in yourself, and you can not be betrayed, because you know your own heart. I have seen people close their hearts after, because they had been hurt, and this is not a wise thing to do, and this was done out of fear of being hurt again. And so you can not trust , but you still can give love to others. You must have an open heart in order to be able to give love to others, and this is also how you receive love. [ What is given freely, will be received freely]. There are many ways to show, and express many kinds of love to others, but I choose to show love unconditionally, and not intimately.

Tarheel: Agreed wholeheartedly

"Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when at first we do deceive."


I dislike this one, but I have found it to be true, so far. "Everyone you know will betray you at some juncture." Try your best to NOT betray yourself and be like them.

I reserve the right to change my statement when I find out otherwise. That will hopefully change at the end of time.

Annunaki77: Fear makes people distrustful

Learn to Love others and be positive. It all depends where your Heart is.
If you give in to Dark negative feelings you become what you despise.
If you become Strong and fight for Light , you can turn this Dark Energy around.
People do not understand the Power they have.
Life and Death flow from the tongue.
But some folks do not even evaluate what they do before they talk.

Many folks are very sensitive and their Trust is broken they feel betrayed, if your Trust is broken by someone it is their failure to understand karma , it is not your fault for being too Trusting.

Love is not a weakness , and neither is Karma. When you hurt others you will ultimately Hurt yourselves, when you Love others , you will be exalted above the Arrogant fools out there.

We live in Duality so learn to Master it.

Tarheel: Wow ! Wake up call for me.

You have my attention Wise One, and I see things more clearly now.

Many THANKS ! I will pass the message on to those who have vacated.

Love ya, Anu 77 !

Annunaki77: You have the Template and you are the Artist

This Reality is your Canvas.
You have Awesome Power , but you must learn to discover this yourself.
You cannot go to the Store and purchase your Destiny.
Your Reality belongs to you, you have everything you need.
Find it and Paint your Reality with the Template you have been given by Heaven.

You may not understand now but someday you will.

You create your Reality.
In Life in a Situation it's 10% what happens to you & 90% what you do in that Situation that determines your Fate.

Your not just Audience , your a Participant also , you can make a difference in your Lives.

Annunaki77: Far too many people go through life , like watching a Movie

A Miserable Movie they do not like. They Blindly accept the Film without knowing they can change the channel and Watch something they want to watch and participate in.

If you do not like the Movie , find another Movie you like instead of blindly accepting something that is being ENGINEERED to Control and Enslave your Destiny.

Like I said before , you must learn to Master yourselves from within.

When you Master your Energy you Fear no one.

Annunaki77: And then will you change your Reality.

But it is very hard to do.

To Honestly Express yourselves is very hard to do.

Bruce Lee "Express Yourself Honestly" #2014

Stop being A MECHANICAL MAN and be truly yourself.


Annunaki77: Many Elements in this System prevent Free Will & Creativity

Learn to remove the Firewall that Prevents your Awesomeness from shining through.
This System prevents " THE REAL HUMAN BEING " from being a Natural Being created in Gods Image.
Your Destiny is yours , Wake up and Grab your Destiny , stop Sleeping all the time.

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