True Story

by Tarheel on April 21st, 2015

Two weeks ago, while I was working out in my yard, a car pulled up at my home. This wouldn't be odd except that I live on a dead end road and 1/3 of a mile off of it. A lady and 2 young girls got out and approached me, explained that they are neighbors and asked me if I had seen a stray piglet. I told them I hadn't and asked how I could help. They were concerned that the sun was going down and they wanted to find her asap. This was a valid concern for more than one reason. The darkness would thwart attempts and there are coyote about. I explained that I would help search and they left to continue their search.
SO, off Tarheel went in search of a young female piglet. I walked a couple of miles of fence-line and the creek bottom between my home and theirs. I looked until it got dark and I heard them back at home (even though they live 1/2 mile away, I can hear them when they are at home). I was resolved that the piglet had a very low chance of surviving the night, as were they. I heard no beckons the next day for her, so I figured they either found her or gave up looking.
I looked about from my car for a couple of days, when I went out-to no avail.
Fast forward 1 1/2 weeks to this past Friday afternoon. I had something to do Friday night, so I took a quick nap but awoke and by chance (or destiny), I looked outside to see if it had rained. Indeed, it had rained but the sun was out so I decided to hang out my laundry. When I was doing so I looked up and there was a piglet (name-Annabelle) following 2 mama cows.
Here's where it got a little weird. I was in my undies, but I knew if I went inside and put on some clothes, she may leave and never be found. So, off I went to chase her down-barefoot & in my undies and a t-shirt. She was afraid so I tried my best to be non-threatening. Every time I got close, she would squeal and run away. But we never were too far away from the 2 mama cows she had been following. After about 15 minutes of cat-n-mouse games, I finally was able to get close enough to get my hands on her, and I picked her up- a cute little piglet weighing about 25-30 lbs. She started squealing freakishly loud and I thought she may bite me, so I put her down and she started to run away. Now (get this) when she tried to get away, the mama cows would impede her path and they actually blocked her from escaping (3 TIMES!!) until I finally was able to catch her again. They stayed close until they saw I had her and even then they followed me across a pasture until I came upon the neighbors home.
Of course, the neighbors weren't there ( remember I am still in my underwear and barefoot -covered in red clay mud) , so maybe it was best. I had a piglet I didn't really know how to handle but I negotiated holding her while I went through 3 fence gates. I found an open window and placed her inside their home and I returned to mine. I called them to let them know and they were ecstatic and returned home shortly to reclaim their "Miss Piggy" we all thought nobody would ever see again !

I swear on my soul that is a true story. Thank Kod nobody had a video-camera when all this was happening or Tarheel would NEVER live this story down.
I was glad Annabelle was still alive and that I found her, though. I hear the neighboring children playing with her almost daily.

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Quinton: That's a pretty crazy story

That's a pretty crazy story Tarheel. I'm glad it worked out and you were able to find Annabelle! haha

Tarheel: Suppose....

Suppose they had arrived home at the same time I was barefoot-covered in mud to my lower legs, in my undies, sticking a pig in their window. Dude!
I swear on my soul it is a true story.

Tim Lovell: Omg Tar that's a funny one ,

Omg Tar that's a funny one , good job on delivering her home and the cows helping is amazing too lol it just goes to show animals arnt that stupid , ill have to chk google earth to see if I can get a pic of you in your undies with a piglet hehe

Tarheel: If it hadnt happened to me....

If it hadn't happened to me, I would swear the storyteller was "embellishing".
It is 100% factual. The mama cows must have been keeping a watchful eye on her until someone was around. I don't know how she lasted 1 1/2 weeks with the coyote population being what is is here.
I was kinda hoping G-Earth didn't capture me in my bloomers, but if they did capture "the show", it would be a cool revisit. That is one for the ages, or at least my biography.
Only 2 minutes

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