the first depiction of the holy spirit in my experience of sleep paralysis and meditation.
this is the trikaya.

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Quinton: Would you be able to go into

Would you be able to go into more detail on this?

Tarheel: This one (of the 3) sounds like fun

The Sambhogakāya or body of mutual enjoyment which is a body of bliss or clear light manifestation;

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I never know whether to trust wikipedia, as anyone can post whatever they want. I couldn't begin to say if it's credible or not.

pasqualie: it depend on the perspective though

those triangles before human religions and philosphies ever started using em.

well those triangles represent what the orion empire use as symbols for the military and genetics divisions.

and they bring em together also in the form of a tetrahedron when its on their ships symbolizing their might in those 2 areas.

so symbols dont have the meanings people think they have.

like the peace symbol is not actually a peace symbol, it actually represent the opposite if you research it.

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