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What was Mount Olympus really Like?. Well it was alot like Ancient Greece, Civilizations Mimick each other through the Fabric of Time.
Olympus was Beautiful with Parthenons & Space Ships of Awsome Beauty.
The Stories of Myth and Legend are not Myth but were of Actual accounts of an Ancient Past.

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HebrianDaniel: so the olympians gods were

so the olympians gods were aliens?

Annunaki77: Sons of the Annunaki King Al Al , Brother of An An King Canus

You are all a part of them, you call them Aliens because their Ancestors come from Sirius A.
Settlers that Colonized Tiamat ( Earth before it was Destroyed by Anu ).
You would call them Aliens , but they were Settlers and maintained Control of the New Star System called Bod .
Anu despised King Al Al because he set up King An An in a Star Battle with the Royal Falcons of Akhu. An An Royal Fleet was destroyed and King An An was killed in this Massive Battle in the Pesh Ma Ten Galaxy Super Highway.

When Anu found out about the Betrayel he wanted revenge but couldn't do nothing because Al Al was too Powerful. Al Al became King. kind of like Lion King with Mufasa and Scar.

Al Al became the New Canus King. But he knew the Royal Families were plotting against him and he pleaded with the SST Serpent Queens of Orion to Become King of Bod. The Serpent Queens agreed and King Al Al Left Sirius Throne and Colonized the Bod Star System.

Anu then became King of Asser RR, King of Sirius, but he could do nothing to King Al Al.
King Al Al had a Son called Cronus, Cronus lived well , but he was weary of offspring for fear of losing his Throne. The Olympians had to Fight their Father for the Throne of Olympus.

The end result was Zeus. Grandson of King Al Al.

HebrianDaniel: about Tiamat arent its name

about Tiamat arent its name are from the Tale of Marduk and tiamat?
after all Tiamat known as very evil god in the Babylonian pantheon.
however its myth story that make no sense at all
its talking about Marduk that fought tiamat and then he shoot arrow on her and tor her to 2 peices
the first peice he created stars and the second peice he created the earth...

UN.i1-PHI: now is always now, if the past is without, the future is within

if everywhere we look, we're perceiving reflection/message of the past from OUTSIDE, but in the now, then the future must reside INSIDE, being brought forth in the now...

the life/fabric of space and time continuum is one being...

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