by Annunaki77 on January 5th, 2014

Every now & then I will post Renegade Tributes to those Brave Renegades who followed their Dreams and Charted their Destiny to give hope to all Humanity. Those Brave Men and Women from around the World that wanted to Live their Lives without Ignorance or Stupidity and embraced their Destiny to be the Best that they can be and in the End fullfilling their Personal Goals and Dreams of being greater than what they are.

Bruce Lee ( Little Dragon ) was one of those Brave Renegades that followed his heart and being a Talented Martial Artist he Improved the martial Arts with his Passion , his Destiny and his Free Will.
He was told not to teach other Human Races and he said "I WILL TRAIN WHO I WISH", he was told not to build any Martial Arts Schools and he did , he was told that the Round Eye white man was the Enemy and he did not believe the ignorance of others.

In the end Bruce Lee followed his Heart and Enriched the Lives of Millions of Human Beings from around the World, he taught people with his Movies , never to back down from those who oppressed others and to always defend your dignity in combat to pick yourself up when you fall to the ground and always to defend your sacred ground.

Today I give Tribute to a Brave Renegade BRUCE LEE (LITTLE DRAGON NOV 27 1940 TO 1973).

Bruce Lee Tribute Video

The Tale Of The Dragon (The Story Of Bruce Lee)

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obsrvantlouie: Bruce Lee

I am fairly certain is still the only human to perfrom the two finger push up...this can be youtubed.

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