by edisonik on June 30th, 2012

The Tree of Life was put upon this Earth when there was no Tree's on this Earth.
When Earth was an Empty Rock, the Tree of Life was placed upon this Earth.
And Life was brought upon this Earth, before Humans and when Humans were Created the Tree of Life became great upon the Earth.

Life was brought to Earth, blessed are those who hear the Words of the Ancients, Life is Precious, a Gift Greater than Gold.
You are all Precious, every last one of you who Eats from the Tree of Life.

Give Peace and Harmony Priority Sons and Daughters of Heaven.

We Love you all.


wmarkley: peace

Peace and love to you lord Edisonik. You speak the truth as always.

bluesbaby5050: And we all know---

We ALL know who planted this tree of life when the Earth became Barren from the Warring gods. It was THE PRINCE, LORD INKI SON OF THE GREAT KING ANU! INKI HAD THE TASK GIVEN TO HIM BY KING ANU TO TERRA FORM THE PLANET EARTH! And if you ask me, I THINK HE DID A DAM GOOD JOB OF IT!! PRAISE LORD INKI!! THANKS TO HIM WE HAVE THE TREE OF LIFE, AND OUR EARTH, WHICH IS OUR HOME! And we Humans THANK YOU, Lord Inki where ever you are! The Falcon.

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