by bluesbaby5050 on February 9th, 2015

TRANSHUMANISM IS ALREADY HERE! [click on image to enlarge] February 8, 2015. Transhumanism is real and creeping in our society steadily. We thought it would be something we'd see at a much later time in the future - maybe 2080, to give a date. But, it's here and now; and this is very disturbing!

I am a fan of a show called "Shark Tank", which airs on CNBC, Tuesday and Wednesday night. On the show, there is a panel of millionaires/billionaires that listen to ordinary folks about their inventions and business ideas, and then these "Sharks" decide who to invest in.

I saw one episode of a guy who came in with a bluetooth-type gadget that would be inserted in the back of the ear - surgically. The "Sharks" were supposedly horrified, some laughed in disbelief. But, the "plug" or attention to it happened, on prime-time, and all the technically-oriented generation watched it. These may be the first in line to get this gadget surgically implanted... It's waiting for FDA approval and then it's out in the market!

The guy who supposedly invented it had no personality. It was as if he was soul-less. He didn't even crack a smile.

I wonder how it came down to this? What happened to us or what did we allow to happen? Are we that disconnected and so self-absorbed that we didn't see this happening? Why haven't we paid attention and done something about this? Aren't we the so-called 99%ers?

They have us controlled via EMFs, Food, Water, Air, Media, Books, Internet... The few have us corralled and now defiling one of Creator's finest work - Humankind.
Oh, by the way, I found the clip and information about this. Here it is:
Bluetooth Implant Technology Pitched on ABC's Shark Tank
Inventor Darrin Johnson pitched his Bluetooth implant technology, which involves a surgical procedure, to investors on ABC's Shark Tank reality show, and was laughed at to say the least. He's spent 17-years in the telecommunications industry, has a patent for this product, and just needs FDA approval as well as clinical trials to get this on the market. Video after the break. - So, here is another video I just ran into. It talks about this transhumanism agenda and how it's being commercialized by our movies and music videos.

The man who created this video is a Christian man, so he incorporates biblical passages to make his point. If you are not Christian, this should not stop you from watching this video, using an open mind and your Discernment. Take the information you need to connect the dots and leave what you don't.

This concept of synthetically immortalizing mankind or changing the design of our bodies is an aberration and a desecration of the Divine, Original Blueprint. It is real and it is happening now!

This is serious stuff... and I hope you see the implications.

If you find the information useful, please share it with others, as Transhumanism is knocking at our door. If you think we have problems now... just wait! - knocking at our door. If you think we have problems now... just wait!

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