by Chris on May 8th, 2018

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THIS TRANSCRIPTION HAS BEEN MADE (IN PART) TO GIVE ACCESS to humans blocked from viewing this youtube interview by their governments. Please base translations on this transcript.

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This is an approximately 50 minute interview with Kerry Cassidy, Project Camelot conducted by Robert David Steele, former CIA officer with a background in Marine Corps Intelligence. The answers were given time limits with the intention of providing a concise Executive Summary for use by the public to further understanding about the Deep State and Secret Space Program / Secret governments and ET/ Inter dimensional interactions with Humanity and Planet Earth.

K: Hi everyone, I am Kerry Cassidy from Project Camelot and I am here with Robert Steele and we are doing a very unusual kind of Q and A ( question and answer ) here. And I am going to let Robert take over, so go ahead Robert.

R: Well Kerry Cassidy let me say first I have been enormously impressed by everything you have done over your career. I have seen all of those who have slandered you as I have been slandered recently by the Zionists. And I absolutely embrace and support everything you have done. What I have decided to do in light of the recent hit job on me with respect to Mars. There is a colony on Mars. There are 10.000 people there. They are never coming home. NASA lies a lot. OK. What I have decided to do is work with you. I am going to ask 13 questions. You get 4 minutes to answer each question. And that is the last time I will discuss this until either President Trump empowers me or I replace him.

K: [Laughing]

R: Are you ready?

K: I am ready.


1. Question 1:

R: Alright. The first question. 4 minutes . How did you get started in Project Camelot ?

K: I picked up a consumer graded camcorder. I was a frustrated moviemaker. I had worked in Hollywood for 19 years. And tried to get projects of the ground. Mainly scifi movies that would tell the secrets in a fictional premise. And I picked up a consumer graded camcorder and I decided to go to UFO conferences and start to investigate. I had been researching on the internet and writing screenplays as well. I basically reached a glass ceiling you could call it, in Hollywood. I could not get into the big boys game and so I basically decided to make my own short documentaries. And so I went to conferences I put a camera in front of peoples faces. I had a background in journalism from college. And was also heavily steeped in Eastern philosophy and political science. And basically asked the good questions like have you seen a UFO. And I got amazing… [ interrupted ]

R: What I hear you saying, and this is very important, is that by marking the fringes and the alternative media and the people who are not mainstream. You actually got at the truth that the government was seeking to hide.

K: Yes, and I also worked for JPL NASA as a contractor right before I started Camelot. So I also had some you might call it quasi insider access. And that showed me a lot. And I sort of fell in love with NASA, the good intensions of NASA. But I was shocked by how behind the times they really were. And what a front agency they really were.

R: Would you say that there are many many buildings that belong to NASA that absolutely should be inspected by the public ?

K: [ laughing ]

Well that gets into how deep we want to bring the public into the secret space program. I can definitely tell you that there are lots of secret goings on, On NASA bases, underground bases, on and off the planet. NASA has a good side and a bad side like all organizations.


2. Question 2:

R: That is excellent. Second question. What is the secret space program? And where are we on a secret government of Earth that all governments are subordinate to?

K: Okay, well the secret space program is made up of basically ( Project ) Paperclip scientists that came over after World War Two. That is the Nazis, ex Nazis. And Britain and America. Top officials in government. Agencies. The usual suspects…CIA NRO et-cetera. The best way to visualize the secret space program and the secret government which is unified behind the scenes and it is made up primarily of Russia the United States, Britain and other countries such as French, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Norway…

R: China, is China part of this ?

K: China has there own secret space program and India also attempt to have theirs. However I believe at times we work with the people from India. And at times with China but not very often from what i am getting. There is a competition going on behind the scenes. There is also a split within the secret government and within the whole black project secret space program. So primarily…

R: If you have to guess how much money a year. Whether within the U.S. government budget or outside the U.S. government budget. How much money a year would you say is being spend on both the secret space program and intra terrestial or underground facilities associated with the secret space program? Ball park figure just to the nearest trillion.


K: Well I am not great with funds, money, but i can tell you that the disclosures of Lord Blackheath in the House of Lords talking about what was in essence, let’s see, trillions. 15 trillion and more. Trillions and trillions in fact we are talking about a rabbit hole financially that is pretty much never ending. In essence when I talk about the NRO emblem of the octopus sitting on the world, what your talking about is a host parasite relationship so all the money made here: drugs, child trafficking you know, human trafficking, organ trafficking. You are talking about high yield trading programs. You are talking about PureHeart Investments is one of the names that is out there…And it all trickles down in essence and off planet. So we are even talking about gold being taken off planet in runways in South Africa for example. To feed other civilizations on other planets. To also feed the coffers of what in essence are the Annunaki. I also believe that our secret space programs are reporting to probably some key Annunaki and off world races that are actually lodged down in Antarctica this time as a part of the Nazi base, that was there since the war.


3. Question 3:

R: Let’s hold that because we have another 10 questions. So the third question is how and when or when and how. I mean, I frankly was surprised when I took this hit. I had always known the Nazis were in the CIA. And I had always known they had sponsored torture and mind control and so forth. But frankly I had not thought much about NASA. NASA is now in my headlights. So let’s talk about Nazis and NASA. And let’s talk about the degree to which the Nazis have done things that the American public would absolutely not be happy with if they knew about it.


K: Well the bottomline with NASA and the secret space program and why it should matter to Americans and the world in general is that their money is going and be funneled right into these programs. And there children are also being used, abused, trained, segregated. They pick only the ‘crème de la crème’ ( best ) and bring them into the projects to work as scientists, engineers to work on and off planet et-cetera. A lot of my whistleblowers are those types of children who grew up in the program, were spotted at a very young age. So we are talking about at NASA Wernher von Braun, the usual suspects dealing with [Kurt} Debus… These people where running NASA for many many years all during the Apollo Space Program for example.


R: What kind of person today is torturing people, growing hybrid humans, doing this kind of atrocity?

K: Well first of all you have got a lot of black projects. These are experiments that are put together by scientists. You have got to understand the philosophy of why there is a secret space program. Which has to do with creating a humanity 3.0 So if they are growing, you know, organs. They are growing nano. They are doing super soldiers and creating all of these incredible hybrid humans. Bringing in more ET (extraterrestrial) DNA and doing genetic engineering of humanity. It is all geared to going out to space. To conquering space. To being the civilization on top when we greet other civilizations out there. And so this is an ongoing circumstance that we are part of already. We are part of a galactic community.


R: We are getting to that. I have a carefully planned program. So let’s hold back here a second. Now number one. Congress has just been asked to fund a new space core. Which to me looks like a budget building exercise. That is completely out of touch with what is going on in the secret space program. So, should Congress perhaps say no?


K: Okay I saw that article and I see that Pence [Mike Pence, VP of the United States] is running interference on this. I have to say that they are way behind the times. That there is… This is just yet another ploy to misdirect the public into thinking that we do not have bases on Mars or the Moon and the Moons of Saturn and Jupiter and so on. That we are not going interstellar at this time. You have got to understand we have been doing this since the 1940’s. I have witnesses. I have got ex-military.

R: I understand that, stay with me. So what President Donald Trump should understand from this is that Mike Pence is not only stabbing him in the back with respect to planning to run for president. Mike Pence is stabbing our President in the back with respect to the secret space program? Yes or no. Just yes or no.


K: Yes, sure.

R: Okay fine, lets go on. Let’s go…

K: I mean I would say Pence is kind of the golden boy. That they are a portion of the secret space program. Again remember there’s a split. So there is a portion that wants disclosure and is probably responsible for some of the comments you have made in the press up till now.


4. Question 4:

R: Nobody is responsible for the comments I have made in the Press. Nobody. I speak for myself.

K: I appreciate that.

R: Now let’s go on to number four. Who are the best of the whistleblowers and what is their psychology and their ethnical disposition? Four minutes.

K: Okay, so we have Arthur Neumann ( Henry Deacon ) who is the original Project Camelot whistleblower. Who worked in the secret space program for pretty much of his life. And I can’t name all of the agencies that he worked for. Some of these are very very secret, but i know them. And I can tell you that he was cross disciplinary. So he had the big picture which is quiet a wonderful thing. Lot of these people don’t know what the left hand is doing. So it is a very much of a sort of a tunnel what they call an organization.

R: Stovepipe.

K: Need to know, yes. And so this operates within the secret space program just as it always did within the military and NASA. but beyond…

R: Are the whistleblowers…

K: I have to finish my whistleblowers okay? Pete Peterson. Primarily, he worked over 40 years of his life. He is a sort of the original ‘Doctor Who’ if you will, okay? He is behind lots of experimentation within MK Ultra, [mind control] way back when… The creation of the super soldiers…

R: You have got to go faster. You have to go faster.

K: Okay, Robert Dean, Command Sergeant Robert O. Dean, an old boy from the SHAPE Headquarters. who has disclosed incredible amounts of information.

R: Just names. Go, go, go.

K: Okay well, No, I mean actually you know….

R: Keep with me here. Do it my way. Go go go, names.

K: Alright. Well there is Brian O’Leary, who is a astronaut who was supposed to go to Mars and was basically killed recently. Gordon Novel also killed recently who was creating an ARV [alien reproduction vehicle].

R: You are on a roll. more.

K: Okay, you know i don’t have a list in front of me here…

R: OK, look you have done enough. The whole point of this Executive Summary is to tell people that I believe you. And that everything you are doing merits attention and that they should research everything you are saying.

K: Absolutely.

R: We are not going to cover all the bases.


5. Question 5:

R: Question five. What is the relationship between the Deep State, pedophilia, satanism and the Reptilian Agenda? And I am going to give you three minutes.

K: Okay. So we are basically talking about what is called Orgone in the West and Kundalini energy in the East. This is yogis raising this energy to become enlightened etc. This can be stimulated through sexual intercourse with both males and females. Especially anal intercourse. And this is what is going on with the secret space program with a lot of the higher echelons where the money comes from…. We are talking about sort of the Rothschilds and the satanists. The old guard. This very very old guard that probably have a huge amount of what is in essence reptilian DNA.

R: Does this include the Freemasons at the higher levels that are not disclosed, the 34th and ….?

K: Yes, there are some good masons and some bad ones, there are satanic ones: The Black Pope, The White Pope. The whole Vatican is run by the reptilians underground. This is not just lip service. This is the reality. They are destroying the temples. Isis is being paid to destroy the temples in the Middle East because of the evidence of the reptilian rulership on Earth and that is so prevalent all over there. So we are really talking about an energetic connection between aging, a very very old guard, aging reptilians who basically live off the fluids of the young and heavily activated with a lot of kundalini energy, I mean this…

R: Stop it please. In one word. Has humanity succeeded in pausing or stopping the Reptilian Agenda and are we looking at a bright future? One word.

K: No.

R: Okay, thank you. We will come back to that.


6. Question 6:

R: Now number six. What is a super soldier? How many of them are there? Where are they based? Why do they matter? Two minutes.

K: Okay there is no way of knowing how many there are. Robert Duncan O’Finioan is one of the first. He was the prototype super soldier. You can watch his interview on Camelot. I have more than one with him. There is since then been a huge number of super soldiers and they are being created all the time.. [ interrupted ]

R: Thousands? Ten thousands? Hundred thousands?

K: Our children…I could not tell you. A lot of them. Look, if your in the secret space program and you are a pilot or are working in the sort of military side of it you are probably a secret space – you are a super soldier. So in essence you are enhanced. Super soldier simply is a sort of slang for being enhanced by nano, bio tech and other technology to make you more than human. Alright? They don’t want to wait for humanity to progress on its own speed to enlightenment. What they want to do is jumpstart the genome.

R: So when we are talking about super soldiers we are not talking about the so called hybrid soldiers that are dormant. That will pop out of the deep underground military facilities and start shooting U.S. citizens?


K: Well there you are talking about what are in essence these beings that are like cybernetic beings. And also cybernetics is going to be, you know… There is been so many Hollywood movies made about this. ‘UNIVERSAL SOLDIER” is one of the best movies showing the sort of Nazis going back to creating a super soldier. I forget what the rest of the title of that movie is but it is called ‘UNIVERSAL SOLDIER’ it is actually amazing…

R: Universal Soldiers have no ethics and no compunction about killing Americans ?

K: They self-destruct if they go against the American government, the secret government. So they have a self-destruct chip within them. Pete Peterson knows a great deal about this information. The ‘TERMINATOR’ scenario on planet Earth is real. We have a Skynet chip. We have a Skynet organization. We have a network of nano satellites that are watching our every move.

R: We are coming to that in a second.

K: But it all links in to the super solders who are then… The more nano… Look they are trying to turn the population into a nano…

R: Stop. Let me ask you the questions. You are going on and on… I was an Intelligence Debriefer. Let me ask you the questions okay because i really, i am trying to help you. This is a executive summary. This is not regurgitating your last 20 years.

K: I realize that.


7. Question 7:

R: Now extraterrestrials. How many races? 6? 12? 26? Just answer that how many, ball park?

K: Hundreds of thousands.

R: Wow, that is very very interesting. Which ones are active now on Earth?

K: Well there are many active on Earth but some primary ones are probably those from Aldebaran. The Reptilians certainly, coming from underground. The Reptilians have various divisions. The Reptoids which are the humanoid reptilians. As well as the Draco coming from the Draco constellation. And we have got Nordics but nordics from Orion. We have got nordics from the Pleiades. We have got… There are so many races that we could discuss. Andromedans. Acturians…

R: Has anyone written a really there a single catalogue?

K: Yes, I think it was Gordon Duff of ‘Veterans Today’ (

[editor Gordon Duff author/gordonduff/ ] released the ‘Little Alien Book’. He actually released that on Veterans Today. So you can actually find it if you look for ‘Little Alien Book’ but i have it on my website as well. ( )


R: That is excellent. That is a wonderful reference that i recommend people to go to. And I certainly think you will get a lot of traffic. And that is my purpose. I am here to say that I believe that you have knowledge the rest of the public needs to grasp, okay? That is why i am here. So bear with me. What is the extraterrestrial agenda ? And i realize that there are good extraterrestrials and bad extraterrestrials. But on the overall ball park? Outside of sucking the life blood out of Earth. What is the agenda?


K: Well there is no one agenda. There is a takeover agenda. We have been taken over. We have been infiltrated. Boots on the ground. Humans are boots on the ground. Many of us have a basically what you would consider alien DNA.

R: Yes.

K: So we are them and they are us, alright? Their agenda is to infiltrate and to takeover generally speaking. Sometimes in a good way and sometimes in a bad way. To influence. Bottomline influence.

R: Is depopulation of Earth part of the alien agenda ?

K: Not so much. That is a secret space program higher echelon of the elite. They would like to clear up the planet to have less humans to sort of corral and maintain. There are a lot of off planet races that are feeding off of humans. They can deal with the numbers, they can care less. You know it’s like how many cattle do you need…

R: Let me pause you very quickly. I was speaking to a NASA scientist the other day and that person told me that the obesity in the U.S. population is deliberate. And this is a high protein food. Do you agree with that?

K: Yes.

R: OK, thank you.


8. Question 8:

R: Let’s go on to question number eight. And then if we have a few minutes because we are doing well here. Believe me, I think you are being, ‘you are betting a thousand’ here. How important is time travel and portal stargate technology and did we have a set-back as I have been told in 2009 to 2012?

K: No, we did not have a setback. Portal technology, what is called toroidal physics, and time travel is absolutely the basis of the entire secret space program and going interstellar. You simply cannot go interstellar without it. So the portals are being heavily contested on Earth. You can think of Earth as a sort of honeycomb of portals. There are portals in places like Stonehenge, the ancient stone circles and all of the military bases are built on portals. So are churches in many of the cities, most of the cities. Dome of the Rock etc. These are time travel portals. They can open into stargates, wormholes, where you can bring things in and also send them out. And obviously you can jump though, bending space etc. And this technology is being used for…

One second… [brief interruption online]…

R: No problem, this happens. Let me ask you this, because I understand that our bases on Mars and the two moons of Saturn were initially built by robotics. Very heavy equipment that was sent-in in advance. Is this being sent through a time warp or is it being sent through unannounced space liftoffs, spaceship liftoffs?

K: It is being send though a portal. You know, even the linear accelerators are portals. Brookhaven Labs for example can create portals that go interstellar. So when you are saying. I am not sure what you are referring to exactly…

R: Well basically if you have a tank. If I have an M1 tank can I drive it into a portal and have it show up on Mars?

K: Yes.

R: Okay, alright. Thank you. So I hear you saying is that the time travel portals are being contested. Who are they being contested by ?

K: Yes, the war in Iraq was all over the portal basically, that Saddam Hussein had tried to take control of, to let in a certain portion of the Annunaki that the secret space program did not want to allow in. And so they took down Iraq. They are now going into Syria, they are doing the same thing. And what they really would like access to are the portals in, I believe, Iran.

R: Now that is interesting, so what i hear you saying is that the Middle East war is not about oil.

K: Right.

R: It is a cover story.

K: Exactly.

R: Okay, Thank you. question number…

K: And neither was the Vietnam war about what they thought it was. It was not about communism. I have found out from one of my most important whistleblowers, Captain Mark Richards, who I interview in prison. He has been in prison for over 30 years framed for a murder he did not commit. And I have 6 interviews with him now. And he has given me recent information that seems to be checking out even with Vietnam vets, as I just did a show on this. And the bottomline is that the Vietnam [war] was created by a system of portals that had opened up in the Far East. And that was… ‘Angkor Wat’ was the early civilization that was taken out by a group of what are in essence spider beings from what I understand. And they were as big as VW-bugs ( car size ). I know this sounds completely outlandish. There have been several movies such as ‘ENDERS GAME’ the HALO series. They are prepping the young to be ready to fight both interstellar wars on other planets with these beings as well as here on Earth. And Vietnam was a coverup.

R: Let me ask you two quick questions. Number one. If President Trump wanted to release 12 people from prison who could brief him completely on all of this. Do you have that list? No names, just do you have that list?


K: No but I can certainly get it.

R: Okay. Great answer.

K: Captain Mark Richards would be the most important.

R: Number two. My impression is we can not beat the Russians, we can not beat the Chinese and we sure as shit can not beat extraterrestrials. Am I wrong?

K: Yes, you are wrong. You know we, first of all I assume you are being kind of nationalistic here about the United States when in fact [ interrupted ]

R: All the world. Whoever.

K: Countries are an illusion.

R: Can earth beings, can Earth protect itself. If we take out…


K: Earth can protect herself. She not only has positive ETS [extraterrestrials] that are working with us. Even the Raptors, this certain group of basically dinosaurs that became humanoid also and went off planet etc. We have lots of friends out there in the multiverse so to speak. And we have our enemies. So yes, we can defend ourselves. We would not be here if we couldn’t.

R: That is a fascinating answer, let me unpack a little bit because we have got several minutes. We are now ahead of schedule.

K: Good.

R: And this is part of my plan. Trust me on this okay. This is the last interview I am going to do in this domain until the power dynamics in Washington change.

K: I am honored.


R: What have we done right in the last 10 years?

K: Well I want to say that this is the good side of the movie business. We have actually begin to equip young people with the knowledge that, yes we are a interstellar civilization. That we are going off planet. And that ETS are real. And so that they are not going to be surprised whatsoever by disclosure. They do not even really need official disclosure. They get it. Because a lot of them have very good memories of who they were, when they were here on this planet. When they had other incarnations etc. So that is the good side. The Hollywood movies have revealed the wonderful things that. You know, be the best you can be etc. This is… I know there is a lot of hype going along with the military. But I have to say that in the future on Planet Earth you are going to need to be the best you can be.


9. Question 9:

R: So let me ask you this. We’ve obviously had advanced technologies including free energy for the last 50 years. We have 5 billion impoverished people all over the world. Millions of illegal immigrants who are also being trafficked and their body parts exploited. And we have across America many many poor. Both white and black. What is motivating the restriction of this technology and the impoverishment of all of these people?

K: Free energy. The fact that Tesla knew. That he was killed for basically. That in essence the… What we call… Pete Peterson says they call it ‘the information field’. That used to be called the aether. And in essence is full of energy. It’s packed full of energy. And this is what they use to go off-planet. We are talking about counter rotating discs creating a torsion field. And then basically using that to go interstellar.

R: Are you saying that if we allowed the normal humans to have free energy we would be drawing down on the energy that the one precent can use for there secret space program?

K: Yes, it is what they are using. And the fact of the matter is that humans should not be paying rent to live on their own planet. [laughs] It is ludicrous.

R: A lot of things are going to change including the end of absentee landlords. But I am still not comprehending what the rationale is? I mean, are all humans being treated like chickens?

K: Yes, like cattle. Cattle is a better sort of analogy. But in essence, yes. We are food for a race of reptilians who have been trying to dominate this planet for eons. There have been interstellar wars with these beings. That is what the war of worlds is all about. And we are continuing it here on and off the planet. So we are fighting the good fight…

R: We are coming to the war of worlds in a second. So let me ask you one quick question and then we are going to go to the question about artificial intelligence and then war of the worlds, OK? We have got this all planned out. I want every person on the planet to have free energy, clean water, nutritious healthy food that does not poison them and an education that makes them superstars in the cosmic galaxy. What is standing in my way?


K: The secret government and one division, a strong division, of the secret space program as well as certain races of basically off-planet beings and the reptilians.

R: Can I win?

K: Absolutely, this is the future for humanity. So you know when I said we haven’t beaten them yet… I said no. But I have a very positive view of what is going to happen here on Planet Earth in the future.


13. Question 10:

R: Let’s hold that. That’s the last question. But I am really… I am feeling. Let me just pause and say I am really getting a lot out of this. And I think you are making an enormous contribution and I absolutely put my reputation and my brain and my heart and my soul behind you. OK?

Next question. Because I frankly been very skeptical about artificial intelligence. I call it artificial stupidity. It is actually artificial crime. But you are trying to tell me that it really really does matter. And now we come to this 5G grid. That you were starting to talk about earlier. So how important is artificial intelligence and is the 5G grid a clear and present danger to humanity that we in the avant guarde, of #UNRIG should put a stop to?

K: Well no. I mean, you know it is very complex. But basically if you are going interstellar as a race of beings you have artificial intelligence. So we are being invaded not only by what we consider to be these alien beings from other planets but the artificial intelligence. Some of which outlived their own civilizations. And Minerva is such a ship, that had come here artificially intelligent apparently also a biological entity of a kind who has consciousness. So there are both positive artificial intelligences and negative. I can tell you that Geordie Rose with his D-wave and his talk about accessing the 5th dimension and the telepathic quality of artificial intelligence is a reality. And so the secret space program one of the biggest most secret areas of the secret space program at this time is artificial intelligence and its link up with nano tech. And what it could mean for humans. It may be a much bigger threat to us than actually reptilians believe it or not.

R: I do believe it. I see it in a new way now thanks to you. The CEO of Lockheed has talked about biomorphic craft and he clearly knows more than he is sharing with Congress. What is going on in relation to biologically enhanced metallurgy if you will ? Where is the intersection here between biology and everything else?


K: Well I am not a scientist but I can tell you that there are no limits. So you know the movie AVATAR for example, is a great example of what we are looking at in the future. So you can have a person in that case a paraplegic person who basically lays down and his consciousness goes out of his body into an Avatar and then he conducts himself off-planet.

R: I hope they have a body for Dick Cheney. But they can not get his consciousness to move because they can not find it.

K: [ laughing ] Actually I am sure they can find it. But reality is what are you going to do with a reptilian consciousness? If you are wholly reptilian it is a problem. Which he probably has a large amount of reptilian DNA. Now he is going to have access to what is in essence reverse aging technology. The pills that William Tompkins is talking about that the secret space program has now. Also do not forget there is parallel earth where they can go like the TV series ‘FRINGE’ . We are always disclosing the truth in Hollywood, right? So in essence you can go over to parallel earth and get your double and bring them over here and basically continue on…

R: Well i have seen many versions of Oprah Winfrey to take one example. I’ve often thought that Hollywood was simply carrying out a brand and using impersonators but it is quite fascinating. So did (Zbigniew) Brzezinski basically lose the cards and get terminated or has he reappeared as a younger person somewhere else?


K: Very possibly. I have a time travel witness who is talking about the Nazis who have been reverse aged. And Wernher von Braun is one of them. So there is a huge reverse aging process…

R: So reverse aging is still in our future?

K: The technology is huge.


11. Question 11:

R: Now we get to your favorite question. Tell us about what you call the war of the worlds. And here we are going to go for 5 full minutes.

K: [ laughing ] Alright, so in essence we are made up of a genome of 12 or more ET races who have contributed their DNA to create this vehicle we call a human. We are a human experiment. We have been also invaded multiple times by other races that where not included in the original 12. So now we are a melting pot of many many other interstellar races. And the Grey Human Hybrid Program is a program to be very aware of. It has been very successful. So it worked through the abductions of females. And though the implantation of eggs with a lot of what we call those Greys… This is not the programmable biological entity—Greys. Which are like a little artificially intelligent being that are created even by our secret space program.

When i am talking about the Greys, that come from other planets and have invaded our planet. And they want to be part of this grand experiment. They want to have boots on the ground. And this is the way they do it. They put in their DNA and then they reincarnate though with their consciousnesses. In some cases they will move a soul over the side and take over the body temporarily and come and go. And in some cases they will take over the body permanently. So you have walk-ins and this sort of thing going on. But the bottomline is that you have got a whole slew of wonderfully gifted children who are fully half Grey on this planet now. Who have come in though this Grey Human Hybrid Program. That the military was fully culpable in allowing to happen.


R: Now do we know who these children are? Is there a way to identify them?

K: There may be a way. Absolutely, through reading their DNA. But the trouble with this is, and the trouble with being half Grey and half Humanoid so to speak, is that you are going to be a lot less empathetic. You are going to be highly intellectual. Yes you can do magic things like move plates around through the air and teleport things and so on. But you are going to have a huge area where there is a lack of an emotional connection between the brain and the heart. And so this is a problem with some of the incarnating beings here on Earth at this time that we’re going to have to deal with in the future.


R: But your… My general sense is that you are very positive that we are going to win this war of the worlds.

K: Absolutely.

R: And that human consciousness, human empathy and human love is ultimately going to triumph.

K: Yes, and we are far more intelligent than we give ourselves credit for. So the bottomline is that our emotional intelligence which is a combination of our intellectual and heart sort of awareness. This resonant sort of composite and our souls are incredibly intelligent. And we will bypass and we do bypass artificial intelligence in this way. And this is how we can deceive the State. This is how we can deceive Big Brother etc. It is by using that resonant ability. And also the kundalini energy that we come by through our birthright.

R: When i am told by some of my scientist colleagues. I mean some of the wonderful things about being me, is the number of people that come get in touch, OK?

K: Sure.

R: But I am being told that the little nano technology stuff that was put in the vaccines to inject into people so that then can be fried or whatever has been completely defeated by adaptive humans. And so I am getting a sense that human biology and human emotion and the energy of humanity is triumphing over artificial, mechanical, toxic attempts to subvert humanity.


K: Yes, and there have been movies about super soldiers made about just this very thing. The titles do not come to mind but the bottomline is that in essence, you know, we are linked to source and through our higher selves and we have actually multiple incarnations simultaneously. So this is simply a vehicle this humanoid body. But we can have complete mastery over it. And we have… You do not have to reinvent the wheel in essence. What the secret space program the biggest problem they want to do is reinvent humanity.

R: I may well live to be 150 to 180 assuming I stop drinking Diet Coke. How does that track with your understanding of anti aging as it is going to become common?


K: Yes, it is very possible in the very near future. People are going to be tapping in. Not in even just into the technology that they have begun to find. Which will be genes and accessing DNA that has been called junk DNA. That is actually being activated naturally at this time though the movement of our planet and our solar system though the galaxies though the multiverse.

R: Right

K: So we have energies coming in to our planet. That Paul LaViolette talked about a super wave. This is facilitating this awakening here on Planet Earth. And part of that awakening is starting to recognize that the original human body was actually immortal.


R: That is fascinating, i want to end on that note so we are going to come back to that thought. Now i have described the Deep State in my ignorance as beginning with the Rothschilds and Black Pope and then going down to through the Freemasons and the Knights of Malta to the City of London and Wall Street and then to the various political parties that are all part being prostituted and there all being blackmailed by Jeffrey Epstein and the pedophile network and so forth. You are actually painting a much greater picture of the Illuminati.

K: yes


R: So in two minutes, no more than two minutes. Define the Illuminati on earth.

K: Well the Illuminati are in essence a group of black magicians that are led by the Black Pope and who have gone back through the ages. Well actually originated on Atlantis. Some of whom are part of races that are negatively based races. But they have a heavy influence of reptilian DNA. And they have tried to dominate earth for its history basically.

R: So do the Rothschilds own the Jesuits or do the Jesuits own the Rothschilds?


K: You know the Rothschilds are sort of a front agency like NASA. So I appreciate your emphasis on the Rothschilds. But it goes much higher than that.

R: No no no, i am learning from you. I am learning from you. So what I hear you saying is that Lynn Rothschild is taking the bad rap. That Evelyn Rothschild is actually a front man, not the main power.

K: Well that is true. And some of these people would actually love to break away. We are looking for defectors at all times. So understand that there are plenty of what are in essence members of the Illuminati and Freemasons etc who want to move on to the light side but can not because they are being blackmailed as you have talked about the members of Congress. So we are also talking secret society blackmail of their members to keep them on board.


R: Give me a second here. That is the single most important thing you have said today. Now as you know I and Dr. Cynthia McKinney stand for truth and reconciliation.

K: So do I.

R: And my version of truth and reconciliation is everyone gets the truth no one goes to jail.

K: Yes.


R: So let me reiterate to Evelyn and Lynn Rothschild specifically and I am also in conference with some Senior Freemasons and some Senior Jesuits. You are right. People do want to come over to the light.

K: Yes


R: Now I am not powerful enough and I may be assassinated tomorrow, who knows. But I do believe that the way is open for bringing people from the Illuminati to the light side. And that is one of the reasons why I think our President Donald Trump needs to offer Mike Pence a pardon and clean house and make the Trump Administration the beginning of this new light. So I thank you and bless you for that remarkable remarkable comment which I take at 120 percent face value.


12. Question twelve.

R: Now the twelfth question before we get to your close is: Who are we the people? What does it really mean to be human? What is the rebel gene? And how do you explain the failure of all of this? And we kind of talked about this, the chemtrails seeding of actionable particles and all of this. So i am really kind of feeling my humanity here and i am loving it. So help me understand. Who is humanity and how are we winning?


K: Humanity is a grand experiment. And this is in part a place where this war of worlds was brought into bodies here on Planet Earth, where we could learn to get along. Whereas these beings do not get along in the multiverse and the solar systems out there. We have marauding groups such as reptilians. Who refuse to progress. Who and in fact, you know, the Annunaki themselves have a progression.

It is not only humans that have a soul. It is not only humans that are part of source. We are all part of source. So when you look for a path of return, you are noticing what we are finding in this sector, Is that there are more and more some of these dark side individuals and races are now changing their sort of ways. And deciding they would like to have an ascension pathway back to connect with source.

What happened with the Illuminati is they fell in love with the mirror. The mirror is artificial intelligence. The mirror is satanism. They fell in love with the image of themselves not the true self which is in essence the creator.

R: I absolutely love that. I mean that strikes me in a deeply philosophical and caring compassionate sense. I love that very very much. What I hear you saying that Buckminster Fuller’s vision of a prosperous world at peace is achievable in our lifetime.

K: Yes.

R: In one word yes or no.

K: Yes.


13. Question 13:

R: Yes. OK. Last question. And we only got four minutes. Because we do need to wrap up. I have an ‘eight o clock’ and I really did want to keep this at around 45 minutes for TV and commercials and all of that stuff. So what is the future? In four minutes. What is the future? Start with now and take us to 2020 when we will have a new president and then give us the big picture out two hundred years. In four minutes.


K: Okay. Well we have a war of worlds as I have said. Operating here on Planet Earth. And we are slowly but surely connecting the dots. And realizing that we have been slaves. A slave species to other races that have wanted to dominate Earth for eons. So we are breaking out of that shell so to speak. The awareness and the truth is now coming to the surface everywhere. We are also having, for example, landmasses that… Some parts of Atlantis are now coming back to the surface. So we are discovering new things about our past. New truths new intelligence that we had that was once lost for eons. Is coming back to us. New memories. The memories of the past, present and future. We are time travelers by nature. That is the nature of our genome and our abilities. We are a composite of what you might call ET races. What that means is that we are more than the sum of them and our parts. So in essence this is what you can say is…[ white block pops up on screen ] … Sorry this is interfering…

R: It is okay you are on a roll here.

K: So in fact we… You can look at a hybrid race such as humanity and understand that we were a threat back in the days of the Annunaki which is around 12 thousand years ago if I understand it correctly. And, you know, time is difficult to gauge but basically they decided to put in what is essence a frequency fence in our DNA. Which would knock a lot of our abilities away. You know the movie LUCY is a great way of looking at what our future holds.

R: That is a good answer.

K: This is who we possibly could be and beyond because they emphasize the artificial intelligence of LUCY when in fact the heart and soul are what really matter. We are an interstellar species that has a long history going into the future. Whether we stay on Earth or leave Earth or go out into the multiverse and inhabit other planets or not. It does not really matter. We are the safeguards of the library, the genetic library here on Planet Earth however and we do need to defend sovereign ground.

R: I think thats a perfect point to end. You are absolutely brilliant. Let me reiterate. This is my last question on the subject. I am not going to explore the space program again. I am going to focus on election reform. But Kerry Cassidy: I love what you are doing. I admire what you are doing. I respect what you are doing. And to hell with anyone who says you are not doing it right. I think you are. Thank you.

K: Thank you. Alright, thank you so much Robert David Steele. I look forward to seeing your progress in the future.

R: Thank you.

K: And thanks for watching and listening. Take care and have a great afternoon.

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