The Tower of Babel

When the tower of babel was built that was when God supposedly separated the people by languages, was this because he was afraid what the people as one could do? What would happen some day we have a language a majority knows what would happen then?Or was his act of separation a punishment to the people for the intentions they had with building the tower in the first place?


bluesbaby5050: God DID NOT DO THIS TO HUMANS!

The Annunaki DID this, along with the Draconian Queens form Orion. Your answers are all in the topics. Study the Ancient Aliens. You will learn alot from there. Falcon Goddess of The Feather.

Crigitine: I'm game to build another

I'm game to build another one.

SpiritualWarrior92: Burn That shit DOWN!!

Hahaha Corporate America!

wmarkley: god

God didnt do this to humanity, the Annunaki did, they needed to separate humanity so they could RULE us, if they let us speak as one, then we could group up and kick their ass, like we are getting ready to do now. Humanity took a while to wake up, but we are now, and we are ready to throw down on some annunaki, and they know it. now the annunaki know fear.

bluesbaby5050: Your right Wmarkley----

Some people always like to blame God.The ET'S that have come to Earth in the past, like to protray themselves as Gods to the people,and make them slaves, with their High Tecnologies. And they will try to do this Again to humanity. So be alert, and be aware of the Real enemies. Lord Edison has given us fair warnings about this again last night. Falcon.

alinabezerra: So where did the bible come

So where did the bible come up this stuff?

Tarheel: The Bible has been perverted FOR THEIR agenda.

One need only take a look at The Council of Nicea to see that The Bible was changed from its original form to serve the agenda of those already in power.

Ecbra de Oaoj: words are human's comunication

because when people understand themselves who try control them lost power above; in other words, they may turn strong if they understand one another.
military strategy is always divide contrary forces . it turn them weak and so easy to submit.

is ti. sumarizing.

Son of Leod: Also funny how God is

Also funny how God is supposed to love us in the bible but yet he was the biggest contributor to racism and prejudice. Don't get me wrong, I realize that the entity spoken of as God/Yahweh(At least the old testament, notice the difference in "God's" demeanor in the two?) in the bible is just Enlil, but nonetheless to keep things simple, I will address the story as written.

A) Giving us different cultures and languages religion is one of the number one causes of racism. Nobody can understand anyone else unless they speak the language so there is distrust. Most sheeple distrust anyone that doesn't speak their language.

B) Why would he not want us to work together, and if heaven is supposed to be a kind of fictitious place you go when you die, how could we possibly get there by building a tower? Not necessarily that "heaven" was not real, but that it could not be reached simply by going up. So this whole story of God was angered because they wanted to build a tower is BS. If heaven really couldn't be reached that way, I would just sit there and laugh at them. Not get angry and do something rash that contributes to millions if not billions of deaths over the history of man.

bluesbaby5050: Jehovah was NOT GOD!

He wanted to be the ONLY God! He NEVER was! He was ENLIL,INKI's Half Brother,and Son of
King Annu! An ANNUNAKI from the Sirius Star system.The Prime creator gets all the blame from people that DO NOT know the real truths! Read the material on him, and you will find this to be the truth! If you do not believe this ,feel free to ask anyone in this forum.The Masters Edisonik,and Annu 77 have taught this. All the information is all in the Topics page. Also study the history on the Ancient Aliens.You will find all you need to learn.The history channel has also aired this for months on the tv. Falcon Goddess of The Feather.

Son of Leod: I am fully aware of this. I

I am fully aware of this. I know Enlil just wanted to play pretend so that people would worship him and disempower themselves. Reread my first post, I know Enlil is not the primal creator I am referring to him as god in the Christian reference because that is who he pretends to be.

bluesbaby5050: Yahweh was the name of the man Jesus!

This is the truth. Jehovah was Enlil, and Yahweh was Jesus. And Jesus was Never God. He was referred to by Himself,, as the SON OF THE GOD,THE PRIME CREATOR! He knew he as NOT a god! He was a man,a great Teacher,and a Healer,he was schooled by the Rabbie's for years. He taught mankind about The Prime Creators Love,and how to love each other UN-conditionally. He taught to Forgive each other UN-conditionally. He taught mankind about the many manions in Heaven,and about what heaven was like. And he taught many more great lessons. He has a long history of all his great teachings/lessons/ works for mankind. Falcon Goddess of The Feather.

alinabezerra: Interesting that you bring

Interesting that you bring this up,because i think this way about alot of things concerning God.He seems to take unessesary action but when there is something /or someone needs his help he suddenly unable or wont do anything .He just watches people in pain and does nothing.
I dont inderstand this.

Freewill plays a factor in this but its not an excuse for God to be so called self limiting.

edisonik: It is Free Will and it is Personal Responsibility

If there is Suffering and Tyranny it is because the Nation involved has become Irresponsible Nationally, the Citizens have stuck their heads in the sand and then blame Prime Creator for what has happened.
If you want a World of Perfection without Tests and Tribulations you will have a World of Robots and not a World of Free Beings which must always keep track of Accountibility and Personal Responsibility.
When a Planet or a Nation becomes Irresponsible they begin to Decay as well as their Values.
Pain is a Product of a Decayed Society.
There should never be any pain when a Species is whole with Unconditional Love.

Humanity will Improve Spiritually but it takes practice.
Do not blame your Creator for your Irresponsiblities, God cannot save you from yourselves.

bluesbaby5050: This was also why the bible was created by THE VATICAN !

More lies than truths are put in the bible to confuse the masses,and this is how they have controlled humanity all down though the centuries.The Vatican used this book as a tool for their agendas. Some people are beginning to realize this.People have been Allowed to believe that it is always the Prime Creator for all the ills ,and pain ,and suffering in this world. When in actuallity it is the cause of mankind,and his irresponibities to become responsible for his/her thoughts,and actions.The Vatican never bothered to teach the truth of this to the people.They turned a blind eye to this way of thinking by the people that attended the masses in those churches.It was the responsibilites of the popes,and the bishops,and the priests to un-do these false believes to the people! The church took advantage of this.They did NOT correctly tend to their flocks! Falcon Goddess of The Feather.

alinabezerra: If God cannot help us or save

If God cannot help us or save us from earthly destruction then what is his purpose amoung us exactly?
and when did the vatican create the bible and why?
and is there proof of this?

bluesbaby5050: Alina, you have all your answers posted in this--

forum from All of us here in this forum. What we can NOT understand,,is why you refuse to see the real TRUTHS here!!?? It is as plain as egg on your face! If you really can NOT see this,or are really unable to see this,then this material really is not for you. Even people that can NOT speak good english from far off countries,and do not really speak english as their native language,CAN SEE,THIS ,AND CAN UNDERSTAND THIS INFORMATION HERE. It has all been posted in simple english,from MANY of the people here,myself as well.Your lessons are to be strong,and self relient,and independant as a human being.You have to help yourself as an adult.We are grown adults here,and this is the correct ways to live.As our Falcon Master Edison,and Annunaki 77 have stated this,we have live in Freedom, and NOT be A slave to anyone,,Humans,or ET'S.. Falcon Goddess of The Feather.

Ecbra de Oaoj: bluesbaby...

hahaha... do you see? what are have to study other idiom to participe in conversation? a...haha...

relax Dear... she is taking in portuguese... training speack and read... we are talking about Sciency and Truth... specially...

can you translad it on google tradutor... or camom, we would love to teach you our language!

kisses on heart, baby... we are posting to all people ... with our singular words...please excuse us...and enjoy too!

bluesbaby5050: To Ecbra,,maybe you can be of help to her?

I think she might be too young to really understand what this subject matter is all about here. I hope you can teach her as well.You are a caring man. You show alot of love.You are kind Sir. I try but, I can not speak your tongue. No disrespect here my friends. Falcon Goddess of The Feather.

alinabezerra: I do understand what you

I do understand what you believe and why,but its just not enough for me to put my faith out there if there is so much proof against what you say as much as there is to support it.
i do admitt im faithless in many ways and do not see the light ,but i think through asking questions and researching i think i can find the answers im seeking.

Crigitine: If anything you could try

If anything you could try meditating on it lol.

Hopefully towards the end of May a lot of things will be confirmed.

Ecbra de Oaoj: yes, Milady...

she is very inteligent and dont need, i think, my help; just we are learning and teaching one another.

you are very loved and estimed bluesbaby...

with all my Respect


alinabezerra: thank you ecbra de oaoj for

thank you ecbra de oaoj for the kind oppinion :)

harleyborgais: Free will, and the Power of the Human Mind

The say knowledge is power.
The most powerful knowledge is how the Human Mind works (then you can manipulate the masses, and that is the Black Magic the Illuminati practices with their symbols in all our media, art, music, Movies, etc.).
Second most power knowledge is how Energy works. That is what I spent 1999 to present figuring out, and that is how I put it all together, and figured out what God is and where God and all things came from.
Third is how the government currently works, and I started learning that in the last few months.

All that I have learned is available on this site at the thread:
and my page.

The greatest power on the Earth however is the support and consent of the majority of the population, who makes less in a year (Less than 1/2 I think) than Mitt Romney makes in one day. Vote for Ron Paul because he was a baby doctor and he is the only one abiding law.

Here is the story of eden:

The human mind was created in the Image of God, with creative thought. The ability to understand, and change the entire universe, the fundamental laws of nature.

So, before we learned we could destroy things, God wanted us to FIRST learn to temper and control our desires with reason, logic, morals, etc. We are only now starting to learn this as a species.

Lucifer got selfish, and short sighted, and ruined the plan for everyone. We had to be restricted to this physical universe to prevent us from so easily figuring out how to destroy the entire universe, which I probably know how to do now, and so can you if you read How We Exist on my site:

However, now is the time for revealing all things, because we must prevent the genocide of Humanity under the poisoning of our foods and environment by the Illuminati (names and proof is all on the fixing-problems thread).

alinabezerra: Interesting... - To Harley

That is pretty much how I see the order in things also with the exeption of the concept of knowlege being the first power. It is definantly a most important power but i think the ability to influence people through religious devices is even more powerful,which in a way it is linked closely to knowlege.Thats why i loved the movie'The Book of Eli' it hits the concept right on the spot.
Also some people argue what people being made in the image of God,and i do think it is more mentaly than physicaly,thats why it doesnt make sence to think that god is some big guy with a beard sitting in a huge chair in heaven.-he is a spirit and cant be contained in an image.

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