Top Secret NASA images of the Alien Spaceship on the far side of the moon !

Apollo 20 EBE Mona Lisa TV Unscheduled Transmission- Apollo 20 E.B.E. Mona Lisa TV unscheduled transmission made from the LM.- MORE TOP SECRET NASA images of the Alien Spaceship on the far side of the moon ! This female dead alien was found INSIDE this crashed Spaceship, and the information found inside was recovered along with the Female alien. Please watch this video, because your going to see actually footage of traveling in our solar system to the Moon, and seeing this crashed spacefraft for yourself. REAL FOOTAGE SHOWING THE CRASHED SITE ON THE BACKSIDE OF THE MOON IN GREAT DETAIL!

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bluesbaby5050: Apollo 20 EBE Mona Lisa...............

THE NASA SECRET MISSION...APOLLO 20. Apollo 20 EBE Mona Lisa- More here-Apollo 20 Mission Part 3/3- are signs unparalleled similarity to a woman of ancient Egypt.
Third and last video that astronaut William Rutledge recorded during a secret mission called "Apollo 20" The Mona Lisa Revised Video More here-BEYOND UNCANNY VATICAN ANOMALIES. APOLLO XX EVIDENCE!- More here-The Real Prometheus-Part I-Apollo 20-Moon Mission- PART 2-HERE- The Real Prometheus-Part II-Apollo 20-Moon Mission-History&Additional Footage- Apollo 20 Mission Part 3/3 Original Video- [ TOTAL OF 6 VIDEO'S IN THIS LAST LINK ON SAME SUBJECT ] THERE'S ALOT OF ACTUALL PROOF IN ALL THESE VIDEO'S.

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