Top 5 Aliens Myths We All Believe In

One of the most intriguing topics connected with aliens is a discussion of their look. If we take Hollywood movies as a basis, we'll imagine a sort of aggressive creatures with a shapeless body and tentacles, floating in their own mucus. They catch people with these tentacles and conduct inhumane experiments on them (certainly, they do not know any other experiments, because they are aliens!).

When they have time free from experiments, aliens fly over our heads in their flying objects, and land sometimes to capture someone's body and walk a bit among ordinary citizens. All this sounds great, but let's leave the boundless imagination of Hollywood producers alone and turn our attention to the modern astrobiologists (yes, such biologists also exist!). According to their scholars, based on the accumulated knowledge of different types of life on our planet, the image on an ordinary alien (if any exists) is fundamentally different from all those characters from movies. Moreover, aims of aliens' possible visits may differ much from the aims we can assume.

Here we have 5 myths about aliens all people believe in. It's high time to debunk them.

They will NOT come with peace

The famous American physicist Stephen Hawking once expressed his firm belief that human efforts to make a contact with alien minds by means of signals sent into space could end for our civilization very badly. If aliens who catch our signal are so technologically advanced to arrive on Earth, the impact of this visit can be compared with the consequences of Christopher Columbus' visit to the Americas. The scientist reminded again, that the discovery of America has not ended well for the indigenous inhabitants of this continent.

Aliens didn't bring us to the Earth

The theory about the fact human civilization is a child of some alien race has become very popular recently. Some people believe that we were landed here when a mysterious planet Nibiru approached too close to our planet (yes, again!). And now this planet (no scientist proved the fact of Nibiru's existence, by the way) wanders somewhere in our solar system, approaching the Earth and moving away from it occasionally.

The American astronomer Seth Shostak says that every day his e-mail is full of letters from people who strongly believe that a homo sapiens is a result of aliens intrusion into the Earth ecosystem. The scientist asks a reasonable question: what do aliens need to breed us here like parsley for? Mr. Shostak believes that such a theory could appear because of people's habit to feel themselves an exclusive form of life in the universe.

Aliens will not be able to survive on Earth

Very often Hollywood screenwriters show us aliens who come on Earth to colonize our planet. However, it's reasonable to assume that the lack of immunity will make aliens susceptible to all kinds of diseases that will be fatal for them. Seth Shostak is sure that no sane alien will appear here only to be destroyed by our bacteria.

They will not eat us!

We all know how dangerous can be any alien bacteria for our organisms. It's logical, that our countrymen will become dangerous bacteria for aliens organisms as well. They will not be able to digest us! And they do not actually need it. As famous astronomers believe, if there was any developed civilization in the depths of space which would be able to reach the highest level of technology, it would unlikely travel to Earth just to eat its little people.

They will not mate with us!

Almost half of movie scripts shows us the overwhelming desire of aliens to use our bodies for procreation. More than enough ways were shown on how they would do that. Aliens get into our body through its natural openings, with water, food, through the skin or a banal sex with our women.

Meanwhile, the human DNA cannot be combined even with any other form of life on our planet at the moment. Shostak offers all those people who support this idea to think about the fact, that people can not leave posterity from any other earth organisms. Moreover, all living beings on Earth have DNA, and aliens may not have such a structure at all.

Well, we hope we haven't disappoint you. It's also a big chance that aliens do not exist at all, but this is another story.

Submitted by Alex Strike, a young blogger who works on essay help. Alex helps students reach their academic goals and become perfect with their writing.
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bluesbaby5050: NOT ALL People BELIEVE in these Top 5 Myths.....

Of Long Ago. This information is very OUT DATED. And I for one do Not believe this at all. These are only COMMON MYTHS all by them selves from 20 years ago, and more. This is how humans were Portrayed as being in their Level of Thinking towards the IDEA of aliens from off world, and this is why these myths are told REPeatedly to people telling them that this is what they BElieve, and in REALITY this is NOT true at all. I think people have really matured, and that they have moved way PAST this level of thinking decades ago. This is DIS-INFOMATION being spread here to keep people at this Level of Ignorant thinking. This is also WHY the level of Sophistication in modern movies have advanced a lot. The scripts had to be Rewritten, and brought UP TO DATE to deal with the Sophistication of people's ways of thinking, and living now. The Scripts had to Mature and Evolve themselves by way of Fresh, Young, Creative writers. People's minds have EXPANDED, and people are more OPEN, and AWARE more now then ever before in any time before this. By the way,,People get really bored really fast when the levels of intelligent stay at that of a five year old in movies. ( Nothing to debunk here. )

Alex Strike: Yes, you are right. the point

Yes, you are right. the point was NOT to show that people are still so naiive to believe in all this (though they believe actually, because they don't have any new facts to believe in). the point was to show that hollywood movies, books and newspapers still give us the same information they gave "of long ago" as you said.

Quinton: Wow, very well said Orion. I

Wow, very well said Orion. I picked up some good pieces of info reading through this post :) Very, very, very good response to this!

Thanks much!

Alex Strike: Wow! It looks more like a

Wow! It looks more like a separate article, not just a comment. Good job, bro, and thank you for passing by and sharing your thoughts with us!

bluesbaby5050: GREAT POINTS MADE ALL AROUND 11O11 !!

Thanks for taking the Long road to EXPLAINING our Human Existence in such a Short but Detailed way! Your Exactly Right about people spreading Dis-Information on this forum! THE GIG IS UP! SO STOP WITH THE BS! ------>YOUR LIES!

Tarheel: SPANKIN summation, 11O11

Well said.

You've been doing some homework, young 11O11.

Alex Strike: Sir, this article is just an

Sir, this article is just an attempt to show that many people still believe in something they didn't actually seen, and they didn't get any exact and proven information about. It's more like a joke, a satiric piece of writing to remind us all that we shouldn't believe in everything hollywood tries to show us in movies )))

have a nice day!

Tim Lovell: It is not about what

It is not about what Hollywood shows us it is about what you remember through soul memory or genetic memory other life times and your multidimensional identity , the point is your identity goes way past just this one life ..

Alex Strike: So many people - so many

So many people - so many beliefs))

bluesbaby5050: I Agree With You Again.............

I believe in your points of views again, just as I stated before 11ORION11! Your last comment is the TRUTH also.

bluesbaby5050: The Teens, and Younger Adults...........

Are most Gullible without the True Knowledge of how the system works. They would think it was cool, and only for good Entertainment Purposes without realizing all the hidden subconscious, and subliminal messages contained in the movies, and comic books.

Tarheel: Speak for YOURSELF, AlexStrike.

It LOOKS like TR got a new handle (a.k.a. AlexStrike?) or at least we have a new shill assigned to our case.

Your "Myths WE ALL believe in" is a crock. You should have stopped at Myths in your title. You would have to be incredibly naïve and/or delusional to believe in all of that. I don't, nor have I ever. Be more careful with your choice of verbage and you'll be taken a little more seriously

Re: 1)"They will not come with peace." - No, not all of them. Consider alternate agendas.
2) "Aliens did not bring us to Earth." - Does it really matter? We're here.
3)"Aliens will not be able to survive on Earth." No, not all of them. BUT, if they're smart enough to come, don't you THINK that maybe they have checked out Earth's atmosphere to see if they can or not?
4) "They will not eat us." I don't think they'd come JUST for a meal on Humanity, not in the literal sense anyway. Some of them undoubtedly will find us particularly tasty, though.
5) "They will not mate with us." Hello? Ever read The Sumerian texts?

DUDE, wtf?

Tim Lovell: the reptillians have caverns

the reptillians have caverns filled with wrapped humans ready to eat and chilled but they came from another dimension of earth not from another solar system the ciakar are the ones from extraterestrial source and more ancient these 2 races are distinct both are capable of great evil tho which is the worst who knows :)

bluesbaby5050: We have Plenty of Information Thoughout........

This web site on the Ciakars, Including their Habits, and Origins, as well as the Lower Classes of reptilians, and their origins, and histories too. We have a great source of Photos of them as well . Check them out.

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