by Starperson on February 26th, 2014

What do you feel inside when you see someone that is different than you? Keep in mind, EVERYONE you see is different than you. Where does your mind go? What thoughts and emotions do you experience? Quiet yourself, and see if you are a tolerant, loving and accepting person, or if you are in fact a racist, bigoted, prejudiced and judgmental kind of person.

If your heart is open and full of love, if your conscience is clear and free of fear and anger, and if you are a free thinker…you will simply see and feel just another soul who has struggles, issues, confusion, dreams and questions…similar to yours.

If your initial reaction is an immediate feeling that this person, whom you do not know, is somehow inferior to you, you are living in a dark place in your soul. You are limiting you spiritual growth, your enlightenment, your compassion and most importantly, your ability to live in a peaceful and harmonious state.

Our souls expand when exposed to love, light and inclusion. However, our souls become stained, hardened and ugly when we practice being intolerant and judgmental of others. Actually, I believe it is the height of arrogance and moral superiority to pre-judge another before we know them. Do you know their heart, mind and soul? Or, do you simply know that they appear or act so differently than you that your mind quickly puts up a barrier of hate, fear and anger?

Your heart, mind and soul are the ultimate expression of complete personal freedom. We all have the right to disagree with someone who is hateful and evil. We also have the freedom to ignore them. And of course, we all have the responsibility to help make this world a better place. We can’t improve the world until we improve our own souls first.

If you find that you are an intolerant and judgmental person, search your heart for the source. Once found, decide if it is rational or irrational. Remember, we all have the ability to change any conflicting beliefs or thoughts we find inside ourselves. Be a free and enlightened thinker.

This is offered to you with all the love and light I have to offer.

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Quaesitor: Great post!

I needed to read this today. Thank you.

obsrvantlouie: Excellent post

Most persons tendency is to "size up a person" with the first 60 seconds of meeting them if not sooner. Society has been conditioned to view certain clothing, looks, trends etc as punk/prep, hood/scholar, slut/girl next door, poor/rich, fat/skinny so on and so forth.

Once a person can understand that the "body" is just a vehicle for the incarnating spirit it becomes easier to handle and change these responses to the judgmental perceptions we have been conditioned to enact.

Slowing down our rational and irrational thought as mentioned above is truly great advice.

You're no different from anyone else minus the experience you have or have not had coupled with the knowledge you have/have not gained from said experience. You show me a person that likes being told what to do and I will show Wile E Coyote how to catch The Road Runner. Many people judge because they think they know better...EVEN IF they do Know Better...Wile E is not going to listen when you tell him that hanging a piano from the cliff to catch road runner will never work.....he won't listen because he has never hung a piano from a cliff before....he hasn't experienced via trial and error to KNOW BETTER.

A wise man said to me once, you cannot feed a whole steak to a have to give the babe a bite to chew on.

Wonderful and contemplative post. Well done Star

Tarheel: "All the Love/Light Star has to offer... more than enough."

Great post & perfect timing from a cool team.

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