"Toke up & focus" ? I dont, but apparently it helps some.

by Tarheel on July 15th, 2014

I do NOT indulge, but I have no problem whatsoever if you want to.
This details how marijuana can help people with ADHD.

Title- Toke Up and Focus – How Cannabis Can Help With ADHD

Excerpt- Adults with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) use cannabis more than most of us, according to a Brown University study. But, they probably are not toking up for the reasons one may think. Far from lazing around, suggestive new research offers, they might be doing it to write a college essay, organize their bedroom, or even file taxes. For some, the controversial drug helps alleviate problems with attention focusing and hyperactivity.

Link- http://www.wakingtimes.com/2014/07/11/toke-focus-cannabis-can-help-adhd/

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bluesbaby5050: It Has Already Been Proven Though Many Clinical.......

Studies that smoking Cannabis slows down the amount of dreams a person has, and in most people the results showed that smoking has caused them to stop dreaming. Many people have different experiences it showed, and so everyone is different. It was also shown over a period of time, that people could no longer remember their dreams, and so they actually thought that they had stopped dreaming altogether. USE CAUTION WHILE DRIVING, or Operating machinery, because in some people it was shown that they had difficulty in many tasks, such as in driving, and operating machines of many kinds. Many will offer their own opinions on this subject to be sure. It was shown though these studies that smoking, or consumming it in foods would relieve pain, and inflammation in the body, and for the relief , and discomfort in Cancer patients. So this is in consideration on whether or not to smoke Cannabis, and for what reasons. You decide.

TillToTheWhen: Oh yes marijuana works to

Oh yes marijuana works to make you NEVER remember your dreams. I never remembered any for years when I was smoking. But you have to be a heavy smoker. If I smoke every now and then I'll still remember them. Speaking of dreams, I had two awesome dreams two nights in a row the past two nights : ) ....makes me wish I just lived in that dream world and not here in this boring place.

But when it comes to driving, I think marijuana makes you a BETTER driver. No doubt. It makes you drive much slower, and you don't get the road rage. Although I admit, I am more clear headed sober, so I think I drive better sober....but again, you drive much slower on marijuana, so give or take I think it's safer or just as safe as being sober. Maybe not for first time users or not for everyone, but for many people it's not anymore dangerous to drive on weed than it is sober.

But everyone is different. I can drive perfectly on alcohol too. I don't drink so much to where I can't walk, and when I drive on alcohol I tend to focus a lot more, and it doesn't slow my reaction timing down enough to matter. I have extremely fast reaction timing, so I've always been a top driver because of that. They say that garlic slows you down 3x on your reaction timing? Well I can drive on Garlic as well, no problem. I don't even notice any difference in my reaction timing.

One drug to NEVER drive on is DXM especially combined with Alcohol. I almost wrecked just driving around the block to my friends house. Other drugs like PCP are hard to drive on. I only did that twice and was forced to drive on it. I was able to, but just barely. And I had no idea where i was, and I was in my own city, if I was sober I totally would of known where I was. lol

obsrvantlouie: It's also been admitted

That ADHD was a scam - admitted by the Doctor who invented it on his death bed not long ago.

TillToTheWhen: I believe I have it pretty

I believe I have it pretty badly and have since I was a child. I can't even sit and watch a movie without totally missing a lot of what is going on. So, the plus side is I can watch the same movies over and over again and still get enjoyment out of them. But this is a really crappy disorder. I hate it. It's hard for me to fully pay attention to stuff, and I get super bored or anxious really easily. Also I take NO meds for this, so it's even worse for me. I used to smoke pot but stopped. I can't really say if it helped it or not. I honestly don't think it did...lol I think being sober helps more. I was totally out of it when I smoked all the time.

obsrvantlouie: You don't have ADHD

It's a fictitious disease - you have a condition: that being you do not know how to focus your energies. If you want to improve your attention span and focus 'condition' start practicing either, yoga, chi Kung, or qi gong.....whichever one resonates with you the most (all will aid your condition). There are also certain foods you can incorporate to increase focus, along with certain nutrients and spices etc.

TillToTheWhen: Speaking of Alcohol and

Speaking of Alcohol and focusing...I think alcohol definitely helps with my ADHD...I used to drink it in school, (college) and I was able to concentrate a lot better.

And about the driving on alcohol, I had friends who would NEVER drive with me if I was sober....(because i drive a lot faster sober and I scared them) but drinking they were fine driving with me, because when I drink and drive I drive much slower and to them it appears I am being more careful, but they aren't in control of the wheel so they don't know that I am ALWAYS careful when I drive. I double and triple check everything. And always keep eyes in the back of my head as well as I have excellent peripherial vision which helps a lot too when driving.

I used to drive professionally for a living so I had to drive fast to get my job done and that's when I got into the habit of it. I always take the fastest lanes, etc. I am not a road rage driver though. If someone pulls out in front of me, I don't even honk. I just hit the breaks. I've had a few taxis that would of crashed into me (or me into them, from them pulling into my car) if it wasn't for my instant reaction timing.

Also would of ran over a few dogs and animals who ran right out in front of my car. I always swerve around them.

TillToTheWhen: True, I always heard that

True, I always heard that they just made up the disease. I just use the name so other people can understand. I have the "Symptoms" of it. Pretty much ALL diseases are totally made up and are just symptoms. They like to create a "drug" for each "disease"

But I always though I may be an indigo child since I was one of the people in class who could never concentrate and thought thought everything that they teach is very very stupid.

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