Threat from Illuminati? (weird biased copyright message at Youtube)

by Crackdown on January 8th, 2014

This copyright notice was about a track with name: "Will You (Death Comes to Us All Mix)"

But there is no such a track in this video...

Album cover has this famous eye in triangle, and is directed to "Truth Seekers" :P

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Crackdown: What is even more weird....

The same video was uploaded a long time earlier (without text translation) - and Youtube have not noticed this track in original video, despite a lot of time have passed! :P

UN.i1-PHI: wait you mean...this was about the depth book translated vid???

they detected this track in the human resistance video?LOL really!? i was confused bout this cuz i tought it was a track wich was on the playlist while it shouldnt be but theres an original/not remix version of that on the playlist aswell or something, i didnt get it cuz i didnt know it was referring to/directed/detected on that translated vid of the depth book...

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