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With every great relationship comes a great burden, and the strength to carry it.

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bluesbaby5050: Question here?

IF it is a GREAT Relationship, Then WHY is this Great Relationship a great Burden to be carried then? I would think that there would be No Burden to carry if their Relationship was so Great. It then would be NON-Existant then. All would be Peace, and Happiness in their Castle.

obsrvantlouie: Answer here..

All relations/relationship require a sort of attention. Relations between two earthers require communication and allowance above most things (assuming that love, mutual interests, attraction and trust are implied). Relations with the body, spirit, mind-body, and or mind/psyche require constant reflection. Time taken to reflect upon Self and Self's actions, motives and attitudes is the burden. It is not easy to exercise allowance, live without fear, trust in higherself and live in the present at all times...however, it is quite a great relationship to do so. The burden of "contstant reflection" I think may be what Tar Heel is referring to.

Tarheel: Let'see...hmm...only 1 didnt get it.

Thx for the prop, OL.

Certain factions are incapable of reality.

bluesbaby5050: I did realise this..........

Tarheel never clarifies what he means to others that might have questions because of the many age groups that read this site, and the information it contains. He left before he could leave a reply. Thanks for your regards for others that read this forum.

bluesbaby5050: Excuse me Tarheel, but I ...........

Made the statement to be furher debated. That's why I made the statement. There are alot of younger age groups on this forum, and it opens up the mind to be explored further. So, Please Refrain from your un-nessassary Sarcasum. I doubt there are any idiots that read these postings. Some people may just lack experiences in adult life, and the statements will allow their thoughts to expand their minds further. Your repeated rudeness is not needed, but it is a reflection on you.

LoveTruthPeace: I gotta say, I agree with

I gotta say, I agree with both of you. Even though I read it as TAM and OL did people read into things differently acquiring sometimes different perspectives on the same thing. I can certainly also agree with BB that if any relationship burdens someone that much, sometimes it's better to cut that person out of your life. You don't have to hate them, be rude, hurt them; but you don't need to have people in your life that continue to disrespect you and don't support your well-being. I think this saying could be misinterpreted by some as "If you want a good relationship, you will have to suffer and no matter how great the suffering, it's okay because you should be strong enough to deal with it." I don't like how people, especially women, have been socialized to be okay with abuse of any kind, and to stay in relationships like that for the sake of being "nice" and "polite" or because women are supposed to be passive and docile.

bluesbaby5050: I'm glad someone else could see it in from another Perspective

You must be a Female Lol? Sometimes the male gender only sees things from one point of view, while on the other hand, a female will see many points of view from all directions. As the old saying goes, "Woman are from Venus, and Men are from Mars."

LoveTruthPeace: I am a woman but this happens

I am a woman but this happens often in everyday life. I remember reading the bible years ago with my boyfriend and we both usually had different perspectives on what we thought the scriptures in proverbs meant. I learned we sometimes see what we are expecting to see, or need to see.

Arcturian Horse: And then someday we wake up

And then someday we wake up and realise just how much of a mission Lady Gaia Rosophia has been through.. Choosing to experience life as an organism and survive.. WoW :)

bluesbaby5050: True But...............

Gaia Rosophia did it for different reasons as she explained why in her story, she chose to, and it was done mostly out of love. Also, she is of the First Dimention, such as rocks, and sand, and trees, and flowers etc. And then there are the Nature Spirits of the land that care for the trees, and bushs the flowers, the grasses, and they are the Elves, and the Nomes, and the Fairies, and they are of the Second dimention. Then there are the humans that started out in the Third Dimention, and now we are in the Fourth dimention. And to add to the above statement,,, This still does not mean that the human female should indure abuse of any kind. The Human females were pushed into the backseat for a lot of reasons by those that came to Earth to take advantage of our planet, and it's resources. The human males were used as pawns mostly by the Male gender of the Annunaki aliens, and they had set up our system to benefit themselves. It was much like their own System where they came from. And our system was NOT SET UP FOR the Benefit of the humans. Those male aliens were the Annunaki, and they were very pushy, and aggressive, and war like by nature, and they brought their traits/flaws here, and taught them to the humans over time. And this will take a lot of effort on our part to remove this from our systems, if we humans are to evolve higher into a better race of humans.

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